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Paytm Launches its Own Mini App Store – Is Rivalry is Still On?

written by Harshita Khangarot | Oct 07, 2020

After the sudden ban of Paytm from google play store, Paytm is ready to take revenge with a leading web application store.

The move by Paytm is definitely going to make a great profit for many leading app designers who are waiting for easily accessible and cheap web-apps to consumers in a country like India.

Digital Platform Paytm has introduced its own ‘Android Mini App Store’ as they battle against the best of the best revelry that is heating up at the moment.

Paytm has been on a crash course with Google since the time Google eliminated Paytm from the Play Store a couple of days ago on September 18. Google said that the application was taken out on the grounds that it abused Google’s betting and wagering approaches. 

Anyway, Paytm author Sharma answered against the move referring to that the American tech major was acting as a judge, jury and killer for this situation and didn’t give sufficient opportunity to permit Paytm to clarify its remainder on the issue. 

The Noida based fintech organization said it anticipates helping Indian technicians through this action. 

Paytm will give posting and appropriation administrations to these smaller than usual applications inside the Paytm application with no additional charges, the organization said in a press note today. 

Why Google Banned Paytm for Few Hours?

Google additionally said that it informs Paytm regarding the arrangement infringement and eliminates the application as the policy. The application will relaunch on the Play Store once it sticks to the arrangement rules.

After a few hours of imposing google changed their decision and re-allowed Paytm on play store that makes everyone shocked with this action.

Full Info: Google Banned Paytm for Violating Guidelines

Why is Paytm Beneficial for small developers?

With these leading solutions introduced by Paytm, it helps most small technicals and designers to occupy a great place at one of the brand application stores. One more significant change may also be benefited to lower down the prices or changes in billing policies by the google play store

This mini web-based application is developed for mobile sites where users are not required to install applications or download them separately; they can easily browse via the internet browser.

A web application opens on the internet browser for everyone on the internet on any electronic device. In contrast, the advantage of a web application is that it doesn’t utilize the mobile inner storage and can’t read any data information. However, these apps offer limited feature additions that somewhere make it a little complicated.

This digital framework will empower application designers to meet minimal cost applications using HTML and Javascript additions. 

Most of the leading apps are already on the Paytm mini-app with Ola, Netmeds, Dominos Pizza Fresh menu and many more. 

What Vijay Shankar Said?

“Paytm Mini App Store inspires our young Indian engineers to use a wide variety of innovations at minimum cost. For Paytm clients, this will be a consistent encounter that doesn’t need any different downloads and empowers them to use their preferred instalment alternative,” said Vijay Shekhar Sharma, author, Paytm. 

Sources demonstrate that Sharma, alongside a gathering of Indian startup organizers, is likewise hoping to make a choice to Google Play Store consequently aiming to challenge the predominant situation of Google’s application store in India, which is a significant leader in the Android market.

Considering This,

It will be interesting to know how these rivalries will head out now. But one thing is sure that it will definitely break the monopoly chain and bring competition in the market, which leads to great platforms for young and small entrepreneurs for their applications.

Harshita Khangarot

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