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Unreal Engine Development

How to Get Started with Unreal Engine Game Development?

written by Nidhi Sharma | May 17, 2021
Unreal Engine game Development

Unreal Engine is an enormous collection of game development tools. It was developed by Epic Games and first showcased in the 1998 First Person shooter game Unreal. Unreal Game Development has the capability of producing everything from 2D mobile games to AAA console titles. 

Unreal Engine helps you develop an appealing game app in 2D & 3D with a better visualization.  BR Softech is a leading Unreal Game Development Company. We help you develop an incredible game with exceptional gaming tools and easy to use interface. It helps the beginners get started following certain points while navigating the whole development plan and crafting your first game object.

Without further ado, let’s get started with unreal engine game development.

Install Unreal Engine

Geme development process starts from installing the Unreal Engine using Epic Game Launcher. For this, all you have to do is;

  • Visit the Unreal Engine Website 
  • Click on the Get Unreal Button at the top-right corner. 
  • Sign up to download the launcher

Once you create the account following window will open 

Unreal Engine Game Development
Image source raywenderlich
  • Log in with your credentials 
  • Click Install engine 
  • Choose the required components
  • Select the platform from a given list (iOS, Android, HTML5, Linux, TVOS)

As soon as the installation gets completed, the engine will appear in your library and you can start developing the game. 

Develop Blueprint

Once you have successfully installed the Epic Game Launcher, you can simply create the blueprint of your game. By just clicking on the new project as shown in the picture. 

Unreal Engine Game
Image source raywenderlich

Here you can use one of the templates and can fabricate the blueprint of the gaming app. It is one of the most vital parts of the complete process. Your game idea is the foundation of the successful game. One must prepare a solid foundation that can help you build an engaging game while helping you achieve greater success.

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Unreal Engine Interface

The unreal engine offers multiple panels which can help you start your game development process with ease. 

1. Content Browser: – Content browser holds all the project files. By using this option you can create new folders and organize your files. It provides with smart search option by using more filters.  

2. Modes: – Get access to all the tools using this option. It consists of Landscape tool, Foliage tool, and Place tool as the default tool. These tools enable you to place multiple objects in your game like the light camera and many more. 

3. World Outliner: – It gives you immediate access to objects at the current level. It enables users to search and filter all the information by selecting the type while allowing them to put all the related items in the folder. 

4. Details: – Using this panel you can check the properties of any object. It displays all the information related to the object. This panel gives you access to edit the setting of the object. 

5. Toolbar:-  Toolbar panel contains a variety of different functions. You can get access to all the option by clicking on this. The most useful function in this option is play. 

Import Assets

Import the required assets to download the game. The unreal engine gives you the option to download this model of a banana. Model of banana consists of two files Banana_Model.Fbx and Banana_Texture.jpg. You can use any of these models to develop an outstanding game. It gives you the flexibility to create your own material.  

Unreal models are known as meshes, once you have mesh for your banana, you can add it into levels. The unreal engine allows you to develop an advance game without writing a single line of code. 

Add Components 

In unreal engine add components to Actors. Adding components can be accessed and modified inside a blueprint. Once you have added the Actor, choose the components to add. You will find a long list of components like;

  • Audio
  • Skeletal Mesh
  • Static Mesh
  • Pawn Sensing
  • AI Perception 
  • Pawn Noise Emitter
  • Camera
  • Spring Arm
  • Directional Lights 
  • Point light 
  • Skylight
  • Spot Light

Add components window allows you to add components in the blueprint. Each of these components can be placed inside the graph and access through blueprint script. 

Design Visuals and Add Audio

Make your game appealing and audio engaging for users. Add animation assets in the game, create interactive design, and use skeletal mesh.  Create an animation blueprint which is similar to the regular blueprint offering multiple options. In the unreal engine, animation blueprint editor comes with 4 extra panels. 

Design Visuals and Add Audio

  • Animation Graph: – A graph completely dedicated to animation for you to play your animation. 
  • Preview Scene Settings: – It simply allows you to tweak the preview scene in the view port. 
  • Animation Preview Editor: – Get the preview of effects that variables you have created will show in the final animation. 
  • Asset Browser: – Here you can get direct access to the list of animation that can be implemented in the current skeleton 


Select Platform 

Select the platform wisely while developing the game. With new technologies coming like Augmented reality, Virtual Reality gaming industry is grabbing the attention of everyone and offering ultimate gaming experience. Mobile game development has become so easy with the unreal game engine. It offers; Android Game Development, iOS  Game Development, Games for PlayStation, Desktop, Xbox and a lot more. You can choose the one as per your target audience. 


The unreal engine is a complete suite of advanced game development tools made by game developers. It offers lucrative features, exceptional services, and outstanding performance while providing you with the opportunity to develop an unusual game. It can help you accelerate your game development with sample games like scenes, Blueprint logic, and even c++ code.  

Unreal engine is continuously offering greater efficiency, stability, and projection of game development in multiple fields. It helps you develop smart games with improved support. It gives wings to your imagination while helping developers creating amazing effects and engaging gameplay. Unreal Engine is one of the ultimate game engine providing users with transforming gaming experience. The unreal game engine is the next evolution in the gaming industry extending global gaming experience. 

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