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Meal Delivery App Development: 4 Important Features to Consider Before Developing an App like Uber for Food

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Dec 28, 2018
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Provide your customer with the secure, reliable, and convenient option to satisfy their hunger. Ever since the food delivery apps started, people want to modify the way their food is being delivered. Who wants to visit the overcrowded restaurants when they can order food & eat in the comfort of their home.

This revolutionary idea has taken over the world in technology-driven time. It allows customers to get there ordered food to deliver to them directly in just a few clicks. Meal delivery apps are expanding customer choices and giving them several options to choose from. Food delivery app development companies main aim is to deliver the customers favorite cuisines at their doorstep. According to the recent reports the revenue generated by the online food delivery segment is somewhere around US$82, 714 million. Globally if we analyze, the maximum revenue is generated by China in 2018. It’s approx US$32, 908 million.

The revenue is expected to grow in the future and this online food delivery segment will unquestionably be growing stronger. As per the recent research ordering food online is growing 300 percent faster than dine-in traffic. If you wish to develop an app like Uber food or any other meal delivery app then there are certain things one need to consider before starting to develop the app.

1. Browsing Range: –

Providing with the extended browsing range can help you make your app successfully in the crowded competitive market. The extended browsing range allows customers to order food from their favorite restaurant and gives you the opportunity to serve them again.

It’s the very first step for targeting the potential customer and defining the range of people whom you wish to target. Defining the range helps the establishment to grow and get higher revenue. The complete research is essential to define the range.

Who is your target audience?

  • It can be working professionals.

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Students who live away from the family

Mobile App Development Services take care of all the factors that can impact the business like competitors, flexibility, reputation, and demand for online food. Therefore, deciding the browsing range can play a vital role in meal delivery app development.

2. Real-time Tracking Information: –

An inbuilt tracker can up-lift the apps assistance and can improve the customer experience to track their order. Tracking order status with the Google map integration works exceptionally. It helps the delivery guy to navigate the address real soon without letting their customer wait. It saves the time in determining the customer location and helps the customer to know when their order will arrive.

This real-time tracking feature is essential for any meal delivery app to increase customer satisfaction and deliver food on time. It helps you improve your services and give you a leg up on your competition.

The advantage of Having real-time Tracking

  • Help you manage the route with ease

  • Reduce fuel consumption by showing the fastest route

  • Save time and money

  • Increase drivers safety and responsibility

  • Helps drivers to meet the deadline

It one of the most essential feature to help your app get the maximum customer attention. While creating an app do consider real-time tracking feature and allow customers to enjoy the hassle-free meal.

3. Group Ordering Tool: –

Group ordering tool allows the organizers to select the restaurant and specifies the delivery time for ordering food for a group. It’s one of the new features which got popularity in no time. It allows the customers to create a group order from any stored menu. This feature allows the customer to set a monetary limit for each person and send the link to everyone who is ordering food in a group.

On top of it, this feature allows the customers to schedule the order delivery as per their own convenience. Many Android App Development Companies add this feature to their app. This must have feature will grab the customers attention and will increase the app traffic. It allows the individual meal, delivered together. The packaging of each meal will be done separately so no one has to face the difficulty.

Group ordering tool allows the customers to make instant real-time changes in the order and also cuts the business competition. One can also Hire Android App Developers to customize their apps as per desirability. This feature has made the group ordering easy and food service industry gain popularity.

Benefits of Group Ordering Tool

  • It improves the overall group ordering experience

  • Allow customers to share account information with ease

  • Allow other group members to place the order under group account

  • Reduce the overall time and efforts of the customer

4. Secure Payment Gateway: –

Once the order is added to the cart, the next step is to make the payment. Apps without in-app payment option can’t compete with the existing apps. It has become the basic necessity for the meal delivery up to add payment gateway.

With payment gateway integration, it’s essential to add payment modes including credit/debit, net-banking, cash on delivery, and e-wallet. By providing different option we let our customer choose the way they wish to make payment. By providing diverse ways of making the payment you give your customer the comfort and convenience.

App Development Services

Benefits of Secure Payment Gateway

  • Builds the customer trust

  • Protect sensitive data

  • To protect both consumer and merchant

  • Saves the customer from fraudulent activities

  • Empower merchants to grow

If you want to be a part of a food delivery Niche, then it is the right time to start developing your own meal delivering the app. While developing meal delivery app these are the few things which one should consider. Apart from these there many other important features, one should consider before developing a meal delivery app like.

  • Allow app users to find all nearby restaurants

  • Enable users to order their favorite meal by showing preferred food ordered previously.

  • Provide with push notifications to let users know about their order details.

  • Increase transparency by providing the user with the option to rate and review the food they ordered.

There are great opportunities in the rapidly changing food delivering market. Consider all these features before developing an app like Uber for food delivery. Include all these features in your app like in-app payment, in-app messaging, Google map integration, Accurate food delivery time, full customer support, image gallery attached to the restaurant name and third-party integration.

Make your app stand out with all the features and the experience undeniable growth of meal delivering the app. It’s essential to stay on top by providing user attractive offers and coupons which can add value and make a difference while ordering food from your app.

Moreover, you can provide with additional services to your users and improve your app engagement and retention rate. Providing with Mobile App Development Services using latest technology on-demand food app by adding all the essential features is required for any Meal delivery app. According to the latest data, its predicted a yearly growth rate (CAGR 2018 -22) of 17.77 %, resulting the market volume of US$ 110,044M this year in 2018. This data shows how stimulating food online delivery segment is growing and getting bigger.



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