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Top 40 Startup Ideas For Your Small Business

written by Admin | Jun 21, 2018
small business startup ideas

To have and run your own business flawlessly it is important to follow the rules and manage your business idea efficiently. When a beginner starts its own business he/she faces challenges that can be overcome by great business solutions. You just need to follow the business solution and stick to them. A good start up idea or an ideal business solution knows how ,when and why to take the action and always being clear about which steps to take next.

There is no uniform start up fee to start an enterprise or business but in case you have money and excited to start a business then we have numerous business solutions that can help you in launching and growing your own enterprise.

40 Successful Startup ideas for Small Business:

I would like to share with you a number of amazing startup ideas to start your own business. These ideas comprises of step by step procedure to carry on the business. The steps of the business idea is such that it will transform that idea into action. The great start up business always start out from a business solution.

1. Ecommerce Business:

You can start a great business via ecommerce business solution and the customers in turn can avail an amazing shopping experience. You can start your business by selling products on your own e- commerce website and make it easy with the mobile app and web app. It is as easy as doing business on Amazon.
shopping business ideas

2. Taxi Booking Solution:

An online taxi business is an expensive start up but in the long run the returns are lucrative. It can be started on a small note with few cars and drivers and later on can be expanded gradually as you begin to earn profit. It is the industry with lots of earning potential with high growth rates and huge demand.
We have a business solution that provide readymade solutions for Android, iphone and Web app. It is similar to the business solution of the enterprises that took the online taxi industry to a higher level. Basically it is similar to players like Ola, uber, Lyft, easy taxi, my taxi etc.

The features of the solution are solely engineered for taxi business.We provide Flexible, Easy to Manage and End to End service Solution. Our solution is installed professionally and is adaptable and easy update to Any Mobile.

taxi startup ideas

. Car Wash
ing Business :

Do you want to get into a business that requires little or no tech knowledge? If answer to this important question is yes then car washing can be a great money earning opportunity. Its upto you whether you want to launch an entire car washing business app and website or want to earn some additional money per month.

We have a business solution where you can clean and wash the car on one click. We have ready made car wash app solutions for iphone, Android and website. Through this business solution the process of car wash is a simple thing.

car wash business

4. Courier Services:

To be frank and honest, one can start a courier business overnight through our business solution. It is a money making opportunity that is made simpler by making you available the ready made e-commerce courier website like fedex and DHL to expand your business.

Our solution is successfully adopted by Android, i-phone and website. Thus, you can send your courier in easy way and save your precious time. Our software find out courier status and details online and delivery process is professional and simple.

courier business in india

. Food Ordering System:

To be straight forward opening a new restaurant can be risky venture but with our right solution having right planning and less handwork one can make it a lucrative earning potential in the long run.

Basically, we provide ready-made solutions for android, iPhone and web app to restaurant owner or who wants to open a restaurant business. We provide solution similar to Zomato and foodpanda.

This solution help customer in searching nearest restaurant and helps in fastest table booking at restaurant. In a nutshell we are providing you an online e-commerce portal which are used to book favorite table for the customer at nearest restaurant.

food ordering business

6. Classified Business:

Do you want to start your own online business running a classified ads website or app in just 2 months? If yes then quickly grab our classified solution which is similar to Quikr and Olx. A customer can sale his product according to his wish and also he/she can buy product of his/her choice.

We make available a readymade classified advertising app solutions for Android, iphone and website. The features of our solution are that you buy products in Android, iphone and Web app and at the same time it is easy to maintain your selling products in one click. A very amazing comfortable and end to end web solution for seller and buyer both.

classified app ideas

Crowd Funding Business:

Are you looking forward to start your own crowd funding business or service? If yes then you can always buy our solution that will help you grow in this growing crowd funding industry.

