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Why Pick Unreal Engine for Mobile Game Development in 2024?

Game Development
Nov 13, 2022
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unreal engine for game development

Those who are new to software development should know that Unity and Unreal Engine are two most popular engines currently being used. Despite their origins as tools for game development, both have become much bigger and better platforms. They both are compared for their features and tech support system. Choosing a suitable gaming engine is a very crucial decision that can make or break the entire gaming experience. 

There are different factors that affect the decision of choosing the right game engine, including the type of the game, level of features, available resources, tech stack, etc. Most developers find it difficult to decide which game engine is ideal for mobile game development. In this blog, we have written all the reasons why pick an unreal engine for mobile game development.

Why Choose an Unreal Engine? 

After market research, we found that unreal engine is the best mobile game engine to develop top-notch mobile game applications. In this blog, we have uncovered the facts, helping you make an informed and better decision regarding mobile app development for your next project. Here we have listed reasons why Unreal Engine is suitable for mobile game development: 

  • Most giant game development companies use the unreal engine due to its ability to provide freedom to the developers.
  • It allows developers to modify the engine’s settings to make it work efficiently. 

To understand why Unreal Engine for mobile game development is considered to be the best option, you must first learn how it works. Earlier, the unreal game engine was only compatible with PCs and consoles. However, today, the unreal game engine also added support for mobile game development. Hence, unreal engine mobile game development gained popularity among developers worldwide. Today, mobile game developers of all sizes rely on the Unreal Engine mobile game development to create innovative and feature-rich mobile games. Injustice 2, Fortnite, and Mortal Kombat Mobile are some of the mobile games that have been developed using Unreal Engine. 

Technical Aspects of Unreal Engine Mobile Game Development

Unreal Engine game development is among the best mobile game engines in the world. The toolkit contains various tools for creating 2D and 3D mobile games and AAA console games. This is the ideal platform for creating quality-rich mobile games, thanks to its powerful graphics and user-friendliness. An unreal game engine helps developers to be more innovative and creative. From cinematic experiences and design visualizations to high-quality games across mobile, PC, Console, AR and VR; the unreal game engine provides mobile game developers with a strong foundation to develop top-notch game applications. 

What Makes Unreal Successful in the Game Development Field?

Mobile game development is a time-consuming process, which requires the collaborative efforts of mobile game developers, designers and programmers. However, the most important element that plays a key role Readymadein the process is a mobile game engine. Apart from superior rendering speed, Unreal Game Engine offers outstanding features and realistic graphics. This makes it a highly preferable game engine for indie or enterprise-level game developers trying to develop high-quality games.

The superb graphics, features, and capabilities of the Unreal Engine will surely leave you in awe. This engine is filled with incredible characteristics. Unreal Engine 4 is a next-generation game engine when it comes to graphics, features and functionalities. With advanced particle simulation systems and dynamic lighting, the engine is ideal for mobile game application development, offering a seamless gameplay experience. 

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There are plentiful features that make the unreal engine ideal for mobile game development. Here we have listed some of the major features, including 

Cross-Platform Applications

If you are looking to develop game applications for both Android and iOS platforms, then you must choose the unreal engine for mobile game development, offering you cross-platform game development compatibility. Cross-platform mobile game development is a very challenging task. Still, the Unreal engine makes this process much more seamless with the latest visual scripting tools such as Blueprint. 

Game Porting Capabilities 

Besides having cross-platform compatibility, the unreal game engine allows game porting. In simple words, if you have created a mobile game application with an unreal engine, you can then transfer or port it to another platform, including a PC or console. Unreal Engine mobile game development will help you acquire profit from different platforms. 

Professional Toolset 

The unreal engine consists of a varied range of professional tools that can cater to the needs of technical artists, mobile game developers, game testers, and other experts working on mobile game application creation. 

Professional Documentation

Unreal Engine offers a comprehensive guide to utilising a game engine for mobile game development. With proper guidance, it becomes easier for developers to get started with the engine to work on the workflow of game creation for various platforms. 

Development of 2D/3D Games 

Whether you are planning to create a 2D game or a 3D one; with an unreal engine, you can easily craft assets, characters and environments required for your game development. The engine offers top-notch painting and drawing tools required for modelling, texturing, sculpting, animating or designing flat graphics. 

