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How is Live Casino Game API Integration Going to Change Your Business Strategies?

written by Nitin Garg | Sep 04, 2021

Today, we will present you with all the essential information you need to know about live casino API integration, including the name of the best live casino API providers you can rely upon to get industry-leading casino game API development services.

The American casino game industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. The number of key players in the casino game industry is increasing. As a result, it becomes difficult for the existing players to retain their position and for the new players to establish themselves.

Live Casino API integration is a great addition to online casino games and the driver of growth. API is a collective set of instructions that defines the method of communication between different components of the live casino software.

If you are planning to step into the casino game industry, it will be easier and more profitable to start with a casino API development company. Here’s how.

But, before that, let’s understand some crispy facts about Live Casino Game API integration. 

Table of Content:-

  1. So, What is API Integration?
  2. How Does Game API Integration Work?
  3. How Casino API Integration Can Boost Your Business?
  4.         a. Improve the Consumer Experience
            b. Allow You to Benefit From the Features of Other Apps
            c.  Improves Business Productivity

4. Benefits of Casino API Integration on your application

  1. Better User Experience
  2. Improved Security
  3. Reduces Development Efforts
  4. Better Customization and Flexibility Options
  5. Timely Updates

5. What Must Be Done During the Integration of the Casino API? 
6. Make Sure You Hire a Live Casino API Provider
7. Making the Right Choices When it Comes to Data
8. Choosing How Much to Casino API Share
9. Defining the Data Access and Security
10. What is the Cost of Live Casino API Integration?
11. Lastly, I Want to Make a Couple of Points

So, What is API Integration?

What is API integration? And how does API integration work? These are some important questions that we need to deal with.

Let’s start with the basics; what does API integration mean? In general, API integration stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a set of predefined protocols that enable the different components of the application to connect and share data. 

In our case, we are talking about Live casino Game API development In India. It helps to add specific game content to the casino environment to make it a more fruitful game to play. It would take months and thousands of dollars to integrate these features into the game separately. API would make it possible to accomplish this task in no time at all.

How Does Game API Integration Work?

Have you ever heard the name of a user interface?

API is also like a user interface. While the user interface is meant for the users, the API is meant for the application.  

An API is a communication interface between an application and a web server that comes into play when the user makes a request. 

It responds to the user’s request and fetches the relevant information from the webserver. You can title API as the middleman between the application and the webserver. The Live casino game API service also behaves the same way. 

Let’s understand the work of the Casino game API integration with a relevant casino example. 

Imagine you are running an online casino game software like roulette, keno, blackjack, baccarat, etc. that is integrated with a payment gateway system called the X. With the X payment gateway, you can accept payments from your users via debit card or net banking. After one or two years of development, you have seen an increment in payment through credit cards. 

What will you do?

You might contact the X payment gateway development company to develop a new payment gateway with added support to the credit card payment system. It will cost you a lot of time and money. 

Instead of this, you can contact the payment gateway provider to integrate the credit card payment gateway API with your already developed payment gateway. By doing so, you will be able to receive payment through a credit card. 

This is how API integration works. 

Now, let’s move ahead and discuss the benefits you can avail of by integrating the casino sports betting API with your application. 

How Casino Game API Integration Can Boost Your Business?

How Casino API Integration Can Boost Your Business?

For live dealer online casino, the goal of live casino API India is to provide a better customer experience without significantly increasing the cost. 

Apart from this, integrating API into your casino game application can also provide you with a lot of other benefits such as:

  • Improve the Consumer Experience

Customer experience has always been regarded as a crucial component of a successful game. Especially today’s time when customers are becoming more demanding. Therefore, you need to make constant efforts to build a loyal fan base for your application. 

Casino API integration service is one such thing you can do to accomplish this goal. As a result, enjoy the success of your game.

 Casino game apps like Jeetwin also integrate several APIs with themselves to provide an enhanced user experience. 

  • Allow You to Benefit From the Features of Other Apps

Imagine if your users had access to two websites from one place, so they could use both.

A live casino software provider in USA can help you achieve this goal. 

The use of these features will allow you to harness the power of payment gateways, search engines, etc., without having to spend time and resources building them from scratch.

