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Benefits of Unity Real-Time Development Platform

Game Development
Jan 24, 2023
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Benefits of Unity Real Time Development Platform

The gaming industry has been constantly evolving. There was a time when simple 2D platformer games were the epitome of gaming. However, with the introduction of several game engines like Unity real time development platform, creating high-quality and immersive games has never been easier for developers. New and budding developers are often confused about which game engine to choose as there are a plethora of options available with each having its own specialization. 

However, the Unity game engine is one of the most popular game engines that is used by Indie as well as AAA developers. The versatility of Unity real time software allows developers to create 2D and 3D games that are compatible across different platforms. The game engine features many resources like IDE, instant assets, free tutorials, and a vast online community. 

These features are one of the reasons why Unity is the go-to choice of game developers to create exceptional game narratives and designs. 

Are you also looking for a suitable game engine for your mobile app development? In this blog, we will highlight the various benefits and features of the Unity real-time development platform and showcase why it is one of the best engines for game developers out there. 

Introduction to Unity Real-time Development Platform

Unity real-time 3D development platform is used to create all types of 2D and 3D game applications. It primarily works on the C# and .Net programming languages. Unity features a complex design that is not suitable for amateur developers. However, if you are a seasoned game developer, you will have no problem using Unity. 

Moreover, Unity real-time development platform also features AR/VR development tools alongside 2D and 3D game development. Using Unity’s real-time development platform, developers can create high-end applications and deploy them across 25+ platforms including Mobile, PC, Console, and Web. 

The popular game engine was launched by Unity Technologies in August 2004. The Unity real-time 3D platform comes in two versions- a free version and a pro version that offers additional features and functionalities. However, one of the best benefits of Unity development software is the ability to code game commands which allows developers to create interactive cross-platform content without changing the code. 

Let’s take a look at some statistics that highlight the popularity of Unity-

  • In 2020, the revenue generated by Unity amounted to $772.4 million, displaying a 43% increase from the previous year. 
  • Top 34% of games in the PlayStore and AppStore were created using Unity real-time 3D development platform. 
  • Apps created using Unity register 5 billion downloads every month.
  • There are 2.8 billion active users of content created or operated by Unity Solutions. 
  • Unity is the choice of over 61% of game developers. 

Features of Unity Real-Time 3D Development Platform

Unity real-time development platform provides a robust game development ecosystem with intuitive tools, a powerful rendering engine, free & paid assets, etc. The Unity real-time 3D development platform is the preferred choice of developers across the globe. Let’s take a look at the feature which allows Unity to deliver high-end and immersive games. 

Unity Real-Time 3D Development Platform

1. User-friendly UI

When compared with other high-end game engines, using Unity is a cakewalk. It features a simplistic UI that won’t be difficult to navigate if you are a game developer. The developers at Unity Technologies have created a game engine that allows people to quickly learn and adapt to the game engine without any hassle. Unity features a simple learning curve and access to resources in multiple languages so people globally can enjoy a user-friendly experience. 

2. Online Tutorials

Unity developers have provided many online tutorials and training videos that allow amateur developers to get used to the game engine‘s ecosystem and create easy and small games using Unity. 

3. Multiplayer Gaming

Unity is generally used to develop high-end AAA titles. Some of the most popular multiplayer games of this era are built using Unity. The plethora of features makes the development process fun and simple and allows Unity game developers to create engaging content for online gamers. 

4. High-end Graphics

Unity offers highly customizable top-notch rendering technology along with tools that aid the development of aesthetically pleasing graphics-oriented games. Developers can create seamless natural motions of objects with the help of Visual Studio. 

5. Develop Games Without Coding

One of the best features of Unity is that it is a boon for beginner developers. Although the game engine uses C# JavaScript, and BOO programming languages that are not suitable for beginners, the availability of tutorials and videos can allow amateur developers to build a game without writing a single line of code. 