Free Monthly Subscription 

There are many game engines or software available in the market that charge a large amount of money for monthly or annual subscriptions. However, that’s not the case with Unreal Engine. The game engine is completely free of cost.  The only cost that it will charge is 5% of your game’s revenue exceeding the range of $1 million. 

Developers choose the unreal engine for mobile game development. UE is widely known for its outstanding features and graphics. Many global mobile game developers use UE to develop top-notch mobile games. Moreover, it is being trusted by leading mobile game development veterans such as Electronic Arts, Rockstar Games, BR Softech, Nintendo, etc. 

If you are ready to choose an unreal engine for a mobile game development project, make sure to check out the below-mentioned blog. 

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Reasons Why Unreal Engine is Perfect For Your Mobile Game Development

Real-Time Game Preview 

Earlier the process of game development used to be slow and at times cumbersome. Gone are the days when you had to wait while rendering, building or placing objects with the game engine to see what the game would look like after code and objects were compiled. Unreal Engine made things simpler. With Unreal mobile game development, you can see all the updates and lighting effects in real-time. Besides real-time game preview, UE allows you to quickly spawn an object within the game without saving your game development progress. 

Drag-and-Drop Visual Programming

Programming is an essential part of the unreal engine mobile game development process. Unreal Engine uses a drag-and-drop programming system, also known as blueprint visual scripting. For this, you don’t need to have professional programming knowledge. This means you can create all the assets such as animation, character, and respawns directly from blueprints. 

Access to the Source Code Readymade

This game engine allows users to access source code, helping them create their own objects and have control over the gaming engine. Unreal Engine is known for its open-source code allowing developers worldwide to customize the gaming platform in a seamless manner. 

Easy-to-Use Platform 

Unreal Engine is known for its over-the-top graphics and outstanding photo realism. It is an extremely easy-to-use platform that uses a blueprint as per the requirements of high-end games for low-end devices. Developers use this gaming engine to develop high-end games for mobile. 

Advanced Virtual Reality 

Today, Virtual Reality has become a centre of attraction in both tech and gaming. As we have mentioned earlier, the Unreal engine is known for its ability to create a realistic environment that provides users with a virtual reality experience. Apart from offering visual realism, Unreal Engine offers advanced cinematics, helping game designers and developers explore the new dynamics of game development. 

Affordable Game Engine 

It is affordable to make mobile games with an unreal engine. The cost of unreal engine game development is around $20,000 to $40,000, which is way too affordable compared to other mobile game engines. If you are looking to develop a mobile game at a minimal cost, you must choose Unreal Engine, offering high-quality features, animation and graphics. 

Final Words 

Mobile game developers use the Unreal game engine to develop top-notch mobile game applications for Android, iOS and Windows mobile platforms. It helps you develop smart and interactive games with enhanced support. Developers use the unreal engine for mobile game development to create gaming solutions with engaging gameplay and stunning visuals. 

We hope you might have got an idea about why the unreal engine is an ideal choice for game development. If you are enticed by the idea of developing unreal engine mobile game development, contact us. Our expert team of software developers at BR Softech is always ready to serve you with cost-effective and high-quality unreal game development services.


How much does it cost to develop unreal engine games?

The cost of Unreal engine mobile game development is around $20,000 to $40,000. This cost is not definite and may differ depending on various factors, including the location of the developer, graphics, features, animation, etc.

How to make a mobile game in unreal engine 4?

Unreal Engine 4 allows game developers to handle a wide range of 3D projects. UE4 offers end-to-end solutions for virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality experiences. Unreal Engine 4 allows developers to create games using a visual scripting system, which is also known as the blueprint.

How to make mobile games with unreal engine 5?

Unreal Engine 5 mobile game development introduced Nanite, Lumen and advancements in the data streaming and gaming world. Using unreal engine 5, developers can create detailed and high-end mobile gaming applications, offering uninterrupted and seamless gameplay.

What are the most popular unreal engine games?

When it comes to the unreal engine mobile games list, there are ‘N’ numbers of Unreal engine games in today’s gaming world. The most popular unreal engine games include Bright Memory Alive, B.O.T., Shurado, Overhit, Blade and Soul Revolution, Mortal Kombat, etc.

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