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12 Most Powerful Platforms To Develop A Chatbot

Nov 20, 2020
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The increasing competition in the market makes it necessary for the operators to work on enhancing the quality of service delivery.

This created room for the researchers and developers to cluster technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and the internet of things in a way to automate several processes that play a vital role in determining the rate of customer satisfaction. 


Chatbots are one such solution to it. The demand for chatbots is increasing, and so is the demand for an experienced chatbot development company. BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. brings you the list of top 12 platforms to consider for chatbot app development. 

The company hosts more than 450 developers that can skillfully integrate modern technology in your business operations to deliver an unmatched customer experience.

Role Of Chatbot App Script

Rol of Chatbot

Chatbot app script is the pre-structured solution that can increase the pace of chatbot app development services without compromising on the quality of the product. 

It is flexible enough for the developers to customize the app as per clients need however shares the robustness of the original platform. What makes it even more appealing is the fact that it can be used to develop products that can be rebranded to make it look distinctive. 

What are the Benefits of Chatbot

  • Faster Communication
  • Increased Productivity
  • Impressive Entertainment Value
  • Enhance Social Media Experience
  • Stunning Graphics with UI/UX Designing

12 Most Powerful Platforms To Develop A Chatbot

The chatbot development platforms that are mentioned in this section are 12 most powerful platforms to consider for chatbot development. A chatbot app development company like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. can better guide you in the process and help you to opt-out the best one. Make sure you read the complete list before jumping onto a conclusion. 


It is the easiest to use platform for chatbot app development. Any user with minimum or no knowledge can even use it without any hassle. It takes not more than 7 minutes for the Chatfuel to create a chatbot that is compatible with Facebook.

Moreover, setting up conversational rules is simple enough for the user. You can add and edit the contents that will help the bot to recognize words/phrases that are similar in context and hence enhancing the overall experience.


Chattypeople is an effective chatbot building platform that has the edge over many similar platforms. The reason is that it boasts some prebuilt chatbots that are dedicated for various purposes such as e-commerce, retail and food industry and even for customer support. 

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A user can easily create chatbots for Facebook and test it for its consistency and accuracy before actually deploying the product. The chatbot also assesses the conversation that creates the opportunity for improvisation. 

If you are looking for chatbot app development, considering Chattypeople for the process can prove to be worthwhile. 


Botsift is a reliable Facebook chatbot development platform. The drag and drop features add convenience while the user designs the optimal interface for the chatbot. 

The platform is powered by artificial intelligence that makes it a capable chatbot development platform. It is an effective chatbot that makes intelligent decisions while it answers the customer’s query. 

Moreover, the platform also hosts a unique feature that is called Human Takeover. The Human Takeover is a convenient solution that allows the agent to design the chatbot and replace it with a human substitute whenever required. 

Also, the machine learning aspect of the platform provides a room for the machine to learn and adapt to the new concepts that are experienced over time. 


Motion.Ai is a popular chatbot building platform. Users can seamlessly create chatbots without having any prior knowledge of coding. Building up a chatbot has never been so easy until the Motion.Ai focused on chatbot development with easy visualization, coaching and deployment. 

The user just needs to provide a structure of the sequential conversation followed by connecting the chatbot to an effective messaging service that is utilized. 

Motion.Ai can also deploy Node.js without any hassle, directly from the interface that further enhances the user experience.


Converse.Ai is a versatile chatbot development and deployment platform. It is called versatile as it delivers a range of functions that others might skip considering. 

Firstly, building chatbots with Converse.Ai does not require the user to write complex codes. Instead, the platform provides quick-start templates that make the process simple. 

Secondly, the analytics engine is good enough to interact with chatbots for a better understanding of the customer’s behavior

There are many other capabilities in context with the platform that makes it worthy enough to consider.


Botkit has many points in its advantage. It is a one-stop solution that allows the user to manage multiple aspects of interaction and chat support system for a wide range of platforms.

With the help of Botkit, chatbots for various platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Facebook for Work, Microsoft Teams, Slack , Twilio and many others. 

It is potent enough to resemble the way humans interact and speak that makes it an intelligent option to invest in. The platform also boasts a community that aids to make the overall experience a seamless one. is simple to operate a platform that does not require any sort of coding, making it convenient to use even for the beginners. One of the plus points of using the platform is that it helps create quick solutions. 

The platform is supported to boast more than 20 pre-structured bots with a number of conversational flows. The convenience and the simplicity that it offers makes it a profitable chatbot building platform to invest in. 


Bottr is a popular platform that allows the user to create effective chatbot solutions remotely. Deploy a chatbot using this platform, and people can conveniently connect with your company through blogs, email, social networking platform or just a link.

What makes it even more effective is the fact that it can create questions by syncing with social profiles. Moreover, the user can further customize the chatbot and sync data, additionally via platforms like Wikipedia or WordPress.

With in the scene, one thing is sure that the user will not find a hard time creating conversational flows and dialogue. The bot builder provides chatbots that can assess custom queries and answer accordingly. It is a feature-rich bot builder that provides varied control to the user. 

Moreover, the user can analyze the performance of the bot eventually aiding in improvisations. is one innovative concept that lets you add a chatbot to any website that you own. The platform can help you create well-laid chatbots for a variety of social networking and other platforms like Facebook Messenger.

Additionally, the user can integrate human-assisted features that can be helpful in enhancing the overall user experience. Setting up your website with a chatbot gets easy with

It is quite a popular platform, and its popularity can be verified by the fact that big brands are testing it for the deployment of new-age chatbots. All that it asks is you to log in, and then you are good to go with featured templates and a variety of colors, design, fonts, logos and what not!

With all the features and functionalities that it offers, it makes creating and deploying advanced chatbots a blissful experience.

The list can not be completed without mentioning the powerful, one of the most powerful custom chatbot development platforms. It specializes in targeting customers on different social networking platforms that reflects its versatility. 

The pre-structured layout makes it simple to use. It lets you add content, discussion, and messaging elements into your chatbot for a better experience. 

Moreover, the revenue dashboard helps the user gain revenue insights and learn about customer behavior. It can be used to deploy targeted chatbots based on the location or customer history and much more.


Gupshup is a trending and reliable platform to create and deploy chatbots. Big brands like Facebook, Twitter, Mcdonalds, and many more trust the platform for the great extent of efficiency that it reflects.

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The platform can process more than 4 billion messages every month. Also, it boasts a developers community with more than 30000 participants involved in it. 

Gupshup provides intelligent solutions and facilitates organized conversational flows. Many popular brands like Skype, Slack, Viber etc. are using the platform for chatbot deployment and many more are soon expected to board the platform that Gupshup provides.

Final words

The list of 12 most powerful platforms is dynamic with more and more platforms based on advanced concepts making their way into the market. The evolution of technology has made it possible for a chatbot app development company to deploy new-age automated chat solutions catering to the business needs.

With more than 450 developers on board that have a class-leading experience in software development, BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best and a reliable software development company that can be searched for in the market.

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