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How to Start a Live Dealer Online Casino Business?

written by Nitin Garg | Sep 08, 2022
Online live dealer Casino

It is no longer necessary to travel to land-based gambling casinos, dress up for a casino game night, and spend money on travel expenses to play casino games. Online casinos are becoming increasingly popular as players prefer to play from the convenience of their homes. Millions of players are attracted to live dealer casinos because of the realistic game layout! And gaming companies are building well-equipped live dealer casino software for the public. These casinos complete the lack of realism in online casinos.

Considering the popularity of live dealer casino games among casino players, it is important to know what they are and why they are so popular? Though, Check out our detailed look at live dealer casino games and live dealer casino software benefits.

What are the Steps to Start an Online Casino Business?

With more and more operators entering online gambling, the Gaming industry has been experiencing consistent growth over the past few years. Keeping up with the competition and differentiating yourself from the rest is becoming increasingly challenging.

If you are interested in starting an online live casino business, you need the following:

  • Casino gaming software designed by professionals
  • The license to operate a casino
  • The merchant account
  • own dedicated server

Are these the only things you need to succeed and attract gamblers to your door?

Even though we cannot give you the secret recipe of how to build the best gambling business in the market, we can surely give you all the tips and tricks to help you succeed.

Adding a Reliable live Casino Software to Your Casino Suite is Essential

As you will enter into a long-term relationship with your Gaming software provider, this is the most important decision to make. Make sure you evaluate the options with regard to the quality of services offered and the price.

The software provider you choose should have experience in launching successful online casinos and an understanding of the online gaming industry.

Generally, you should choose a white-label casino software solution that offers the following features, depending on your needs:

  • A gaming management system with advanced features
  • Payment options with support for multiple currencies
  • Betting markets are covered in great detail
  • Enjoy access to a wide selection of casino games from around the world
  • The front end can be customized
  • Gaming license
  • Customer service

Business Opportunities for Live Dealer Casino Software

When you decide to join forces with an established name in iGaming, you need to consider a few factors before proceeding:

How will you implement your online gambling site’s software platform? Do you plan to offer only the top casino games, such as slots, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, bingo, and poker?

Or How about in-play betting on sports? Your iGaming software provider should be carefully chosen to suit your business long-term.

Although you might want to keep it simple for now with only a casino platform, you might consider adding additional games in the future. Under these circumstances, a gaming provider can assist you in integrating all the necessary content into a user-friendly website interface.

 Licensing is a Must for Gambling

Operators today face challenges and regulatory requirements from various jurisdictions when it comes to building an online gambling business.

Currently, the gaming industry is dominated by the following legal frameworks:

  • Online gambling is regulated in countries that have enacted such regulations;
  • Monopoly-regulating countries;
  • Bans on betting activities in certain countries;
  • Gambling activities are not regulated in certain countries;

As Whenever you want to run a gambling business, you need to make sure you have the proper license in the country where you wish to operate. According to the country, obtaining a gaming license can take anywhere from a few months to a year.

The company is constantly assessing whether to add more licenses to its portfolio so that we can offer our clients access to new markets.

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The Right Live Dealer Casino Software Providers are Key

A payment system provider is essential when you start an online gaming business, so your players can make transactions easily and quickly. It is advisable to offer multiple payment methods for convenience purposes.

Furthermore, it is important to consider the growing demand for payment service providers that understand and are adaptable to regional market conditions.

Payment platforms offered by our company comply with multiple jurisdictions and are integrated with 50+ payment methods.

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Your Casino Must Lead with Excellence

It is very important how your casino website looks. In order to compete among tens or hundreds of similar casino websites, you must choose an attractive design or invest in your front-end development.

Here are a few basic recommendations to keep you safe:

  • Your site should not be overloaded with graphics or elements that could affect the playing experience on your site. Studies show that if your website pages take too long to load, you could lose players.
  • Keep graphics simple and resource-conserving, such as movies and integrated graphics.
  • Ensure your front end is seamlessly integrated with your database.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop an Online Live Dealer Casino Software?

Take a look at how much it costs to make an online casino.

Using software

Any online casino would have to pay for its software as the most obvious cost. 

The cost of an online casino software varies, based on which games you select and what you agree to pay in royalties. A typical royalty fee is 15%-40% of your monthly revenue.

The software for live dealer casino alone costs between $300,000 and $500,000, considering all your expenses.

Laws and regulations

To operate legally, online casinos need a license. Leading licensing organizations can be found in Malta, the Isle of Man, Costa Rica, and the United Kingdom. A gaming license costs $75,000 annually. A 3% tax is assessed on casino earnings as well.

You must ensure that the games you purchase do not have servers in countries where gambling is banned.


There is a common misconception that online casinos do not need staff. However, they do. You need 8-10 staff to run a smooth operation. Customers will mostly be served by them. They should work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The staff should also be overseen by managers. The average cost of hiring an employee for an online casino is about $250,000.


