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Live Dealer Casino Studio Software- A Step-By-Step Guide

written by Nitin Garg | Nov 24, 2022
Live Dealer Casino Studio Software

With the advent of technology, the scope for interactive and immersive gaming experiences has become much higher than before. People demand online entertainment from the comfort of their homes to pass their time or enjoy themselves with their friends. This is also the reason why live dealer casino software has gained popularity over time. Most gaming entrepreneurs and owners have started investing in advanced tech stack and development approaches to provide users with realistic and cost-effective live dealer casino studio software. 

The live dealer casino setup platform took gambling to the next level and provided players with a wide range of online casino games including roulette, poker, blackjack, and baccarat on one platform. The features and functionalities of live dealer casino software depend on various factors, depending on the location of the live casino studio, legal and regulatory formalities, etc. However, the scenario has changed, today live dealer games provide virtual gamblers with multi-lingual and customizable options to personalize their experience as per their preference. 

If you are fascinated by the virtual gambling world and want to launch your own live dealer casino setup platform, here is the guide for you. From essential elements to user benefits; this blog has everything you need to know before developing a live dealer casino studio from scratch. 

What is Live Dealer Casino Studio?

Live dealer casino studio is a set-up that allows players to engage and interact with real-life human dealers. Using this, you don’t need to visit a location of the casino. The game is operated with the help of a camera crew and live casino dealers, broadcasting the game from the casino location. While players use their chat window to ask questions or place their bets from anywhere using their smartphone on whichever device they like. 

Key Elements of Live Casino Studio Software

Live casinos consist of a variety of elements that makes the live-dealer experience much more thrilling and entertaining. Well, the inclusion of the elements also depends on the type of game and software platform on which the application runs. To give you a clear picture, here we have listed some of the crucial elements of live casino studio software 

Key Elements of Live Casino Studio Software

Live Dealers

Using real people as the live dealer is what makes the game much more realistic, authentic, and extremely fun. Live dealers enhance the gameplay experience of the players by offering a real-based casino environment from the comfort of their homes. With the adoption of technology and advanced tools, the game offers a seamless, fair, and well-regulated experience. Besides that, live dealers offer multi-lingual support to players, helping them understand the game in their own native language. 

Web Cameras

The most significant part of live dealer casino games is capturing each and every action of the game. With the advancement of technology, the new cameras are proficient at capturing every part of a live dealer game. Most live casino studio optimizes at least three cameras to offer players a wider picture from different angles. 

The adoption of optical camera recognition technology has transformed the live casino industry with its features and functionalities, eliminating interruptions from other networks. 

Wheel and table 

Most casino games are the classic variations of table games. This is the reason why the table is a key element when it comes to the live casino gameplay experience. Both table and wheels in the live dealer casino game come with sensors that help convert the results of every casino game round into data that can be further analyzed by gamblers across the globe.


This element allows players and live casino dealers to track the game’s actions. Dealers optimize the monitor element to check how many players have joined and placed bets. While gamblers use this element to track the casino match and placed bets. 

Game Control Unit

The game control unit is a significant element of the live dealer casino game software, which encodes and delivers casino game data to players’ screens. It is attached to each live casino game and helps dealers operate the game and provide players with a seamless and exceptional gameplay experience. 

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Benefits of Live Dealer Casino Studio Platform

Live dealer casino studio offers players realistic and immersive gambling experiences. The platform offers opportunities and benefits for both gaming entrepreneurs and players. As a renowned casino game development company, we offer multiple crucial benefits via our live dealer casino setup platform. 

Benefits of Live Dealer Casino Studio Platform

Real-Time Gambling Experience 

Just like any other live dealer game, Live dealer casino studio offers a real-time gambling experience to gamblers across the globe. It allows players to check the match stats, scores, team performance, and past records from the comfort of their homes. In turn, helping players get real-time gambling notifications with few clicks and in nearly no time. 


