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Are you Ready to Launch An App Like Dream11 in This IPL Season?

Fantasy Sports
Feb 17, 2023
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The IPL season is almost here and Fantasy applications like dream11 have been booming in the market as more and more players gravitate towards these Fantasy platforms to win hefty rewards. The Fantasy sports industry is at the forefront of development and innovation as it is becoming one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. 

Fantasy applications allow users to draft their own Fantasy teams and participate in tournaments and matches. One of the most prominent reasons for the popularity of these platforms is that they allow users to earn real money games by playing Fantasy sports. Moreover, the massive popularity of Fantasy platforms is growing exponentially as more entrepreneurs are also looking to develop Fantasy platforms to generate hefty profits in this IPL season. 

As of now, India is the largest Fantasy market in the world and with the advent of the Indian Premiere League that cricket enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for, the Fantasy market will become a haven for website operators as well as Fantasy players. Do you also want to develop your own fantasy sports app like Dream 11? Fret not, this blog will cover the features, cost, and how you can choose the best Fantasy app development company.

Features of a Fantasy App like Dream 11

Features of a Fantasy App like Dream 11

The features of a Fantasy app like Dream 11 are integral in enhancing the gaming experience for the users. Moreover, the features of an app also help in attracting a large audience towards your application. Let’s take a look-

User Panel Features

Game LobbyThe Game Lobby is the first thing that a user will come across while accessing your fantasy sports app like Dream11. It is important for the home screen to be neatly laid. This can be done by enhancing it with attractive graphics, animation and sound effects. 
User OnboardingIt is one of the initial processes in a sports or cricket betting app like dream11. An expert app developer will try to keep the registration process as basic as possible. After creating a user profile, it should be equally convenient to log in and access the features of the cricket app like Dream11
Search and Filter OptionsThe whole purpose of creating an effective search and filter option is to establish a hassle-free in-app navigation system. Users can manually search for their favourite player, tournament or recent news about the sport. Moreover, the filters can further enhance the search experience while using the cricket app like Dream11
Safe & Secure Payment GatewaysMake sure that you integrate a reliable payment gateway system while creating another app like Dream11. The platform should accept payments like credit or debit cards, net banking, cryptocurrencies or other payment apps.
Refer & EarnIt is a lucrative feature that benefits not only the user but also the operator. The user can send invitations in exchange for virtual coins or rewards at the same time while helping you grow your user base
User DashboardIt is a one-stop utility tool that can help the user in managing the profile. Users can easily view the membership, manage transactions and log out after accessing sessions

Admin Panel Features

Admin DashboardA well-laid dashboard that can display the ongoing activities and the overall participation. It will help the operator to get insights into the application in a simplified manner.
User ManagementThe admin panel should be enriched with a feature that allows the operator to manage user activities. There might be instances where a user might arise with a problem or events in which the operator has to restrict the operations. 
Match ManagementWith this feature on board, the admin team can easily manage matches. Make sure that you precisely lay out all the functions and features that are responsible for delivering a high-quality fantasy sports platform.
Rewards ManagementAnother integration that holds great importance when it is about rewarding the users after that is the purpose of the fantasy app like Dream11. However, the process of setting rewards should be dynamic to keep up user engagement.
Payment ManagementAt the end of the day apart from delivering quality services, the main purpose is to make profits out of the platform. Ensure that you lay due emphasis on the layout and effectiveness of the payment management system as a messy payment management system might put up challenges for you.
Report ManagementThe report management system will help the admin to scrutinize the overall activities that are taking place on the platform. It will cover every single detail that will help you organize your business and introduce adequate improvisations.
Content ManagementA content management system will help you regulate the contents that are being displayed on a fantasy app like Dream11. It should be user-friendly and flexible enough to support dynamic needs and easy optimization.

Additional Features

Apart from the ones that are mentioned above, there are some other features that you can consider integrating depending on the budget. 

Real-time AnalyticsGetting real-time insights into the fantasy sports app can help the operator to have a better understanding and hence better control of the operations. This feature can be considered integrated into the initial version as well
Live Match ScoreDisplaying live match score is a customer-oriented feature that can enhance the user experience. It will save the effort of switching channels in case of a live sports event.
GPS Location TrackingIntegrating GPS tracking will help the user to see optimized content. This will save the users from manually searching the contents instead of viewing customized suggestions, news and events.
Push NotificationsIf you want to elevate the quality of services that you provide in some other app like Dream11, then integrating push notifications is the feature that is recommended. Automated reminders will help the users to stay in touch with the recent activities in the sports world.