We offer a readymade app portal which performs and look nice at any device. Our crowd funding website similar to Kickstarter and comes up with modern technology and fully responsive design. It provides unique ideas for fund investor. It is a unique, creative understanding solution for any device like Android, iphone and Web App.

crowdfunding for small business

8. Property Business:

Folks starting a property business (buying and selling of properties) offers you to quickly increase your earning or capital by applying a short term strategy. We offer a business strategy or a solution which helps in selling or buying your property. Our solution for web and mobile apps helps you in making it simple. So, you can purchase or sell properties online with our ready made solutions available on Android, iphone and website. There are highly functional applications related to real estate sector.

property business ideas

9. Services Provider:

Who can provide services? Answer to this question is simple: anyone and everyone. But that anyone or everyone always require a platform or an idea/ business solution that can take take him/ her to places. So here we are to provide readymade service provider apps solution to make you available the services at your place. Our solutions are for all devices like Android, iPhone and web applications. Three simple steps you need to follow: Choose Required Services and Fund, Arrange your Service Provider and User Request and Post your Services and Get Funds.

10. Video Editing:

Do you want to build your own Video editing app but not sure how to start? BR Softech has a solution for you. You just get ready to start earning money using your editing skills.

We will provide you a pretty powerful video editor application which will not stamp a watermark or place a time limit on your clip. In-fact you can use your editing skills quite efficiently. Not only that you will be able to edit your capture videos with our video editing app. This app works on Android, iPhone and web app.

11. Bidding Portal as a freelancer:

Freelance usually sounds like a great business opportunity but many do not know how to start. We can help you in starting your own freelance jon by providing an app that helps for finding and posting full time or part time jobs. Our freelance jobs App Solutions are available for Android, iPhone and website. One will simply post his requirement and thus you will select most qualified employee for the job. One can easily and quickly find jobs according to your profile. We also provide web page solutions for searching and sorting jobs.

12. Online Appointment System:

The world has changed and so is the society. Though medical practitioners have failed to keep up with the times but now they are ready to come up or join innovative and newer ways of reaching out to patients directly.

We have launched a solution to help patients in getting appointment without going personally to the doctor. Basically physical presence is not must but what is required is the virtual presence. So welcome to online clinic app where you can find various doctor and clinic according to your decision. You will have conversion with doctor through audio and video calling. We provide Readymade Solutions for Android, iPhone and Website It is similar to ZocDoc.

online appointment system business ideas

13. Chatting App:

Chat business is a big help for people who are looking for some kind of instant information. Also, this is a big source of earning good amount of money. BR Softech has come up with a solution which is similar to whatsapp and viber for Android and iOS. It has various features like online appointment scheduling clone web page with various other essentials. You can find and do unlimited chat with friends. It is faster solution with easy to use features. Easily send your images, audio and video call and chatting to anyone.

chat app ideas

14. Video Uploading System:

There is plenty of potential to make lot of money by uploading amazing video or video gallery in an effective way. We have a solution for you where in you can upload your images, audio and video for Android or iphone. Infact we have a multipurpose and responsive readymade video sharing solution for every device including Web App. This solution helps in sharing your video, audio and images according to your choice.

15. Photo Sharing Solution:

You have money but launching a photography business is always a tough decision and doing things right is always tough. We have an idea for you. We will give you a photography business solution in a digital manner.You will able to customize your thought using this readymade solution on Android, iPhone and Web app. This business idea or a business technique is similar to Instagram. You can share your edited photos with your friends. This solution will give you a simple and easy way to edit or share your pictures. Make your picture beautiful, attractive and share using this solution. You can play with many effects on images.

16. Job Portal for Job Seeker:

Do you think starting a recruitment business is tough? We think that a recruitment business is to consult. Nothing more nothing less. It’s that simple. And it can be make more simpler if you are having our job solution for having tie up with job seekers and job consultants.

Firstly, our business solution is similar to a job portal. It is a readymade job solution for searching and applying for banking, railway, IT sector, public and private sector jobs. This readymade job solution is for all devices like Android, iphone and web app.

17. Loyalty Reward Program:

Starting a loyalty reward program requires regular communication with your members. Loyalty business program is great way of showing customers that they are valued. It can make your marketing efforts successful. We bring to you a loyalty reward program solution which will be very helpful to you specially if you have an showroom or shop of some products or let us say you are having a restaurant. You can search and visit your nearest restaurant via this solution and select order and collect reward points every time you visit. Eat food and get points for rewards you actually want.

loyalty reward program ideas

18. Chat Bot Solution:

Run and grow your bot. BR Softech has come up with Chat Bot solution that allows automatic response by machine learning. Ask question and get quick answers with our chat bot apps solution. It is a readymade apps solution for user and admin. It works on Android, iPhone and web chat thus helps you to chat in easy and safer way. One can easily manage your chat and chat related queries.

