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WhatsApp Clone Script: WhatsApp Alternative in China

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Sep 11, 2018
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WhatsApp Clone Script: WhatsApp Alternative in China

In the trending technology age, we are facing the most amazing applications which are similar to many social applications. But here we are talking about the WhatsApp application which is the most demanded and downloaded the application in the global market, but some countries do not allow this application for any social and business purpose, One of them is China. So, if you are looking for the business and social app clone scripting application which is similar to WhatsApp application, So You can follow or use these applications in your regular and business life.

Top Demanded Social App Similar to WhatsApp

You can download and install these type of application. Also, you can follow these application for your business purpose.

1. WeChat


If we are talking defining this application work and features process than it can become on the top level because of advanced technology and impressive feature which cannot provide WhatsApp. The WeChat application is the most popular, useful and app development platform. You can use this application with the help of the app store and google play store. The working process of this application is similar to other application where the user can easily register the contact information and name to use this application, after that the confirmation code allows the app using the process for social or business purpose.

2. RenRen


It is the one of social media app channel platform in the china that impresses the user with amazing features. Here we are talking about the Facebook version in the Chinese language which is known as the It was invented in 2005 and becoming more popular in China. The website interface of this application is similar to Facebook where the user can really feel about the same as Facebook.

3. Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo

It is known as the twitter in China, which was released in 2009. It is also known as the Weibo application which is micro comment posting platform. It is the most popular in China country where everyone aware of this application which is similar to China and twitter. On this platform user can simply upload the videos, images, song link and many more. Also, they can comment on likes, shares, and post about celebrities, friends, and others.

4. Tencent QQ

Tencent QQ

It is the most amazing and fantastic instant messaging application. In another language, we can say it is the most demanding messaging application which is developed by Tencent and popular in China. It is similar to WeChat and WhatsApp application platform. On this application platform, you can see and get the multiple services like group chat, voice chat, video chat, shopping, music, games, and microblogging.

The Tencent QQ provide the desktop version to increase the popularity for the professional business worker that is known as a white collar worker. The most impressing feature of this application is this that, it does not require the phone number registered to use the app you can simply register any authorized ID to use this platform.

5. Momo


It is a dating app which provides the services similar to Tinder Application. It is the world third largest mobile application that is provided an online dating app service. It has come on the market after We Chat and QQ application. Also, the Development process in China can build this service for Cat and dog. With this application users, can easily improve the meeting way of user connection. Also the advertising companies use this platform to target the location based service to where they can provide the service in front of the user.

6. Kakaotalk Messenger

Kakaotalk Messenger

It is the mobile number registered based mobile app service where you can use this application by mobile number registration. When you registered your mobile number on this platform you can receive the four or six-digits based unique code that is known as a two factor authorized service similar to WhatsApp services. It gives you audio, document, calendar, notes, image sharing option along with the Kakaotalk call service.

7. Meipai


It is a Chinese Instagram which is known as the video messaging app in China that allows the service similar to Instagram. The user can download this application and register the detail with the help of email or phone number. It provides the 1-minute video streaming along with you can follow the people and see the post and comment on it. Also, you can update your image, thoughts, video and live video feature with the help of this application.


We are seeing the application growing craze in this century where everyone is going on socially and business app channel platform, we give you assurity that these applications give you the advance features of the app experience. You can follow these applications for your enjoyment, business purpose. It gives the similar application interface of WhatsApp where you can get all the features of it. We are expert to develop this type of application which gives the amazing interface according to WhatsApp. You can hire our social app developers which have the expertise to develop the social and web application.


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