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Sports Bookie Software: Everything You Need to Know

Sports Betting
Mar 28, 2024
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sports bookie software

Are you searching for sports bookie software? If yes, we have got you all covered in this blog! 

Sports betting has always been a crucial part of our lives and with the advent of technology and rising smartphone usage, sports bookie software has become a need of the hour. Over the years, betting has evolved and emerged as a profitable business for both punters and bookmakers.  There is a wide range of betting software for bookies and bookmakers available out there in the market, making betting a core pillar for all. This is the reason why a lot of investors put their hard-earned money in the development of betting software for bookies. 

With this, the betting world has become highly competitive, making it difficult for bookies and sportsbooks to sustain and thrive in the market. Therefore, it has become imperative for bookies to create an innovative, user-friendly, and credible sports betting software that is cut above the rest. If you wish to establish yourself in the world of sports betting as a bookmaker, read this blog till the end! 

In this blog, we are going to cover all the necessary things that are related to sports bookie software development right from a business plan, and features, to cost. 

What is Sports Bookie Software? 

Sports bookie software is an online sports betting software for bookies and bookmakers using which they can easily track, manage, control and check all the activities and sporting events of betting. It is an online betting platform which offers live match results, performance and scoreboard of the punters to analyze and make insightful reports related to betting. The software showcases past matches and live match updates, past winning lines, current betting odds to help players analyze and generate successful bets. 

Sports betting bookie software has enabled bookmakers to seamlessly manage and control all the bets with a single touch on the screen.

Features of Sports Bookie Software

Sports betting bookie software must have high-quality and user-friendly features that makes the platform all-inclusive and interactive enough to keep users engaged on the platform. 

Here is the list of key features that we include in our betting software for bookies:

Sports Bookie Software Feature Description 
Odds Management Bookmaking software should have odd management tools to ensure bookies offer best odds in the betting market. 
Admin Dashboard Software comes with an admin dashboard that helps admins efficiently manage several betting activities.
Analytical Reporting Bookmaker software should have advanced tools to create reports from the existing betting data, helping users see the clear picture of the current marketplace, including historical data, real time betting stats and info. 
Payment Gateways It should integrate safe, secure and easily accessible payment methods that are globally accepted. Payment methods should offer users a sense of safety and security.
Mobile Platform Betting agent software should support mobile platforms to allow users to use the platform anytime and anywhere with just a smartphone and the internet. 
Live Wagering The sportsbook software enables bettors to monitor live betting activities, updates, and past betting records with just a few clicks.
User-friendly Interface It should have easy-to-use, user-friendly features to allow users to perform betting activities seamlessly and easily. 
Database Management The bookmaker software solution for bookies allows bookies to manage all their data from a single panel to provide a hassle-free and smooth betting experience.
Match Trackers Match tracker feature allows to broadcast and showcase the match live to ensure players and bookies keep a track of live events. 
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Advanced Features of Sports Bookie Platform

Features of Sports Bookie Software
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Key Benefits of Sports Bookie Software

Sports betting bookie software development is a need of the hour for bookmakers and betting entrepreneurs. It is a platform which offers a digital space to betting entrepreneurs and bookies to easily navigate through all sports betting controls of the activities and sporting events. 

The best Bookie software is the platform that gives a digital space to sportsbooks, bettors and bookies to navigate sports betting events. With highly secure payment integrations, high-resolution graphics, advanced tech-stack, and easy-to-use features, sports bookie solutions has made betting a seamless, and uninterrupted activity. 

Privacy and Security 

Through the authentication and verification process, our betting software for bookies has increased the privacy and security of users. The betting industry has become much more transparent with the advent of online sports punter software that has integrated the user registration process to keep all the records intact. 

Wider Reach and Accessibility 

Sports bookie application has made online gambling easy and accessible to users across the globe. All you need is a browser and high-speed-internet to place your bet. With online sports betting software for bookies, you can access your accounts to monitor live as well as past match updates 24/7 from anywhere. 

Increased Control 

In the traditional betting system, it was nearly impossible to keep a constant track of all the bets. However, using bookie exchange software, users can easily control your business with just one platform. Sports betting software can keep a record of the history of players, matches and bets, in turn, increasing your control over business. 

Cost Reduction 

Betting software for bookies made online betting very affordable. Bookmaking solution  companies don’t charge any upfront costs except per-head fee for your players. In a nutshell, punter software has reduced the cost of sports betting services in the sports betting world. 

Ease of Use 

Bookmaker software for bookies is a user-friendly platform that records every bet and automatically grades it. It also supports mobile betting, which makes it an easy-to-use betting platform among bettors across the world. 

Real Time Analytics 

The best Bookie software allows you to keep a record of your activities in real-time. With the help of reporting tools, you can easily gather data to analyze trends and patterns of the current betting market. In turn, helping you make improvements in your current sportsbook business.