It is very important for any mobile gaming platform to incorporate a multi-lingual feature. It offers people the flexibility to understand the gaming stats and latest updates in their own native language. The live dealer casino studio incorporates this feature to allow users to capture real-time live casino data in their own native language. 

High-Quality Video Streaming 

The live dealer casino software solutions optimize advanced tools and technologies to offer players HD-quality content, showcasing uninterrupted video streaming without any glitches. In turn, helping gamblers to consume real-time live casino updates and make instant and accurate gambling decisions. 

User-Friendly Interface 

The interface incorporates user-friendly features and functionalities that are easy to use and operate for both players and admins. This is also the reason why many gamblers prefer to play live dealer casinos instead of land-based casinos. 

Cryptocurrency Support 

Another perk of using live dealer casino studio software is that it supports fiat and cryptocurrencies, making it a highly accessible platform across the globe. 

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Importance of Live Dealers In Live Casino Studio Software

Live dealer casino studio is incomplete without experienced and professional live dealers who actually align every element that is present in the live casino game. To give you a clear picture of the significance of live dealers in live casino studio software, here we have listed some of the crucial benefits: 

Live Dealers In Live Casino Studio Software
  • The dealers in the live dealer casinos are highly proficient and familiar with the rules and regulations of the game. They keep a track of game activities and ensure no room for error. 
  • Casino professionals ensure to offer seamless, and uninterrupted gameplay experiences to gamblers across the globe.
  • The dealers maintain the accuracy of the data to provide gamblers with a safe and reliable gambling platform. 
  • Dealers play the role of bridge between sportsbooks and gamblers to connect with each other through live streaming, making the whole virtual casino environment realistic and interactive. 
  • Dealers provide users with real-time match notifications and live updates to help gamblers make instant and accurate gambling decisions. 

Why Choose BR Softech as a Live Dealer Casino Software Provider? 

As a leading live dealer casino studio software development company, BR Softech has been a priority for many gaming entrepreneurs when it comes to live casino software or app development. We have a highly experienced team of casino developers who incorporate technology and tools to create next-generation and future-ready live casino platforms.

We aim to focus on being highly reliable, scalable, and credible. If you are planning to launch your own live dealer casino platform, but don’t know where to start, choose us to get excellence at its best via top-notch live dealer casino studio software services. We offer: 

  • 24/7 tech support 
  • Professional live casino software developers
  • Round-the-clock service 
  • Cost-effective live dealer casino solutions 
  • On-time delivery of the project 
  • Efficient planning and design 

Final Words 

Live casinos are the most interactive and engaging table games for global gamblers who want to enjoy casino match activities from the comfort of their couch. Using live dealer casino software, players do not need to visit brick-and-mortar casinos. They can place their bets using just a smartphone and internet connectivity. The platform offers plentiful benefits to both creators and users. 

With live dealer casino platforms, creators can generate a great amount of revenue and increase their global reach more than ever before. Players can enjoy the live casino game anywhere and at any point in time while achieving real cash rewards as the token of winning. We hope you might have got all the answers you were searching for about Live Dealer Casino Software Development. If you want to develop your own platform, contact us directly to get a free demo from our experts.

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 Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is live casino software? 

The live casino software is the platform that allows users to a wide range of casino games poker, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat in real-time. Read More

How much does it cost to create a live dealer casino studio software?

The cost to develop a live dealer casino studio software with basic features and functionalities is around $30,000 to $40,000. The cost is not definite and hence may shoot up depending on the factors affecting the cost, including the location of the developers, the type of casino game, the complexity of the features, the tech stack, and customer support.

Why should you choose live casino game development? 

Casino games are widely preferred games across the globe. Therefore, investing in a live dealer casino setup platform can be an interesting and profitable option for your business. It will increase your platform’s global reach and overall ROI. Read More

What are the different types of live dealer casino games?

There are different types of live dealer casino games that are available in the market. Some of the most famous live casino games that are widely accepted by people from across the globe are live casino poker, live roulette, live blackjack, and live baccarat.

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