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Mobile App Development Cost:- Top 7 Influencing Factors

written by admin | Dec 27, 2018

Deciding the ballpark to develop a mobile app is a little tricky. The cost of the mobile app development depends on the several factors. Mainly the expense of mobile app development depends on its infrastructure. The complexity of the app decides the approx developer cost. There are various factors that affect the value of mobile app development. To get the estimated cost one should have a piece of detailed information about the app’s requirement.

For Instance, A well-known Mobile App Development Company will cost for app development much higher as compared to the Freelancer. Selecting the mobile app development company is also one of many influencing factors. There are numerous mobile app development companies worldwide. BR Softech is one of the best Mobile App Development Company and known for delivering innovating solutions. They provide with a full range of mobile app development services to their clients.

There are Few Things Which Impact the Cost of the Mobile App Development

  • Platform: – Which platform your targeted audience prefers.

  • Advertisement: – Do you want to allow an endorsement through your app?

  • In-app Purchase: – Do you wish to keep In-app purchase option in your app.

  • Free-Premium: – Is your app free or premium?

  • Product: – The product you are trying to sell on the app also impacts the cost.

One can also hire android app developer or IOS App developer to get what they require in order to customize the app. These are the few things which should be clear to decide the cost of the app before thinking about it.

Now let’s look over the influencing factors that impact the mobile app development cost.

1. Application Type:There are fundamentally three types of apps:

  • Native Apps

  • Hybrid Apps

  • Web Apps

Native App: – Native apps are complicated in creation. These types of apps are developed specifically for

  1. IOS on Objective-C or Swift

  2. Android on Java

  3. Windows Phone

They provide with valuable user experience and excellent customer service.

Hybrid Apps: – Hybrid app’s functions works on a single programming language. Hybrid mobile app development is less complicated in creation, unlike native apps, hybrid apps can work on both platforms. These apps are easy to develop and manage.

Web Applications: – Web application is a conscious version of the websites that work on mobile devices. This website is optimized for mobile users. Many users find mobile apps more convenient as compare to websites.

2. App Platform: There are multiple outstanding platforms are available all over the world. All you have to do is make your decision to select a single platform or cross-platform for your app. Once you decide the platform. Here we have listed platforms you can opt for as per your app requirement.

Android & IOS: – There is not much difference in the cost of Android app development & IOS Application Development Services. However, Android may cost a little higher as there are plenty of versions available in the market. With OS its, not the concern at all. Android app development is done on Java wherein IOS app development requires Objective-C.

Web Apps: – Web apps are cost-efficient as compared to other native development apps

Cross-Platform app development: – Trends are taking place in the field of technology and most people are developing app now on both the IOS and Android platform. Cross-platform app development is cost efficient as it requires fewer development works.

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React Native: – There are many brands who want to mark their presence on both the platforms IOS and Android. As compared to Native App Developer, React native app development is much more cost efficient.

Hybrid Platforms: – Hybrid platforms are perfectly blended with native and web app. There are three frameworks PhoneGap, Ionic, and Sencha Touch which are widely used in Hybrid Mobile App development. Compare to the native apps, it’s notably half cost

Determining the best platform to choose while developing the best mobile app is really difficult. Choosing the right platform can impact the mobile development cost.

3. App Complexity: – Number of features defines the complexity of an app. There are different costs impacting features like Admin panel development, third-party integration, In-app purchase, Hardware, Deployment architecture Model and much more. Some of the features may be linked together but will impact the ultimate cost of the app.

The more features you add in your mobile app development process more it will cost. The complexity of mobile app development features decides the cost of mobile app development.

Here we have narrowed down the list how apps structure looks like.

Basic apps: – The one that comes with regular features require basic UI components and pre-defined backend with templates and analytic features.

Mid Level App: – Mid-level app includes more features and like integration with the API, Simple backend structure, real-time messaging option with less complexity.

High-level App: – High-level app is provided with top functionality features. They help with custom animations, database relationship, media processing, real-time synchronization, and much more complex features.

Cost of all the apps varies from the number of features and complexity. Cost of all the mobile development apps also depends on the number of hours it takes to develop the mobile app.

4. App Category: – Apps can be categorized into many categories. Changing app category requires a lot of changes. It can also impact the number of users, Security Criteria, functionality, and much more. It ultimately impacts the mobile development cost. There are multiple categories and the cost of the mobile app varies as per the category.

Social Networking App: – Social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter includes a lot of common features like integration with the device functionality like media files and camera, Current location, real-time messaging, synchronization with other apps and in-app purchase option. This app serves around millions of users around the world at the same. Its cost is usually higher than any other type of apps.

Enterprise Mobile App: –
To run the organization people create an enterprise app to be used for workers of the organization. Mostly profile organizations create this enterprise app for their employees to keep a track of inventory. And non-profit organizations create this app to track inventory supply they distribute to their clients. It helps in saving cost and time. It cost may differ depending on the size of the organization.

Basic Apps: – Basic apps are also known as standalone apps. The best example of this standalone app is the clock and calendar. These apps do not require a network to run, it runs as a separate computer process. It can be run without installation.

5. API Development Cost: – API is Application Program Interface. It defines the accurate way for a developer to write a program that requests services from an operating system. It’s available in three basic forms: Local, web-like, and programs like.

APIs are increasingly generalized, validation of API structure is remarkably important for any app developer. There is the number of variables included which impacts the cost of the mobile app development. APIs that aren’t fully ready can drastically increase the cost of the development. Mostly the development mistake is to build the API at the same time as the app. It can block the app. Best way to avoid this situation is to build API when the team really needs it. It will not make a high impact on the cost and the app will work more efficiently


6. Animations & App Design: – Wireframing, UI design, Animation these are the factors that really impact the cost of the mobile app development. Generally, there are two options to design the app, custom and standard UI. Customized UI as compare to standard UI is more complex and expensive. Final app screen flow depends on the Wireframing. Every Wireframe approved by the client decides the screen flow and impacts the cost. If the wireframe is ready, then there is no additional cost for developing it.

Animation again holds the importance in many app designs. Many Mobile Game Development Companies, Social media platforms like Snapchat require top-notch animation, hence it may impact the cost of app development. Coding of animation and design is one of the complicated processes in the app development process. Animation adds a little something to any app interface.

7. App Maintenance: – Maintenance of the app is the final stage in mobile app development. It’s an on-going process as trends keep on changing. To keep up with the market requirement one needs to maintain the app. App maintenance can be divided into a few categories.

Updates: – Apps require the update on a regular basis. To keep your app updated and maintained its really important to maintain the app development.

Operating System: – To keep your apps compatible with the newer version of Android and IOS, it’s really important to keep it up to date.

Libraries: – Most of the apps use a third-party library which will get broken unless updated.

Security Bugs: –
Once the app is published it can be affected by bugs any time, Hence, it’s really important to update the app in order to fix the bugs.

Not just that, there are many more influencing factors that can impact the cost of mobile development like project size, customer support, the complexity of the project, geographic location and much more.

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