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A Comprehensive Guide on Live Casino Game Development

written by Admin | Apr 29, 2021
Casino Game Development

It is a known fact that online gambling is the biggest thing these days. Capitalizing on this thriving market, casino game developers are constantly running new live casino games with intuitive graphics and engaging gameplay. These casino games are designed and developed in various formats to target a varied audience. 

Anyone can play live casino games anytime as long as they have access to a smartphone and a steady internet connection. With online casinos, you no longer need to have an enormous amount to play casino games, you can start playing casino games with as small an amount as possible. That’s the reason more and more people from around the world have joined the live casino world. 

The immense popularity of online casino games leads many entrepreneurs and business owners to invest in casino game development. If you are also on a run to invest in live casino game development, then this article is specially written for you. 

Here in this post, we are equipped with all the essential insights on live casino game development

Live Casino Industry Statistics, Scope, and Trends

Live Casino Industry Statistics, Scope, and Trends

The live casino market is consistently on the growth and the degree of the growth will speed up in between the forecast period of 2021 to 2027. As per the statistics of the Global News Wire, the value of the casino market was USD 45837.26 million in the year 2019, the value is further expected to grow at the CAGR of 7.91% and the market will reach USD 77420.56 million from 2021 to 2026. 

The fact shows the immense growth of the casino game world. Below we have outlined some trends that are shaping the live casino industry. Let’s take a glance at them. 

Integration of the Cryptocurrencies 

In the approaching years, cryptocurrencies will continue to dominate the live casino industry. Many gaming enthusiasts are preferring to make the transaction using cryptocurrencies because of their increased faster deposit & withdrawal process and better security. The other benefit of using cryptocurrencies is that it helps the players to maintain the anonymity of the transaction. 

VR Based Live Casino Games 

Virtual reality is another technological advancement that helps casinos bring down the more realistic gaming experience. VR-based lives casino games provide a great comfort level to the players similar to real-world casino games. 

Increase Live Dealer Games 

The development of live casino games cannot be considered being fulfilled without having charming and witty dealers. The advancement in technology makes it possible to fulfill the demand of the live dealers in casino games. This human interaction is tempting people to spend more time playing live casino games. 

Amazing Audio & Theme

The brilliant gameplay and soundtrack go a long way to bring the best gaming experience to the players. Therefore, a large number of live casino games are incorporating different soundtracks and themes similar to the real-world casinos. It brings a great level of satisfaction to the players and keeps them engaged with the game for hours. 

Four Step to Start Your Own Live Casino Game

Step to Start Your Own Live Casino Game

As you know, starting a live casino game is a profitable business. If you are willing to start your own live casino game, then the following four steps are going to provide great aid to you. 

1. Get a Live Casino Game License 

The license is the first and foremost thing that will enable you to operate in the desired jurisdiction area. The process involves selecting the countries where live casino games are legal.

2. Setting Up a Payment Gateway 

Since live casino games involve financial activities, setting up a payment gateway is a crucial thing to do. You can associate with an experienced live casino game development company like BR Softech to set up a payment gateway that provides an advanced level of security and multiple payment options including cryptocurrency payment. 

3. Accomplishing User-Friendly Live Casino Website or Application 

There are plenty of live casinos already operating in the market. What going to make you stand apart from them is a user-friendly and mobile-compatible live casino application that has the potential to attract customers. Besides this, you can also integrate a chat support system to offer support to your players. 

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4. Introduce Unique Bonus and Reward Programs

Having a sound marketing strategy is going to help you a lot to drive players towards your live casino. For this purpose, you can introduce attractive bonus and reward programs to players.

Features to be Included in Live Casino Platform

Live Casino Platform

Below is a list of some of the most prominent features of live casinos that will enable you to attract as many casino lovers as possible. 

Simple UI and UX

The user interface is the first thing casino lovers will encounter about your gaming platform. Therefore, the live casino platform needs to bring a simple and easy-to-understand UI and UX design. Novice players will not appreciate a complicated UI and UX, they will face difficulties while navigating through your application. All ages of people love playing live casino games, hence the design should not be implemented solely targeting the younger audience.

High-end Graphics and Sound 

Another feature that enables several live casinos to succeed is high-end visuals and soundtrack. High-end visuals and soundtrack will enable your online live casino to give the feel of real-world casinos. 


The leaderboard is the place where players can see their ranking and overall performance. Players can also see the name of top players. This fuels the players to establish a healthy competition with the other top players.

Convenient Payment Options 

The platform with convenient payment options is much likely to be appreciated by casino lovers. And allow the players to deposit and withdraw payment promptly with no hassle. 

Fiat and Cryptocurrencies Acceptance

Cryptocurrencies are meant to facilitate safe gambling. Cryptocurrencies prevent fraudulent transactions and these are untraceable. These are the primary reasons live casinos are adopting the fiat and cryptocurrency payment systems

Real-time Chats

Real-time chats enhance the user experience and enable the players to talk with each other in real-time. 

Multi-lingual Support 

As mentioned, lovers of live casino games are everywhere in the world. Most of them prefer to use the platform in their native language. This offers ease of access and boosts their confidence while using the application. 

Round the Clock Customer Support

Round the clock, customer support services enable the players to seek help 24*7. An efficient customer support service will go a long way to build trust and brand reputation among users. 

Social Media Integration

Integration of social media accounts enables the players to post their achievements on their social media accounts. Besides this, players can also invite their friends to join you in your game. 

Security & Transparency

Security and transparency are important aspects that need to be considered while developing live casino games. The players will probably appreciate a platform that offers the best level of security and transparency. 

How Much Does a Live Casino Game Development Cost?

Live Casino Game Development Cost

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur who is willing to make a fruitful investment in live casino game development, then live casino game development cost is the foremost thing that comes to mind. 

So, how much does it cost to develop a live casino application?

Well, the cost of development depends on what you want from a live casino application. Maybe you want a live casino application integrated with the top-notch latest features? Or probably you want a clone application or while labeling casino game development solutions? Depending on your requirement, the development cost is going to be varied. 

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A live casino application with the basic features will cost you somewhere between $25,000 to $40,000, the development cost will go up depending on the feature and technical elements you add to the application. For a better understanding of the live casino game development cost, you can consult with the team of BR Softech. 

Looking For a Reliable Live Casino App Developer?

As you can see, the growth of the live casino application is one on the surge. Many startups are generating huge revenue from this growing industry. If you also want to replicate the same, then BR Softech is equipped with the right technology and knowledge to enable you to reach the new ladder of success. 

We hold over 10 years of game development experience and are associated with a highly skilled team of graphic designers, developers, and testers. We walk a mile with our clients to ensure they professionally meet all their business goals. 

Want to start your live casino application? Looking for a reliable game development partner, have questions regarding game development? We all are here to assist you? Contact us today to get your game developed.


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