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Empower Healthcare with Mental Health App Development

written by Nidhi Sharma | Jun 20, 2019
Empower Healthcare with Mental Health App Development

It is common in children and youth nowadays to experience many types of emotional pain as they grow into an adult.

As an example, it is common for a child to feel nervous at school for the first time or on a daily basis, or youth to victimized depression for a short duration that is temporary in nature.

When these symptoms remain to continue for a long period, then it is the time to ask help from the professional consultants. The consultants can help directly or with Mental Health App Development. In common, every third youth person is suffering from life span, mental disorder, and as a result, they face a negative attitude or behavior from other people.

Surprisingly, 70% of the children and youth who suffers from mental disorders have not got the proper guidance, and interventions at their premature age.

The emotional happiness of children is as important as their physical health. The people who are good in their mental health always welcome challenges and opportunities in their lives; they never frightened about the toughest part of life, and they are grown well-rounded, healthy adults.

Mainly mental disorders commence during youth (12–24 years of age), although they are often detected later in life. Poor mental health is strongly related to other health and growth concern in young people, especially lower educational achievements, substance abuse, violence, and poor reproductive and sexual health. Help such people by developing healthcare apps. For more details read our latest blog:

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What Mental Health Problems Usually Arise in Youth?

What mental health problems usually arise in youth?

There are numerous mental health disorders that affect the child and the youth which includes-


Share of the global population with the disorder (2017)

[difference across countries]

Number of people with the disorder (2017)

Share of males: females with the disorder (2017)

Any mental or substance use disorder



970 million

12.6% of males

13.3% of females




264 million

2.7% of males

4.1% of females

Anxiety disorder



284 million

2.8% of males

4.7% of females

Bipolar disorder



46 million

0.55% of males

0.65% of females

Eating disorder



16 million

0.13% of males

0.29% of females




20 million

0.26% of males

0.25% of females

Alcohol use disorder



107 million

2% of males

0.8% of females

Drug use disorder



71 million

1.3% of males

0.6% of females

What Help is Available?

Parental help

Most of the children and youth have friendly and warm relations with their parents and guardians. They are able to share their thoughts and feelings with them freely. Parents can help them by listening to their problems and providing them sufficient time and solutions that will help them to reduce their tension and make the bond strong between them. A child may need emotional support, may need financial or physical support from parents, parents have to help their children when they require.

Expert Guidance

If the child is facing a problem at its school or at another place, then there are counselors that help the child in solving his/ her problem. They can provide counseling to the child that can help him to overcome the depression and other disorders.


Experts require checking the child and young people before providing any kind of medical treatment. Sometimes having proper communication or chat with the experts can solve the problems quickly, though some cases require medical treatments also.


The expertise that supports the child will keep him and its family information with him confidential. Young people can look for help through various helpline numbers or by visiting the experts on their own, but if the child is under age, it requires the consent of his/her parents for keeping the information.

If young ones they do not want to discuss their conversation with expertise. They have the right to keep their conversations in private. Or else they can also book their doctors appointment using BR online appoint app.

We provide Online Doctor Appointment Booking Solutions for Android and iOS. For more details, you can visit our page and get in touch with our specialists.

Effective Solutions Require to Develop Mental Health Apps:-

Effective Solutions require to develop Mental Health Apps

  • Develop simple methods for the people who suffer from depression, and other disorders to overcome negative feelings and Depression.
  • Create a comprehensive diary or notebook section in which the person writes about his thoughts and feelings that’s how he feels.
  • Develop a habit tracker in which goals are set for practice whether the habit is good or bad, and how to overcome bad habits.
  • Crating the Forums! That will help people in talking with another person who is having some kind of issues; it will help in reducing their negative feelings towards the problem.
  • Develop the various mental health test includes- depression test, anxiety test, eating disorders, video game addiction test, Panic disorder test, Bipolar test.
  • Create the app that creates a schedule and will take follow-ups on a daily routine, track their results, give test results over time, and allow to share results with friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Provide the real-time treatment facilities by finding the nearby analyst in a particular area and fix an appointment with them, and provide personalized solutions like sessions, live chat with a health center or the doctors in the mental health app.
  • Always be convincing to the people who suffer from depression, anxiety or feels lonely.
  • The app will be consistent in quality, and in their job function so that the patient will easily rely on your mental health services.
  • By developing the digital healing solutions, people who are suffering from depression requires antidepressant that works for them.

By using such kind of digital solutions a large amount of information can be collected from the patients who already suffered from such condition or the app user, it will help the person in his healing journey that how to overcome with such situations.

Advance Features for Mental Health App

Advance Features for Mental Health App

Relaxation & mindfulness meditation audio tools-

calm down in moments of stress or anxiety using one of the audio exercises, including deep breathing, muscle relaxation, positive visualization, mindfulness meditations, and more. These activities are set to relaxing soundscapes like ocean waves or thunderstorms.

Mood tracker

Rate your mood and feelings throughout the day and add specific notes (the situation, the trigger, etc.) so you can notice patterns and see improvement over time.

Thought to share feature-

Developing a feature in which the app user can create its own thought that how he feels and shares it with the world.

Simple treatment techniques that one can make himself/herself. Creating a daily reminder about the healing, using the alarm feature to remind the person to consult the app each day.

Create a feature that includes the tips for reduces or manage the stress and relaxation provided by mental health experts.

Final Thought

Mental health apps help the experts to grow and provide their services to the patients so that they have better control over themselves and handle their everyday lives easier. BR Softech contributes to mental health and provides with complete Hospital Management Software. You can visit our page for more details.

With the help of app or hospital management software mentally sick people can track their addiction activities and mood swings as well as if they want any support from the experts through communication they can easily discuss their problems with them and with others who suffer from the same problem.

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