As a business owner, this feature will spare you from a lot of the development hassles. It’s just a matter of synchronizing your application with API.

  • Improves Business Productivity

It is highly volatile when it comes to the market for casino games. As new things keep coming out, you must implement efficiently and cost-effectively these updates to satisfy your customers. 

Casino software suppliers generally need to develop these solutions from the ground up, which requires a lot of time and resources. With APIs, a similar need can be easily met.

You can implement these solutions in your casino game easily. Consequently, you will save a lot of development time and be able to increase business productivity. 

Benefits of Casino Game API Integration on your application

Take a look at the benefits you get when you partner with a live casino API provider.

Better User Experience

A user experience is a measure of how usable your application is.

With the help of API such as social media sharing, payment gateway integration, the value of the site can be extended. 

The API can keep track of user data and find ways to streamline the experience of users.

Improved Security

How will you ensure the security of your online social casino game?  

You will need to implement strong user authentication methods with your live VR casino game application

That can be done effortlessly with the help of a live casino API provider. 

With the OAuth and OpenID APIs, you can integrate your casino game application with the security it needs.

Reduces Development Efforts

When developing a live casino game application, development takes up a large portion of the budget and time.

A significant amount of time and budget can be saved by integrating APIs with your online casino games.

For example, if you want to add a live support system to your casino game. Instead of developing the support system from the ground, you can integrate the live support system API.

This will enable you to achieve the functionality you need in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 

Better Customization and Flexibility Options

All third-party API’s come with a bundle of certain features that help the users to achieve a lot of business-related goals. 

Not every feature is meant for every user.

Each user is free to select the features they are interested in and customize them to suit their needs. 

Timely Updates

Just like other mobile game development company, casino API development company also provide updates for their API from time to time. 

All you need to do as a user is click on the check for updates button, and the API will be automatically updated. 

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What Must Be Done During the Integration of the Casino API? 

Integration of the Casino API

If you integrate the casino API properly in a casino game like blackjack, roulette, slot.   you will certainly reap many benefits. Here’s how casino API integration should be done.

Make Sure You Hire a Live Casino Live Casino API ProviderAPI Provider

Integration of casino APIs requires a good understanding of programming languages. If you are not tech-savvy, then it would be a difficult task for you to integrate an API. 

Therefore, it is recommended to hire a live casino API provider in the USA.

Casino API developer uses software development kit (SDK) to ensure the correct integration of API with your casino slot gaming platform

Making the Right Choices When it Comes to Data

It is important to know how APIs pull and share data between different applications when they are being integrated. 

So if you are integrating a payment gateway API with your live casino game development, you must know what payment options it will offer. In exchange for its services, what information it will require. 

Choosing How Much to Casino API Share

Along with what information should be shared, you also need to decide what amount of information should be shared with others. 

Your payment gateway API, for example, might require a username and credit card number to make payment. While your casino app requires all the information, such as name, card number, age, etc.

Therefore, you need to impose some filters on your casino API provider to control the amount of data that should be shared with others. 

Defining the Data Access and Security

Once you have done with the basis of the casino API integrations.  Casino API development company needs to define the data access and security of the API. 

This is the most crucial element of API integration, hence requiring the utmost attention. 

You should be aware of the API key and various mediums to limit the number of users to prevent unauthorized people from accessing your application. 

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What is the Cost of Live Casino API Integration?

As a rough estimate, the cost of the live casino API integration would be somewhere around $20,000. The cost depends on the fact that you are integrating a fully featured and secure live diamond casino API from India-based company BR Softech.

To get a realistic view of how much the entire process will cost you, do contact a reliable Indian casino API provider. They will be able to provide you with the exact cost of casino API integration you might need to pay. 

Lastly, I Want to Make a Couple of Points

As we have already discussed, API is a powerful tool that has the potential to speed up your business growth. Therefore, integrating live casino API India with your casino game application can enhance the quality of your application. 

If you are interested in casino API integration, then you can contact BR Softech

We have a team of highly experienced API developers, all of whom hold solid knowledge of API integration and can provide you with the services you need. 

Feel Free to connect with us for casino game API Integration Get A Quote 

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