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Top 30+ Texting Games to Play Over Text

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Jul 17, 2023
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Texting Games

Texting can be a fun pastime and entertaining venture. However, did you know that there are various games that you can play over text with your loved ones? Today, there are various fun games to play over text. These games are very common and an exciting way to spice up the conversation. 

According to statistics, over 2.52 billion people use testing apps on their smartphones. In the 21st century, the ever-growing stress levels have given rise to various forms of entertainment and pastime. That’s where these texting games come in. Whether you want a nice stress buster, a dose of nostalgia, a fun texting game, or cute emoji games, here are 30 of the best texting games to play with your loved ones in your free time. If you want to launch your own gaming app you can hire a game development company.

But first, let’s know what texting games actually are. 

What are Texting Games?

Today, fun games are not limited to computers and mobile apps. There are various fun and nostalgic games played over text. These games are generally called texting games. Text games like these are played with another person over a messaging app to spice up the conversation. It is one of the best forms of pastime and stress buster in modern times. 

These games don’t require users to download a dedicated application. All you need is a text messaging app like Whatsapp or Instagram and you can experience hours of fun. You might be interested to know how to make android mobile game.

List of Top Texting Games to Play Over Text

Here is the list of the best texting games to play over text that will help you to experience hours of fun and excitement. 

20 Questions Texting Game

It is a fun texting game that challenges your guessing skills. To play this game, one person has to pick something from their imagination; be it an object, location, or another person. The other has to try and guess the object you imagined by asking 20 questions or less. All the questions in this text game have to be ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions. 

Emoji Translation

An ideal emoji texting game for people who use an emoji keyboard. The game was very popular in the Whatsapp era. The rules of the game are very straightforward, you send an emoji or series of emojis and the other person has to interpret what the emojis mean. You may do it with songs, movies, celebrities, or anything that comes to mind. 

Kiss, Marry, Kill

It is one of the best flirty texting games that was very popular in the 2000s. The rules are simple. You have to choose three people( anyone from friends, acquaintances to celebrities). The other person has to choose which one to kiss, which to marry, and which to Kill. Here is an ultimate guide on real money games india.


One of the best features of this text game is that it can be played anywhere. Start by picking any category that you and your friend are familiar with. Ask various questions from that category. Each question offers you a point and the first to 10 points wins the game. 

Friendship Tag

This is a fun game to play over text and find out how your friends and family know you. Simply ask questions about yourself and your relationship together to determine how well your loved ones know you. 

Would You Rather? 

If you are looking for a fun texting game to play, you can try Would You Rather? It is also known as “either-or” and “this or that”. The game provides you with two difficult choices and you have to pick one. 

Most Likely To

This texting game for adults is best played in a group chat. The game starts when a person asks a most likely question. If you’re playing in a group chat, everyone will mention a person from that chat who fits the description accurately. If only two people are playing, they both will do the same. You can learn more about best offline iphone games 2024.

Unpopular Opinions

In this texting game, you will reveal a controversial opinion about any topic and others will contribute to that opinion. You can pick various topics like movies, celebrities, restaurants, political opinions, etc. 

Never Have I Ever

This is an amazing texting game to get to know someone. It is best played on video calls with a group of people. It is typically played with drinks. A person starts by saying any activity that they have never done before and the people who have done that deed before will take a sip from their drink. The rules are as follows- 

  • A deed beginning with “Never Have I Ever” is revealed
  • If you have done the deed, take a sip of your drink
  • Everyone must answer truthfully

Guess the Riddle!

As the name suggests, this text game is played by asking riddles. The rules are straightforward. Ask your friend a riddle and they have to guess it within a pre-determined number of tries. Don’t use complex riddles as they are hard to get and can become boring. 

Name Game

Popularly known as ATLAS and played with names of places. However, it can be done with any category. Choose any topic and the first person will say a word from the chosen category. The second person will say another name that starts with the last letter of the first person’s word. Here you can find a list of the best game development tools.

Word Unscramble

If you are looking for games to play over text like Scrabble, you’re in luck. The game starts when the first person chooses a word. Now, the second person has to make another word from the letters of the first one. These type of text games really challenges your mental capacity and problem-solving skills. 

Questions Only

One of the most fun games to play over text and spend time with your friends. The only rule in this game is to ask questions. When asked a question, you can only respond with another question. You cannot repeat a previous question and the player who takes too long gets eliminated. 

Finish My Sentence

In this game, a person says a sentence and the other people have to finish that sentence. You can make it humorous, informational, dirty, or anything you like.

Gun to Your Head

This is a fun text messaging game. Here, you can ask your friends what they might do if someone pointed a gun at their heads. The rules state that you have to answer the question and can’t do anything else. For example- Gun to your head, which of your friend will you kill?

Story Time

In this texting game, you and your friends will create a story- one sentence at a time. One person will start with a single sentence and the other person will pitch in another sentence. This text game can go on for a long time and is a fun way to pass the time with your friends.  Here you can check my other guide on the best merge cube games.