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Sports Bookie Software Development Process 

Every successful business needs a strategic plan. Likewise, if you want to develop your own betting agent software, you have to first develop a business plan. Here is the list of steps that you must follow to develop the best bookie software for your business: 

1. Market Research 

To develop your own sports betting bookie software, first and foremost thing you need to do is market research about the sports betting industry. Understand the recent trends, tech stacks, and the popular sports in the online betting industry. Make sure to evaluate and select the best sports betting software provider that can help you customize your software interface as per the trends. 

2. Analyze Your Competitors 

The increasing demand for gambling has already augmented the number of sports bookmaker software users in the current betting world. In order to make your bookmaking solution cut above the rest, make sure to analyze your competitors. 

3. Target Market 

Decide on locations, geographies you want to target. Make sure to set standards, goals and your target audience for your sports punter software. 

4. Business Model 

Construct a business model with a blueprint and clear vision. Analyze your business goal and budget, and then decide on other crucial elements such as cost, features, production, services, customer support, revenue source, etc. 

5. Risk Management Strategy 

A betting business plan must always have a risk management plan. Your business should have a risk management strategy to overcome the effect of any failure or trouble in the process. 

6. Payment Integration 

Payment integration is an imperative element when it comes to sports bookmaking software development as it allows users to withdraw and deposit funds in their wallets. Decide on payment integration methods that are safe, secure and easily accessible to users. 

7. Features and language 

Betting software for bookmakers includes features for user panel, admin panel and bookie panel. When you create your own sports bookie software, decide on the level of the features and languages that you want to incorporate in your software. 

8. UI/UX Design 

After doing full-fledged research, it is time to actually design a sports betting bookie software using the best and creative design and interface that keeps players intact on the platform. In this phase, designers ensure to integrate unique and appealing features and visuals to keep punters engaged and retained on the platform.

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9. Development 

Here, the actual sports betting software development takes place. Our sports betting bookie software developers ensure to use the cutting-edge technology and tools to bring forth the most reliable and interactive betting solutions for different platforms and devices. 

10. Testing & QA 

Once you are done with the development of a bookmaker software, it is time to check its quality and performance in the market. You can make the best use of striking testing and QA strategies like integration, functional and performance testing to ensure the quality and functionality of your betting platform. 

11. Launch 

Integrate the best marketing strategies and plans to launch your newly developed betting software for bookmakers. Select the platforms and channels on which you want your software to be promoted.

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Cost of Sports Bookie Software Development

The cost of sports bookie software development depends on various factors, including the level of features, tech stack, and functionalities. On an average cost to build bookmaker software is around $30,000 to $40,000. The cost may shoot up to $50,000 and more depending on the level of the software advancement. If you want to develop your own sports betting bookie software, make sure to look for best sports bookmaker solution providers, offering high-feature, supreme-quality, highly personalized punter software solutions. 

Here is the list of factors affecting the overall cost of development: 

  • Tech stack 
  • Advanced features and functionalities 
  • Level of expertise 
  • Modern interface 
  • Interactive UI/UX design 
  • Marketing 
  • Location of the development team
  • Licencing 
  • Project characteristics 
  • Software customization
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Find The Best Bookie Software for You

The success of any sports betting platform depends on the quality of the product provider. Decide on the type of bookie software model you want for your business. Decide whether you want to develop custom build sports bookie software or white label sports bookmaker software. There are several other factors that you must check before developing bookmaking solution, which include: 

  • Development budget 
  • Bookie software suppliers 
  • Features of bookmaker software 
  • Diversity of games available 
  • Customer support and retention 
  • High security and privacy 
  • Proper fraud management 
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bookie software?

White label bookie software is an online sports betting platform that helps you launch a sportsbook instantly. It showcases the various sports betting events and activities, tracking which you can become a bookmaker online.

What is sportsbook software?

Sportsbook software is an online platform that offers users a reliable interface, allowing them to create accounts, deposit funds and search through betting options, and place bets easily. 

Which online bookie is the best?

Here are the top online betting sites that most bookies use:

  • Indibet
  • Paripesa
  • 10Cric
  • Fun88

What is a good time to launch a betting platform?

Now is the best time to launch a betting platform as the current sports betting industry is booming at an alarming rate. Most sportsbooks are launching their own sports bookmaking software at this time to generate great leads and revenues.

How much does it cost to develop a sports bookie software ?

Sports betting software development cost depends on various factors such as features, interface, tech stack, licensing, and marketing. If you are planning to develop a basic bookie software for sports betting, it would cost you around $30,000 to $50,000, and the cost may shoot up depending on the level and complexity of sports bookmaking software development.

Do you really make 100% custom sports betting solutions?

Yes, we at BR Softech offer 100% custom sports betting solutions that are highly-personalized, engaging and feature-rich. We offer sports bookmaking software that includes superior tech stack, odds management, risk management, high features and live tracking systems.

Is it important to share a part of the revenue generated with development companies?

We at BR Softech provide a zero revenue sharing policy which means we take no commission from the revenue generated by best bookie software.

What software do bookies use? 

One of the most popular sports betting software that bookies use is AcePerhead. And the reason behind its popularity is its unique features, reliable controls and engaging interface. 

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