19. Game World:

Pokemon game is a great way to get involved with your friends or community by hosting fun. It is very simple to install and play the pokemon game through BR Softech solution. We have readymade solutions for world famous Pokemon go game. It is a online game solution for PC, Android and iPhone. It allows you to play in a highly secured way.

pokemon go game image

20. Matrimonial Business:

Are you looking forward to start your own matrimonial website ? But probably don’t know how to go about it? So, here you go with the complete solution similar to We have a readymade matrimonial solutions for Android, iPhone and Web app. It is a great solution which is user friendly and manage everything with multi vendor facility.

21. Social Networking:

Check out our solution if you are interested in starting a social networking site and app for business? It give you the right way you need. Our social networking web and app solution is similar to facebook. Connect with friends, chatting, audio and video call, photo and file sharing and others. This social networking solution is available for Android, iphone and website.

22. Shipping Services:

How quickly you can start a profitable shipping business similar to FedEx. What can be the foremost requirement? The foremost requirement is of a shipping solution which can take care of sending and receiving of daily consignment. Our shipping solution manage the consignment details and report on one click just like FedEx. You can find best trading arrangement with this shipping solution. It can easily track and manage goods on Android, iphone and web applications. It can very well handle largest and smallest consignment details.

Looking on how to start a small business but don’t have much money? Our low cost startup ideas will help you find a business to fit your budget.

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23. Hardware Intelligence:

To start a business related to Hardware intelligence, first you need to understand the priorities and have to identify the right data sets to work on. We have a solution that make your life more productive and easier . This solution can connect hardware device with your mobile thus making things uncomplicated. This is a readymade solution for various hardware devices. It can easily work on Android, iPhone apps. Therefore, it can easily arrange data into mobile and device. One can check the status and compare status daily wise.

24. Advertisement Business:

You can learn how to grow your business using Admob tools designed to help you. It help you in making strategic decisions from the beginning. We have launched a Ad-mob solution for Android, ios and website. Admob is a place where you can promote things. It can advertise your brand, products and services. It is ready-made app solution for digital advertising. In-fact it is an advance technology for online advertising of your service and product. You need to simply log in and place Ads. This app solution is similar to Google ad-sense.

25. Point of Sale Solution:

This particular service is in high demand specially when it comes to small business owners who do not want to waste much time and efforts manually. You can find from us a best Point of Sale solution. It will provide you an easiest way to manage your retail business. We provide Point of Sale readymade app solution for your retail business. It can used for managing your store and staff management and store products and stock. It is a trusted, powerful and manageable readymade app for any business.

point of sale business plan and ideas

26. Stock Management System:

Stock management is not something that gets most. Or let me put in simple words it is not that easy. But we have a stock management solution which can make things simpler and can manage your stock. Stock management is an important part of retail business. You can organize your inventory, order and sales through this business idea or solution. We have brought a readymade stock management app solution which is accessible on Android, iphone and web app. So you can handle your business sales and stock details on your mobile device. It’s most important advantages are:

a) It is secure and easily manage

b) Flexible employee management

c) Quickly get product details.

27. Internet of thing (IOT)

The Internet of things is up to us. Today every one has devices and devices have become much more inter connected. Due to this fact consumers and businesses have access to usable information wherever they need. We have come up with a business solution that can change your think. You connect devices with internet connectivity and thus have a user friendly device and internet solution for any work.

iot business ideas

28. Payment Gateway System:

I think in today’s world where technology is advancing at a faster rate, one should have its payment gateway. And we have a business idea or solution that fulfill your objective in a secured way. We have launched a payment gateway similar to paypal. You can send money to anybody, anywhere easily and with high security. In-fact you can make payment anywhere in the world. You just to need to buy class mobile and our web app. We have best readymade solution for making payment to any place online. It runs smoothly on all operating systems and devices like Android and website.

