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How To Start Learning Blockchain Development ?

Blockchain Development
Oct 08, 2020
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How To Start Learning Blockchain Development

With time, there has been a huge development in the blockchain development industry. Many people and development companies have witnessed the growth of blockchain technology. This technology is used to keep the track record with full safety, security, and fast transactions without any central authority of government. There has been a complete revolution in the blockchain industry and its working over the years.

In this blog, you will get to know about every little detail regarding the development of the Blockchain. So, look at these points that will provide you with accurate information of this technology, let’s start with the introduction to Blockchain-

Introduction to Blockchain Technology

It is a very futuristic technology that started as a shared permissionless technology. It is more effective to modernize procedures of the business. Also, it is known as a decentralized digital ledger to save the transactions on various computers worldwide. These all are registered through an approach that inhibits the subsequent alteration.

At a basic level, we can consider it as a format or manner in which digital information can be collected. This data is gathered in the form of blocks that are also interconnected with the chains, and it visualizes a Lego snake. Every block has a different colour, but still, they are interlinked and splitting off the string to change the whole character. For blockchain development, it is essential to get all the knowledge about blockchain technology such as blockchains working, types of blockchain programming languages, famous platforms for blockchain programming, needed imperative skills, etc.

How Does Blockchain Technology Work?

To understand the working of Blockchain, firstly get some terms related to it.

Public or Private keys

These keys identify the users of the Blockchain. The public key is known as the public identity of a user technically and public key works as a wallet id. It can also be the same as the bank account number of a user that requires to be known before any transaction. While a private key acts as an auto-generated code of a user that is used to sign the transaction. And, the most important term is cryptography, which is known as a significant security component of this technology. You can apply it by using a blend of public and private keys.      


Blockchain includes a chain of data blocks technically, and a block can work as a page in a ledger book in a literal form. A block gathers all the transactional information, hash pointer or hash to the last block in the blockchain technology.

Working of Blockchain

If you want to make any transaction through Blockchain, you must need a private key and wallet. For starting a transaction, sign in into the wallet and input the public key of the receiving person. After signing off the transaction by using the private key, a block is created, including transactional data. Then, it will broadcast to a decentralized node system in the Blockchain to verify. If the verification is successful, the hash of the block is generated, and the block will be added to the Blockchain. Take a look at these following information-

  • Identity of the sender in the form of a public key.
  • Id of the receiver in the form of a public key.
  • The hash code of the attached block
  • Block’s hash code.

Blockchain technology provides full security, and If there is any modification in the data of the block, the hash code will be changed automatically. All the blocks are added chronologically to the Blockchain as per their verified time. The block addition in Blockchain brings the auto-synchronization of the ledger across the whole blockchain network. 

Categories of Blockchain Programming

If you know about programming languages, then you can do blockchain development easily by using a programming language based on cryptocurrency language. In simple words, the cryptocurrency programming language is based on C#. It is similar to the “C” language and works as an individual source for any developer. They start programming with smart work, and the smart contract is solidity, and solidity is a programming language which is developing smart contracts via the Ethereum blockchain. Here are two types of blockchain programming-

  • Blockchain Architecture Programming

While having Blockchain development services, it is the first kind of blockchain programming that can be used. It refers to the significant features that involve the right and settled protocols and architecture. It should be written in the codes. For instance, before the bitcoin launched in 2009, all the rules and regulations were coded in c++. Generally, this sort of coding is done by using languages such as Java and C that work closer to any machine.

  • Creating a Decentralized App (DApp) or Smart Contract

If we talk about a common centralized app, the backend code in this runs on centralized servers. On the other hand, the backend code of a DApp runs on a decentralized peer-to-peer network. DApp also has a frontend code and user interfaces to make calls to the backend.