When you open your online casino, this will have to be one of your biggest expenses. Creating affiliate websites costs around $100,000 per month, and they bring in traffic. Top affiliate websites will take up to 50% of your GGR in the beginning, so you may not want to go after them, to begin with.

The customers of an online casino must be able to deposit and withdraw money through a range of payment methods. In order to deploy services such as VISA, MasterCard, Neteller, etc., you will need to shell out an upfront cost of $100,000 each.

The website

An entry-level gaming website can cost up to $3,000. The better you want, the greater the cost. An enjoyable experience for players requires a website that looks and responds professionally.

Top Rated Live Dealer Online Casinos In The USA

Since there are so many live casino sites to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which one to use.

In light of this, we’re covering the top 10 best casino sites in the US.

1. BetMGM Casino

A few of the live casino tables that users can select from at BetMGM Casino include poker and blackjack.

A Baccarat, roulette, and Dream Catcher are also available, along with many other variants of these games.

Several different software systems are used across their live casino games, so you’ll have a wide variety to choose from. One of their employees hosts all of their live casino games

2. Caesars Casino 

Caesars is one of the biggest and most recognized casino brands in the world, so it isn’t surprising to see them ranked so high.

The company’s casino games are among the most well-known in the world, and the company’s live casino gambling options reflect this well.

Caesars Casino offers a wide variety of games, including many variations of those games, giving their live casino customers more choice.

3. DraftKings Casino

Its extensive live casino lobby, as well as options such as poker, baccarat, roulette and blackjack, make DraftKings a top live casino site. Furthermore, they also offer a lobby dedicated to their exclusive ‘Game Shows’, a feature very few of their competitors offer, making DK stand out among competitors. 

4. Golden Nugget Casino

16 Golden Nugget Casino offers a variety of live casino tables, all of which can be accessed 24/7. 

You can find out which of their live casino games are the highest rated before you start playing them, thanks to the helpful rating system for each live casino table.

Users can choose from blackjack, poker, and roulette tables whenever they want. 

5. FanDuel Casino

15 Among the sites on our list, FanDuel Casino offers a variety of live casino tables, making them a leader in this area.

There are a number of blackjack tables available to play, so you can choose how you want to play.

As well as offering live Baccarat and Roulette tables, FanDuel offers an exclusive selection of live tables, making it easy to see why they made our list.

6. Ocean Casino

In the world of online casinos, The Ocean offers the widest selection of games, which makes it a worthy contender on our list.

There are a lot of different games to choose from with Ocean, some of which aren’t available anywhere else.

As Additionally, the live casino games offered by Ocean are available in a variety of variations, making it one of the best live casinos on the Internet Marketing.

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7. Hard Rock Casino

Given that Hard Rock is a popular casino brand, the fact that they appear on our list at this stage shouldn’t be a surprise.

The majority of these live casino tables are blackjack tables, making Hard Rock an excellent choice for those who want to play blackjack. 

As well as roulette and poker, Hard Rock Casino also offers several other live casino games, which makes it easy to see why they are one of the top live casino sites in the country. 

8. SugarHouse Casino

At SugarHouse, you can choose from ten different types of live casino tables. They provide excellent casino services to their customers.

Craps is one of the live casino games offered by the site, along with poker, roulette, and baccarat. 

You can play at a number of their tables anytime, giving you the freedom to choose when you want to play.

9. 888 Casino

The website of 888 Casino, which launched in Europe in 1997 and has improved exponentially since then, is one of the newest live casino sites to launch in the USA.

Poker is available via the separate 888 Poker site, whereas blackjack, roulette, and roulette are all available at 888 Casino. 

When it comes to their live casino offerings, 888 Casino goes the extra mile with games like Dream Catcher.

10. Borgata Casino

The Borgata Casino is only accepting new accounts. A player must be at least 21 years old and live within New Jersey to be eligible. You can play blackjack variations such as Unlimited and Infinite, as well as poker, roulette, baccarat, and Dream Catcher. 

Additionally, Borgata offers a wide variety of live casino games, making it a premier option when it comes to live casino games.

Why Choose BR Softech for Live Dealer Casino Games?

If you are looking for solutions and services relating to online casino software, BR Softech is a name you should be familiar with as it provides Top live dealer casino customer service. One of the most popular casino software solutions provider is offered by this company. Their Casino Studio software offers a number of essential features including camera swap control, video streaming encoding, OCR analysis, low latency video displays, live chat logs, tipping dealers, auto-optimization of videos, and many others.

We have you covered for all of your needs, whether you want a live casino software platform that includes the benefits of live dealer casino games of your choosing or a software platform that is tailored specifically to your requirements. Additionally, they offer white label online casino platforms,  custom live dealer casino software, casino management systems, casino mobile apps, crypto casino software, and more.

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