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Game Development

Mobile Game App Development Cost & Features

written by Nitin Garg | Nov 02, 2022
Mobile Game App Development

Mobile game app development is becoming a big market in the gaming industry due to the advancement of mobiles. Technologies like Augmented reality and Virtual reality provide vital support to mobile game app development. However, the mobile game development cost depends on various factors you include to improve the user experience. 

According to market researchers, the revenue from the mobile game market will reach $138 billion by 2025. Moreover, 71% of Google Play’s revenue will come from mobile games in 2025. You can reach these figures only by including multiple features and providing a great user experience that you can only have by increasing the app development cost. 

After looking at these statistics, if you are becoming keen on mobile game app development, let’s look at the life cycle of a mobile game app development process. 

The Cycle of Mobile Game Development 

Mobile game app development is a process that requires a lot of experience and knowledge of market statistics. To reduce the mobile game development cost, you need to take some crucial steps. The steps that you need to take for reducing the game development cost are widespread yet very important at the same time. 

The steps involved in the mobile game app development cycle.

  1. Pre-Production

It is a step that involves everything right from the basic designing of the game to the steps that you need to follow to reduce the cost to make a game app. 

Moreover, in this step, you also look for developing and designing the entire game concept, art design, and character design. Some of the initial game prototypes also come in this process. 

Some important questions should also be answered in this process like- How much does it cost to develop a mobile game? What will be the features of the application? What is the technology stack used? Which development team to hire? 

  1. Production

It is the primary step that includes the development of the game and applying all your ideas and imagination on a practical basis. This step focuses on finalizing the steps included in building the game levels, coding, game assets, programming, and scripting. 

This step will finalize how much it costs to make a mobile game. You can use this step to involve the latest technologies and features to make the game more user-friendly and easily accessible to the users. 

  1. Post Production

You need to keep in mind that maintaining it will be crucial once the game floats in the market and the game stores. To keep the user interested in the game, you need to push the updates with the new levels, latest features, etc. 

It is a phase that involves the testing and debugging of the game app on various platforms and multiple devices. 

  1. Testing

Testing is the final and essential part of the entire mobile game app development process. Here, in this step, the game is taken through various processes and steps that include rigorous testing and pushing the limits of the game to check its functionality. Testing plays a vital role in reducing the mobile game app development cost. 

These are the steps you must follow for a mobile game’s smooth and proper production. Various factors affect mobile game app development costs, and you can follow specific efficient steps to reduce this cost. Now you can look at the entire discussion related to mobile game app development costs.

The Process to Follow While Developing a Mobile Game App

Now, first of all, you must be wondering how to build a mobile game app from scratch. Let’s dive into the development process of a mobile game app. These are as follows-

  • Do market research and analysis, and find a suitable idea to develop your app.
  • An interactive and gripping storyline to keep your user engaged.
  • Choose an appropriate mobile app platform to launch your game and gain a large base of customers along with a game engine for appealing design and smooth working. 
  • Make a game design document with a detailed description of the game aspects like tools, technologies, game mechanics, game characters, screen space, etc.
  • Design a wonderful game structure to affect the sales and for this, consider texture, graphics, environment, and other game objects.
  • Have a clear functional understanding through wireframing planning that works as a visual guide for the app.
  • Now, the development part will start with a suitable programming language.
  • After developing the app, now it is time to test its functionality and overall features as it should be error-free.
  • Apply the right monetisation strategy to gain the maximum ROI through your app. Although there are some common ways like in-app purchases, in-app advertisement, and membership or subscription, you can apply these.
  • Your app is ready to launch and dominate the industry. 

Features of a Mobile Game

While hiring a prominent mobile game development company, you must have some of the salient game app features to attract more players to your app. These are some standard features of mobile games that are a must-have-

Game Speed

Every player likes to play a mobile game at fast speeds, so keep your game app simple and quick with an amazing set of graphics and not a big database.

Game Simplicity

An overly complex game app will discourage users. Make sure your game provides a clean and easy-to-use UI and avoids cluttering. 


Choose among the three platforms- iOS, Android, and Windows. Android apps are easy to deploy but iOS apps are required to be tried and tested first. You can also choose to develop a cross-platform mobile game application that will run on different devices and platforms without changing the code.