29. Room Booking System:

Do you want to start and run the online hotel booking business. If yes then we have a solution which help the customer to view the facilities online before booking. Our hotel and room booking solution is similar to Oyoroom, which can assist you in searching and booking hotel room anytime and anywhere throught the application. It provides you the facility to compare and book room. It is a readymade hotel app solution for online hotel booking. You can use this application on Android, iphone and website.

hotel booking business ideas

30. Live Streaming Solution:

Are you planning to start live streaming app business? But no idea how to go about it. Then come to us because we have IPTV app solution similar to hotstar. You can enjoy live streaming as it is a simple, useful and effective readymade apps solution for IPTV (Android, iOS) or a mobile device. You can use on Android, iPhone and Web applications. It advantage is you can watch live everything. In-fact live shows with various features and like and share your views.

31. Kiosk System:

In case you are keen to start a kiosk business then start with taking our solution that manage payment for your business in uncomplicated way. You can find easy and immediate access at any time. A ready-made Kiosk app solution is available for your business which works on i-Phone, android and web application. It is a faster way to put input and get your output. And at the same time make your business payment in secure way.

32. Laundry Business:

In case if you want to start any business, the first question that comes to mind is how to start a business? You have money but where to invest. We would like to say this confidently that you can invest with us surely in our laundry app solution. On demand clean clothes and manage delivery online. This solution can easily work on Android, ios and website. The benefits of this laundry app solution are easy tracking option, saves time,User friendly, delivery on time, complete satisfaction and of-course book a best laundry.

laundry business plan

33. Team Message App Solution:

Folks in a corporate world who doesn’t need to pass on information regarding projects, sharing ideas, instant messages etc. Therefore, we have come up with a business solution related to messaging app similar to slack. It is a messaging app for team members. It helps in reducing the long communication channels. Thus, the company works finishes on time. It is a ready made team meassaging app with social media integration. It works on Android, iPhone and web applications.

34. Grocery Business:

Are you planning to start an grocery store that works digitally and thus online. You must have various question like where can i buy the products? What type of products can i sell? How can i promote my business? All these questions has only one answer. That is Grocery app solution from BR Softech. It connects user and stores. It is a solution to buy anytime and anywhere. It is a readymade app solution for grocery items. It works on Android, iPhone and website. It’s advantages are that it manage multi vendor. It saves your effort money and time. Check receipt and make secure payment.

grocery business ideas

35. iBeacon App Solution:

This is a great idea for those who are very keen to invest in restaurant business or exclusive showroom etc. Our business solution related to iBeacon help supermarkets to grow. It makes business profitable and promote your products and offers in super technical but easy way.

Through our app solution you can find beacons located near you. One can send or receive notifications vie blue-tooth and Wi-Fi and recipients when one comes to place of work. It is the easiest way to find products or services around you. It works on Android, iPhone and web applications.

ibeacon business ideas

36. Voice Conversation:

Do you want someone to respond your voice but in a different tone? Through our voice conversion business solution you can make your voice sound male or female. You can change your voice with many effect modified voice and can have fun. Record your voice, apply effects and share them with your friends. It isa ready to use voice editing app for playing your voice.

37. Team Management Software:

Do you want the team managers and other employees to organize work and other projects. But do not know how to go about it. Yes but no worries. We have come up with a business solution pertaining to team software which will manage your work. It will check and update work of your employees. So you can keep yourself updated with your employees work. It will work on leave management, salary management, leave rule management, company information update and report management. It will also do project management and last but not the least employee registration.

38. Plumbing business:

Plumbing business offers you to take care of small repairs as well as it offers big business for major projects like hospital construction, city pipelines and housing developments. One of the study has predicted that plumbing sector or business will grow by 16% between 2008 and 2018 which is actually faster than the average for job growth in other occupations.

39. Event Management

In case you are thinking to start an event management enterprise then the most important thing that you require is solid social networking. Your success will not only depend on experience and knowledge but also on your contacts, marketing and negotiating skills. In this business it is very important to manage time and prioritize your work.

40. Mobile Auto Workshop:

There are ‘n’ number of vehicles that do to and fro movements on the roads every day and many gets break up right on road. A mobile workshop that reaches on spot just on a single call and just in time is surely a valuable yet profitable business idea.

Wrapping Up:

I believe you will go through the long list of ideas carefully. It will give you many options and will also guide you how to go about the investments. I think your many business opening question will be answered by these business idea or solutions. So, be brave and go with any of these business ideas. If you want to see all these solution Visit :

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