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Prisma Photo Editor: How this photo Editing app brings out the artist in you?

written by Admin | Jan 11, 2017

Well, there are different people who have different hobbies, such as some people love the games a lot and they will have various kinds of gaming apps installed in their smartphone. Some people love taking photos and you an find various photo related apps in their smartphone which will help them to prettify their photos.

So, if you also fall in the latter category then you are headed towards the right place. Here, in this post, we will help you to know about how this prisma app helps you to unleash the artist in you. There are around 1.5 million daily users of this instagram clone which helps in various ways to make your photos beautiful.

Only if ios platform is concerned, then this app has got around 7.5 million hits on tech download button from the app store. Multifarious users are from the countries lik Germany, USA, Ukraine.

5 Jaw-dropping features of Prisma app:

#1 Easy to understand functioning:

Prisma app has the class interface. Just like Instagram, the user can capture numerous photos by the use of flabbergasting filters, and then sharing on various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. The icing on cake is that this app avoids making mess by loads of options.

Just when the user starts the Prisma app, the user then asks for camera access and also the photo gallerias of the user too. The user gets option of editing the saved pictures from the gallery itself but it is very simple to directly take a photo and edit from this similar photo sharing apps like Instagram as such.

#2 The more of an artistic photo app:

Prisma is one of the classy app which converts a photo into a painting form by the most lovely styles. Not all the filters looks wonderful for the photos but all the filters looks just jaw-dropping and eye-catchy too.

#3 You will be going to the whole new world of art:

Prisma makes use of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithms for converting smartphone photos into the stunning stylized artworks which is completely based on different graphical styles. So it is very easy for the bedroom photo to get that awe-inspiring rotoscope animation. You can also opt for various selfies with the shades of mange.

#4 This photo app is free to download:

Prisma photo app is just free to download and simple to use also. You don’t require any kind of additional charges for buying in-app items like the Pokemon GO gaming app. So, just like other kind of applications, it is quite easy to edit the artistic photos and also posting them on the social media platforms.

After the immense success of this app on the ios platforms, this app has also launched the beta version on the Android platform.

#5 Flabbergasting filters in this app:

This app includes classy filters which are based on the lovely paintings. Different kinds of eye-popping filters in this app are based on the Picasso, Van Gogh & Levitan. These filters bring the best quality in the selfies for the people who are selfieholics to the core. The highly-favored filters are the Mondrian, Edvard Munch’s The Scream, etc.

Prisma app Final Words:

Prisma app is very user-friendly and just so simple in functioning as such, free to download and install on your smartphone screen. It is developed by keeping in mind the advanced technology. The best way to make your dull photos to the class paintings as such.

So, do you also have the amazing app idea?

If yes, then feel free to contact us and we will assist you in developing the fully functional app by keeping in mind your requirement and the needs.


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