Take a Trip

This texting game starts when one person writes “I am going to______ and I am bringing____.” Other players have to finish this sentence by filling in the missing gaps. Players have to start with the letter A and work all the way through Z. 


Start this text game by choosing a category. Players will provide an abbreviation or acronym related to that category. Others have to guess what that means. The person with the most points wins the game. 

What Would You Do?

This is a fun game to play over text and challenges your creative capacity. Come up with a hypothetical situation and pose it to others. Ask them what would they do in that particular situation and how they would adapt to it. 

Fantasy Team

You must have thought about who will be on your squad if a zombie apocalypse breaks out. This fun texting game is exactly like that. In this game, you and your friend will choose a team to tackle various scenarios. Start by choosing various chores or situations and then select who will be the best option for that particular task. The one with the best team wins the game. 

Name That Tune

This is a musical game to play over text with straightforward rules. You simply text a song lyric to your friends and whoever guesses it correctly, wins. If none of them are unable to guess, you can send additional hints until someone guesses it or admits defeat.  You can read a guide on creating a Game Apps like Ludo King.

Tell The Truth

This is a Truth and Dare game without the Dare. Set a punishment beforehand(it can be anything from posting an embarrassing picture to sending an embarrassing text). This text game starts with a person asking a personal question. If that person fails or refuses to answer truthfully, they receive the punishment. If you are playing over Snapchat or Video Calls, you can also include dares.

Guess the Movie

As the name suggests, this texting game requires players to guess the movie from an image or dialogue. This game can be played over text in two methods- 

  • Share a GIF or image of a movie. The other players have to guess the movie title with the image as a reference. 
  • The second method is to share a dialogue of a movie and the other players will guess the movie. The player who scores 20 points first wins the game. 

Make It Rhyme

This texting game starts with a person sharing a word or a phrase. The other person must respond with a word or sentence that rhymes with the original text. Players go back and forth until one of them gives up and loses. 

Text Strip Trivia

This game to play over text can also be referred to as “Trivia with a Twist”. It is very similar to Trivia with one major modification. Each player answers questions, but with every wrong answer, they remove a piece of clothing. It is a fun texting game for couples that is best played over Snapchat or FaceTime. 

Where’s Your Location?

This texting game starts with examining your surrounding and explaining vague details about it to the other person. The other person has to guess your location based on the information at their disposal. This game is like ISpy except you are describing a location instead of an object. 

The Laughing Game

This texting game is the ultimate laughter therapy. Firstly, set a few pre-determined words that will be used as answers(like sauce, roof, Benjamin Franklin, etc.) Make them as vague as possible. Next, ask questions to each person and they can only answer with the words that have been chosen. 

Lightning Fast

One of the best games to play on text that also provides insight into the other person’s psyche. You will share a word with your friends and they must reply with the first thing that pops up in their mind when they see that word. 


You can play Hangman even without the little stick dude dangling above. In this text-based classic game, you send a series of underscores representing the number of letters in the word you have chosen. Your friend will reply with the letter they think might be in the word. If their guess is correct, send the underscores again after filling in their correct reply. If they are wrong, you will reply with the number of remaining guesses. 

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Also called the Six Degrees of Separation, this texting game is a trivia for movie buffs. Players choose a random actor or actress and connect them with movies starring Kevin Bacon. The objective is to find the shortest path to Kevin Bacon. It is based on the premise that anyone working in Hollywood has a link to Kevin Bacon in six steps. Here you can find a list of the best mobile games ideas.

How to Play Texting Games Online?

One of the best things about texting games is players don’t require to download any third-party applications to play games with their friends and families. Text-based games offer hours of fun and can be played on any text-messaging app like Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. However, there are various rules that must be followed to ensure fun and excitement in the game- 

  • Don’t give wrong answers
  • Set a quiz
  • Choose punishments appropriately
  • Play responsibly with your friends and family. 
  • Keep the game limited to smartphones
  • Base the game on a particular situation

Final Words

Games to Play Over Text are an amazing pastime and the perfect time to spend with your friends and family. Some of these games are also suitable for long-distance couples. No matter the reason, these games will keep you entertained and engaged for hours at end. Use these games properly and spice up your social life with engaging texts. 

If you are looking for a Mobile Game Development Company to create a text-based gaming app, you can contact BR Softech. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. What are some good couple texting games?

Ans. Couples living in long-distance relationships can spice up their romantic life with games like Strip Trivia, Finish the Sentence, Confession Game, Kiss-Marry-Kill, etc.

Q. What are the best games to play during texting?

Ans. Some of the best games to play during texting include Trivia, Would You Rather?, Never Have I Ever, Fantasy Team, etc. 

Q. How do I play Flirty games over Text?

Ans. When playing flirty games over text, make sure to consider the following factors- 

Make the First Move
Be Approachable
Send a Captivating Text Message
Don’t dawdle and waste time
Give the right answers

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