Popular Platforms for Blockchain Programming

Take a look at following-


It is an open-source platform that is famous for blockchain programming and creating decentralized apps that run on blockchain technology. The platform provided by Ethereum facilitates smart contracts or scripting that can be run by the network nodes. It is not only about tracking the transactions but also programming them. It also offers various programming languages like Go, Python, C++, Java, and so on. In this, smart contracts are created using solidity; hence it becomes a high-level and contact-oriented programming language


It is called an umbrella project of blockchains for helping advance technology. By using leadership, it offers relevant training, tools, and events to assist in the collaborative development of distributed ledgers based on Blockchain. It has an objective to offer modular blockchain technology involving an easy-to-use and rich API (app programming interface). Hyperledger decreases the risks of security and makes sure that the parties that want any transaction are the ones that are a segment of the transaction. Therefore, hyperledger offers all the advantages of data privacy, blockchain architecture, immutability, and information sharing.

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Prerequisite Expertise Required for Blockchain Development

The Blockchain is a decentralized block record which stores data in centralized blockchain servers and server clusters, Blockchain creates copies of its ledger. It stores it on thousands and millions of computers, that are called nodes of the blockchain network. 

So, for providing Blockchain development services, it is necessary to have specific knowledge about everything that is required in the development, right from the network and distributed systems to positive business outcomes. Check out these following points-

1. Basic Skill in Technical Field

A person must have a good knowledge of computer science, information technologies, and information security. Here are some of the compulsory skills that an individual must have-


It is the foundation of blockchain technology, and digital signatures & hash functions can be developed by using the public-key cryptography in Bitcoin. Message integrity, block cyphers, and authenticated encryption are some of the few concepts that should be clear. 

Distributed Networking and Systems

Blockchain is called a distributed ledger as we know due to its working across the network. So, there should be a good understanding of the working of peer to peer networks. In this, all the interconnected computers can be used for blockchain processing. Blockchain development companies use Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus that is an important key feature for blockchain security, so have an understanding of this basic concept that is enough for a beginner. 

Data Structures

In the Blockchain, the information is gathered in the form of blocks, not in tables. These databases are recreated across the entire network that is known as a distributed ledger. The data integrity in blocks can be maintained through the cryptography. Basic knowledge of the programming languages such as C-sharp, C++, Java, Scala, Python is also needed. 

2.Smart Contracts

These programs called smart contracts, help in transaction automation. It enhances the blockchain capabilities without the requirement of any lawyer or middleman to do the deal as these are made of particular situations or conditions. When you fulfil these conditions, all the transactions will be processed automatically. Presently, optimizing and auditing of smart contracts don’t require lots of developers. One developer is enough to deal with all the execution possibilities of a smart contract. He only should be able to make it happen that execution of smart contracts will happen only when it is supposed to be.          

3. Cryptonomicon Understanding

Block channel unfinished the online financial scenario and enabled the full secure transfer of monetary value in a non-trustworthy environment, depending on third-party brokers such as banks and payment platforms with the help of 2-factor authentication in the global digital currency market. 

Blockchain Development Company fixes many problems and debugs, and many platforms are using Blockchains as cybersecurity. It also attacks tools to prevent the immediate nature of virtual currencies like (bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum. Ripple) such as independent ownership and double-spending data stores and attacks on the server. It has for several purposes come to public Blockchain then it identifies public or private key blockchain networks.

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4. Embracing the Expertise of Blockchain As a Service

At the time of building the consortium, skills of collaboration and negotiation are crucial. Blockchain can work as a service that is a new thing in the market, but for this, a blockchain developer should be sure to take its advantages. Various large companies have started to use the blockchain apps in their businesses and to take benefits from it.   

5. Know About the Platforms

There are so many different frameworks in Blockchain technology, and learning all of them is difficult. An individual should know how to find the right and suitable blockchain platform for specific cases. Unique platforms of blockchain-like Ripple, R3, Corda, Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, are some of the amazing blockchain platforms that a beginner should know about and can start to learn. 

Closing Thoughts

If you want to lead your business in the global market, you can do it with the help of smart work or smart contracts. You can easily develop a blockchain network service for your organization and can find the community that is quite open and helpful. Even, the online resources now provide the best result about the blockchain development that how it is created and how it works?? The Blockchain particularly establishes a network to develop a business with a smart contract in the digital market with lots of online resource providers, and this network is called a blockchain network. If your organization and company are looking for a top Blockchain Development Company to improve these types of services, you can surely visit our BR Softech website.

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