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Popularity Of Online Poker Games In The World

written by Nitin Garg | Oct 04, 2022
Popularity Of Online Poker Games In The World

Many people believe that poker originated in America. Contrary to popular belief, Poker is actually derived from “poque”, a French parlor game that was imported by French sailors and traders to New Orleans. Poker has advanced exponentially since its origin. A game once played by sailors and traders is now one of the most loved games in online casinos. 

No other gambling sector has seen more development than poker. The popularity of an online poker game boomed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Casinos and gambling dens came to a halt during the Covid-19 lockdown. This forced the casino owners to find alternatives to do business elsewhere. They digitized their businesses, and that’s when the popularity of online poker skyrocketed. 

Poker has been around for many years and is the oldest form of gambling. It is a popular card game across the globe, and there are more than 150 million+ online poker players around the world. Online poker has thrived in the online sector and the internet has allowed it to sprawl all across the globe. The United States of America is the most popular poker destination and is home to around 60 million poker players. 

The nature of poker games is extremely competitive and thrilling, which makes it one of the most loved online card games by casino lovers all over the world. Texas Hold’em Poker is the most popular card game in the world, and there is no doubt that poker has beaten every other casino game when it comes to popularity. Slots have also diversified over the years, but the popularity of poker makes it the most preferred choice of players. 

Today, everyone has access to a smartphone and internet connectivity, which allows players to access online poker game software without any hassle. Many countries have lenient laws and regulations for online gambling, which paved the way for online casinos to thrive and make a name for themselves in that demographic. 

The Prevalence of the Gambling Industry

The online gambling industry thrived during the Covid-19 pandemic. The imposition of lockdown forced everyone around the world to stay in their homes and find alternatives to their pastime. Land casino businesses also suffered, and casino owners turned to the internet to provide gambling services. From brick and mortar casinos to online casinos, it has been an arduous journey for casinos, but a worthwhile one. 

The versatility of online gambling casinos has allowed players from all over the world to not be dependent on traditional forms of gambling to fulfill their gambling needs. They can access any online gambling platform from a smartphone. 

According to the American Gaming Association, there were 2,800+ legally registered gambling websites in 2018. This number is sure to have grown exponentially in recent years. The transition from land casinos to online casinos has increased the prevalence of online gambling. The online gambling industry is estimated to be worth $73 billion. According to experts, this amount will skyrocket to $127 billion in the year 2027. To put things into perspective, this amount is way more than the total GDP of some small countries. 

The Popularity of Online Poker Game Development Across Destinations

Online Poker Game Development Across Destinations

Various aspects of our lives have been shifted to the online sector. Online poker is prevalent in various parts of the world and enjoys a huge player base in different countries. The excitement and thrill it provides make it a popular choice among online gambling aficionados. Let us know in detail about the various destinations online poker is dominating. 

Online Poker Game Development in USA

The United States of America is the central hub of online gambling in the world. The USA has over 60 million players, which makes it a desirable destination for gambling fans. Poker is deeply rooted in American culture and people start playing it at an early age. USA legislation has state-wise regulations for online gambling. Although there are restrictions in some states, poker is still the most popular casino game. 

The most popular poker variant is Texas Hold ’em, which is named after the state of Texas. You can guess the prevalence of online poker in the United States of America by this fact alone. Las Vegas, Nevada is considered the gambling capital of the world and gamblers from all over the world visit this place to quench their gambling thirst. 

The popularity of online poker has also opened doors for budding entrepreneurs to invest in developing their own online casinos. Currently, poker game app development is a promising endeavor, and investors are looking for ways to invest in the industry. 

Online Poker Game Development in the United Kingdom

Online poker is legal in the United Kingdom according to the 2005 act. It permits UK citizens to play online poker in country-based and off-shore online casinos. Online poker is loved by people in the United Kingdom. The popularity of online poker grew massively after it was made legal in 2005. Lenient poker laws make the United Kingdom one of the most favorable destinations for companies to set up their online casinos. It is also home to a number of poker game development companies that will help you set up your own online casino. 