Stunning Visuals

High-quality graphics and visuals will provide an aesthetic feel to your game and keep users mesmerized. Nowadays, users crave a clean UI and stunning visuals and judge a game based on its graphics. 

Search Option 

This option is significant to offer users the ability to search within the app, especially for social and business varieties.

App Security 

All the top-notch game development companies now consider it their top priority. Game applications have a database of their customer’s information like debit and credit card details, so providing security to them is an essential thing. Firms are also paying attention to providing secure payment gateways while doing transactions by users. 

Real-time Push Notification

How will you notify your users, if you have any new scheme? Push notification is the best way to make them alert about upcoming contests and giveaways

Game Updates

It is the game developer’s duty to provide timely and regular updates to incorporate the latest technologies in the game. Regular updates also help iron out any potential bugs or glitches that the game may have. 

It is significant to keep your game app up-to-date so that it can cope-up with the advanced and latest devices and technologies. It will provide users with the app they want. 

User Feedback 

User feedback is the most essential factor to determine how your app is doing in the market. Have an option for user feedback in the app to get both positive and negative reviews.

Based on these app features, there are some good examples of casino mobile game apps that are doing better in 2022, take a look-     

By now you must be familiar with the ultra-modern features and the game development process of a mobile game app. However, if you want to develop a mobile game, you must figure out the cost to launch a mobile game app. Let’s look at the cost and the different factors that affect the cost of development.

Different Factors That Affect the Cost of Mobile Game Development

2D game development cost is generally less than a 3D game. Let’s get into the development cost of building a mobile game from scratch. Check out the following points to get a better understanding-

  • The game development cost will be affected depending on whether you’re developing a single-player or multiplayer game.
  • The technology stack will greatly affect the development cost. It is best to decide on the tech stack beforehand
  • A cross-platform application is more expensive than its native counterpart. However, you can reach a larger audience with a cross-platform application. 
  • Integrating your apps with advanced technologies like AR/VR, MR, and AI will greatly increase the cost.
  • App Design is an essential part of the development process. An application with heavy graphics can also increase the development cost.
  • If your app exceeds the pre-decided duration of development, the price can also increase as game developers generally charge by the hour. 
  • Game developers from the UK, USA and western countries charge more than Asian countries. Choose your game developer wisely.
  • The maintenance of the application will also require a fair amount of capital. Providing timely updates is also essential to ensure user engagement.
  • Marketing and app promotion take up a significant chunk of your budget. Develop smart and efficient marketing strategies while keeping your budget in mind. 

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Mobile Game?

Mobile game development cost varies depending on the various features your game involves. Moreover, these features are necessary to provide a more excellent user experience. It means you need to find a way to reduce the cost of making a game app. 

Here are some cost estimates depending upon the factors of the game development. 

  1. Application development and game design:

The cost of the mobile game app and client application can vary depending on the type of design and the complexity of the design. The estimated cost of the client application development is approximately $100,000. This cost depends on the features you want to provide to the gamer. 

  1. UX/UI

It is an integral part of the game app development process, so you need to invest a good amount of money in this step. According to estimations, the average cost of UI and UX for mobile game app development is $ 6,500. It is the part on which the users’ experience is dependent mainly. 

  1. Backend: 

In the backend, you can have the game app development that involves support to ensure the smooth functioning of the mobile game app development. The backend game app development can cost approximately $80,000. 

  1. Server costs

The server is the heart of the game; your game should have excellent service to ensure smooth functioning. It is the most critical investment in the mobile game app development cost. Server cost is an essential part of the entire investment in mobile game app development. 

  1. Testing

Testing boosts the confidence of your developers and promises you the smooth functioning of the mobile game. The approximate cost you need to spend on testing your game can be between $45,000 to $55,000. It is an important step, and you need to follow it to make sure you have a great game. 

  1. Animation:

 The amount of animation you involve inside the gaming environment ensures the maximum interaction of users with your game. The target cost you need to spend on animation is $ 85,000 and $95,000. 

  1. Sound design:

 It is an integral part of your game designing journey, as sound gives life to your game. The estimated cost of the sound design is $20,000, which can vary depending on the quality of the sound you want to involve in your game. 