Laws & Regulations Surrounding Fantasy Platforms in India

After knowing about the features to consider while you create an app like Dream11, the most important question that might arise in your mind is the legitimacy of the virtual sports betting platform. Legal compliance is one such factor that is talked about when referring to the increasing popularity of the concept. 

The answer to your question is a ‘YES’, it is legitimate. With all the big brands and celebrities endorsing the platform, the legal compliance of the fantasy sports platform is undisputed.

The fact that real-time game statistics are considered at the time a user engages in the fantasy sports platform makes it a game of skill rather than luck or probability. It makes the fantasy sports platform legal in the market. 

How to Choose the Best Fantasy Sports App Development Company?

Confused about how to make an app like Dream11? Worry not as there are app development companies in the market to take on your project. However, not every common software development company can deliver a product that matches your unique requirements. Let’s take a look-


It is the foremost factor that should be considered while you invest in app development. Make sure the development company you opt for is experienced and has handled app development projects like yours before. 

Location of the Development Company

The location of the app development company plays a vital role in determining the cost of mobile app development. Many companies in Asia are much more reasonable when compared to western-based development companies. 


No one would risk its project in the hands of a company with no prior experience in app development. Hence, it is suggested to flip back some pages and peek into the history of the company before making your decision. Make sure to study the company portfolio you’re hiring extensively, it will provide you with a general idea about the competency of the app development company. 

Back-end Support

There might be instances when the server gets choppy, or users experience an unexpected glitch in the middle of a match or event. Well, in such cases, it is important for the app development company to get active and fix bugs or glitches. This is why it is recommended to choose a Fantasy app development company that provides round-the-clock back-end support. 

Cost of Fantasy Sports App Like Dream11

As you already know that developing a fantasy sports platform like Dream11 is a complex process and the complexity depends on the varying needs so is determining the exact cost of app development. Unless the detailed requirement is laid out to the developer, only the rough estimate can be predicted that too after considering certain aspects.

  • Location of the development company is of utmost importance while estimating the cost of app development. Usually, the developers charge on an hourly basis; however, the price varies from developer to developer.
  • The number of platforms that you ask for also determines the cost of development. The higher the number of platforms is, the higher the price of app development gets but so are the chances of generating high revenues. 
  • The complexity of projects also influences the cost of app development. Complexity is directly dependent on the features and functionalities that you select along with the number of platforms that you target.

These points are useful in determining a rough estimate of the price of fantasy app development. Depending on the product requirements, the cost of an app like dream11 development can vary anywhere from the lowest of $20,000 to the highest of $40,000. However, in the actual scenario, the price can vary and can get much lower or higher than mentioned. 

Why Choose BR Softech to develop an App like Dream 11?

BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. is a leading fantasy software development company with more than 10 years of experience in the field. Over these years, the company has outreached to more than 38 countries and has ventured into more than 7586 projects. 

Having more than 250 full-time IT professionals that excel at software development, BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. ensures a leak-proof software solution that is immune to cyber-attacks. Moreover, the company has vast knowledge in software development that will help you get a cross-platform fantasy app platform at a cost-efficient price. 

Final Words

After reading this article, you must now be aware of every single aspect that is associated with fantasy cricket app development. If in case any question is left unanswered, consulting the company is suggested to get a deeper insight into the concept and the process involved in the fantasy sports app development. 

While scrolling through the website, the readers will come across a variety of software accomplishments. You are just an inquiry away from getting the process started under the supervision of an experienced app developer. 

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. How long does it take to develop a Fantasy app?

Ans. It takes around 4 to 6 months to complete the development process of a Fantasy app. 

Q. Do you provide customised Fantasy app solutions?

Ans. Yes, we offer customised Fantasy Sports app solutions. Our customised solutions are bespoke and tailored according to the client’s requirements. 

Q. Which platform is best for the Fantasy IPL app?

Ans. A Fantasy IPL app can be published on multiple platforms. However, if you want to choose one, you should opt for Android Fantasy app development.

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