Online Poker Game Development in Australia

Australia has always had a flourishing gambling culture, and casino games are no exception. Poker is widely enjoyed in Australia. The annual poker expenditure for a population of 25.69 million people amounts to $228 million. The popularity of online poker has been accelerated by the Covid-19 lockdown when people flocked towards online casinos and enjoyed online poker games. According to a study conducted by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, 1 in 10(11%) people reportedly participate in online gambling. The study shows a 3% increase since the previous year’s 8% statistic. 

Online Poker Game Development in Canada

Several online poker game development companies are rushing to Canada because of the increasing popularity of online poker games in the country. Canada recorded a user base of 10 million active poker players in the first quarter of 2022. The gambling industry in Canada generates a revenue of $9 billion annually(online and traditional). There are state wise online gambling regulations present in Canada. Players from the states of Ontario, Quebec, and Manitoba can enjoy playing poker games online as well as offline. Blockchain poker development has garnered a lot of popularity in Canada, and players are using cryptocurrency as payment to fund their accounts. 

Online Poker Game Development in Singapore

Singapore is a South-Asian country that is known for its rich nightlife. It is home to a large number of online casinos, and online gambling is prevalent among the residents. A number of online casinos are present in Singapore. Online gambling is completely legalized in Singapore, which makes it a great market for online poker game development solutions. The need for poker games in this market is high, and many investors are investing in the gambling industry in Singapore. The rise of the internet coupled with the Covid-19 lockdown paved the way for the online gambling industry to reach its true potential. 

Online Poker Game Development in Hong Kong

The online poker laws in Hong Kong are vague and constantly changing, However, Hong Kong is no exception when it comes to the popularity of online poker and traditional poker. Macau is one of the most desired destinations for Texas Hold ’em poker fans from all around the world. You can find poker fans from all over the world in Macau. It is known as the casino capital of Asia, some say it rivals Las Vegas as the gambling capital of the world. There are plenty of poker game development companies in Hong Kong as it is one of the most promising poker markets in the world. 

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Online Poker Game Development in UAE countries

Gambling is strictly prohibited in most of the Gulf countries, as they are predominantly Muslim. Gambling is prohibited in the religion of Islam. The rise of globalization has brought the Gulf countries closer to western culture. However, gambling is still considered a touchy topic in the Gulf. Online poker can be accessed from an off-shore site. You’ll rarely find a Gulf country based online website that provides poker services. These countries have some of the strictest laws for gambling in the world. 

Types Of Online Poker Games In The World

Types Of Online Poker Games In The World

Online poker is popular all around the world. Everyone has heard of Texas Hold ’em and loves playing it. However, there are also poker games that are not too well known. Most online poker games are packed with advanced features that can be confusing for amateur players. Online poker game developers make it their priority to make games that are simplistic so they may appeal to the inexperienced audience. Here are some of the most popular games available at online casinos:

Texas Hold ’em: It is the most popular poker game that is played all around the world. Every online poker website makes it their priority to have this game on their platform as this game brings the highest amount of traffic to these websites. Its rules are easy to understand, and players can play this game alone or with friends. 

Seven-Card Stud: It is the oldest online poker game that is especially good for beginners to dive into the world of online poker. Its simplistic rules allow inexperienced players to grasp the concept easily and enjoy online poker games. 

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High/Low Chicago: A very popular poker game with an exciting twist. Players can earn the pot money by having either the highest or the lowest hand. This element is one of the reasons for the popularity of HIgh/Low Chicago. This game features a split pot. The highest hand wins half of the pot, and the lowest hand must have 5 cards lower than 8 to win the other half. 

Pot Limit Omaha: This game is thoroughly enjoyed by experienced poker players. One must master the technique of bluffing to ace this game. Bluffing is an essential element of poker games, and if you’re confident in your bluffing skills, then this is the optimal game for you. 


Online poker game development requirements are at an all time high. The popularity of online poker games has paved the way for investors to invest in this thriving market. Online poker is popular all around the world and many countries have online gambling industries worth millions. 
BR Softech is the leading poker game development company that provides the development of all types of poker games. If you want your very own online poker game app, we will design an efficient app that meets your requirements and will help you stand out in the competitive market.

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