  1. Management

The management of the game looks at maintaining the game’s performance and ensuring the smooth functioning of the game through its journey. It would help if you looked at how much a game app costs to make for reducing the cost of development. 

The approximate cost that a company should invest in mobile game app development is $600,000. You should have a preliminary budget to ensure that the game development process runs smoothly without any hindrance from the game app developers. 

The mobile game app development cost according to the type of game. 

  • Mini-Games: The mini-game development cost varies based on various parameters that affect the game’s performance. The mobile mini-game app development cost is between $20,000 to $60,000. This cost is for the time duration of between 2-5 months. 
  • Mid-level Mobile game: A mid-level mobile game can cost $60,000 to $120,000, depending on various factors. The cost to make a mobile game plays a vital role in the success of a game. This estimation of the game is for 3-7 months. You can read more about mobile game app development and cost analysis. 
  • High-level game: A high-level game provides maximum safety and security to your game development process and ensures the smooth functioning of your mobile game. Moreover, to develop a high-level game, the cost starts from $300,000 for 10+ months. 
Game App TypeEstimate CostTimeGame Example
Mini-Games$20,000 to $60,0002-5 monthsTemple Run, Subway Surfers
Mid-Level Mobile Game$60,000 to $120,0003-7 monthsCut the Rope, Angry Bird
High-Level Gamefrom $500,00010+ monthsClash of Clans, Hay Day

These are some of the types of game development processes and the costs that they can have. By now you must know how much it costs to make a 3D game. However, did you know that there are various measures you can take to reduce the mobile game development cost significantly and build a mobile game app on an estimated budget? Now, let’s look at the process of reducing the mobile game app development cost. 

How to Reduce Mobile Game App Development Cost?

The cost of your mobile game app development depends on the category and type of game that you choose. The price can move up and down depending on the demand for your game, and how better you want to develop the game. 

You have to take some brilliant steps to make sure the cost reduces sharply, and you can get a mobile game within your production budget. You need to find the answer to how much app development costs to reduce the amount you need to spend. 

You can reduce the mobile game app development cost. You need to follow some steps and consider some things. Cost-cutting is a part of the plan for the project, so here are some ways to simplify the process. You need to do some research to reduce the mobile game app development cost. 

Here are some steps that you can follow to reduce the mobile app development cost

  • Decide the app specifications: The first step in the cost-saving process is deciding the app specifications and proper research. If you decide precisely about the app’s overview, it becomes easy to calculate the costs. By simplifying the complex features or complicated design elements. 
  • Consider cross-platform mobile app development: You can find a thousand articles related to the future and its effect in a cross-platform framework. It is a hybrid mobile app development platform from Google that lets developers create apps for Android and iOS systems. 
  • Start with functional MVP: The complete form of MVP is Minimum Viable Product, which means developers build that product with only the minimum but essential set of features. It will help you validate the most critical purpose of the app, and it does not mean. 

These are some steps that you can follow to reduce the cost of game app development. These intelligent steps help you make game app development an effective process. 

Bottom line

The mobile game app development cost changes depending upon the quality and quantity of your game’s features. To reduce the cost of mobile game app development, you need to make intelligent decisions and dedicated steps. 

The steps you follow for developing a game with the maximum benefits ensure that you need to make the minimum effort to play the game. If you’re still wondering how to develop a mobile game app, BR Softech provides mobile game development services that fit into the budget of a game developer. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. How much does it cost to develop a mobile game app?

Mobile game app development is a lengthy and expensive process. Various factors affect the development cost of a mobile game like the location of the development team, complexity of the features, cross-platform compatibility, etc. On average, a single platform app with basic functionalities can cost around $20,000 to $30,000. To know more, check out this blog.

Q. Is Mobile game development profitable?

Yes, the mobile game market is flourishing and has high revenue potential. Mobile game development is a very profitable venture in the current market scenario.

Q. What do you need for mobile game development?

Mobile game development is a complicated process that requires a lot of resources. These are some of the most important things needed for mobile game development-

1. An Original Idea
2. Development Team
3. Technology Stack
4. Efficient Marketing Strategies

Q. How to make a mobile game app for Android?

The process to make a mobile game app for android starts with coming up with an original idea. Next, you should conduct thorough market research and hire a game development team to start creating your android game. Deploy proper marketing strategies to promote your app.

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