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Benefits of Unity Real-Time 3D Platform

You must be wondering why Unity is so popular in the gaming space. Let’s break down the benefits of using Unity real-time 3D platform in game development

1. Versatile Game Engine

While there are flaws in every game engine, you can’t find another game engine that has the same capabilities as Unity. Want to develop an AAA game? Unity can do it. Want to develop a 2D game? Unity is the answer. If you are looking for a versatile game engine that performs well all across the spectrum, Unity is the best choice for you. Moreover, the set of tools like input systems, Visual Studio, animation systems, and more allow developers to start a new project in no time at all. 

2. Massive and Active Gaming Community

One of the best benefits of using Unity is that it offers uninterrupted assistance from a team of developers. Unity real-time software has a user base of over 2.5 million developers who work together tirelessly to fix issues as soon as they arise. 

3. Access to Free and Premium Versions

The Unity real-time 3D platform is available in two versions- the free and the pro version which comes with additional features. If you are a beginner developer, you can opt for the free version. However, if you are a seasoned developer, the pro version provides a ton of features like playback, 3D composition booster, and a sound channel that make game development a lot easier. 

4. Cross-Platform Development

Developing a game for multiple platforms is a herculean task. Moreover, the number of platforms makes it increasingly difficult to develop a cross-platform application that works efficiently on every architecture. Android, iOS, Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation are some popular gaming platforms. Every platform features a different architecture running on different hardware. 

However, with Unity, developers can now create cross-platform applications with ease. Simply input the relevant platform module, ensure your game is compatible with the hardware and you are good to go. Developing cross-platform games has never been easier. 

5. In-built Asset Store

One of the most mundane and time-taking processes of game development is asset creation. Tweaking animations, creating 3D models, and adding textures are arduous tasks that require a lot of time and patience. However, Unity’s real-time development platform features an in-built asset store that offers game developers a wide range of textures, 3D models, sound, animations, scripting language, and object modeling to be used in game development. 

6. Additional Unity Services

In addition to the plethora of features, the Unity real-time 3D platform also provides various services that can assist you besides the development phase. Unity ads and Unity Analytics are services that can help you monetize your game and provide analytics respectively. If you are in need, you can also make use of the Unity Multiplayer and the Cloud Build services. Moreover, you aren’t limited to these services. If you want to use a third-party service, you can easily do so. 

These are some of the most popular games that have been built using Unity Real time Software. Some of these games became immensely popular when they were launched. Let’s take a look. 

Genshin ImpactFantasy(AAA)Windows, PS, Xbox, Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch
Beat SaberVR GameWindows, PS4, and Oculus Quest
Pokemon GOAR GameiOS and Android
Cuphead2D GamemacOS, Windows, PlayStation 4 Nintendo Switch, Xbox One
Ori and the Will of the Wisps2D GameWindows, Switch, Xbox One
Monument Valley 2HyperCasualiOS and Android
Untitled Goose GameHypercasual, PuzzlemacOS, Windows, PS4, Switch, Xbox One
Among UsHypercasualWindows, Switch, PS, Xbox, Android, and iOS
Fall Guys: Ultimate KnockoutHypercasualWindows, Switch, PS, Xbox, Android, and iOS

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Final Words

Unity is the preferred choice of game developers to create interactive and immersive gaming content. One of the best benefits of Unity is that it enables the developer to create anything from a simple 2D game to a complex AAA title. This is the most prominent reason why most developers gravitate towards Unity. The benefits of using Unity real time applications are abundant. If you want to develop a game and are looking for a reliable game engine, look no further than Unity. 

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1 What are some other good engines for real-time mobile app development?

Along with Unity, there are several other engines that can be used for mobile app development. Some of the best engines include Unreal Engine 4, Godot, GameMaker, Cry Engine 3, etc

Q.2 Can I develop a game on Unity real time software without coding?

Yes, you can develop a game on Unity real time software without writing code. Although the game engine natively uses the C#, JavaScript, and Boo programming languages, some games can be developed without writing a single line of code.

Q.3 Can I develop AAA games using Unity real time application?

Yes, you can develop AAA games for mobile as well as PC by using Unity real time application. The popular AAA game Genshin Impact was built using Unity.

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