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Why Do You Need A Payment Gateway for An Online Marketplace?

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Aug 06, 2020
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To run an e-commerce business site, you can’t manage it without a proper payment gateway. This payment gateway function can be described as a medium between the payment processor and e-commerce sites. The Payment Gateway Script is needed to make secure and safe payment authorization for the e-commerce site. 

What is the Payment Gateway in e-Commerce?

It is known as a service to empower the transactions of credit cards by the credit card provider. A payment gateway is a straightforward programming application to central a channel between the bank and e-commerce site that supports credit card payment of client by payment gateway providers. 

Ultimately, a payment procedure is the last step of the online sales procedure on the e-commerce site. Without adding it, you can’t charge to your clients for the goods they are purchasing from the website.  

Importance of the Role of a Payment Gateway?

This Payment Gateway Script is used for taking care of all the online credit cards. It can be called a comparable process as a point of service (POS) device does, at the time of paying for your petrol. Despite this, the primary role of the payment gateway is supporting the transaction between the site and its clients. 

Always consider that without the approval of the payment gateway, the transaction process will not complete, and you will not get paid for the product as a payment processor is significant for dissecting and moving the transaction data. These payment gateways sustain the fund transaction among merchants and purchases.    

When clients visit the e-commerce store, they are in search of a good deal and good products and services with a safe and simple payment process. And, a payment gateway that you have decided for e-commerce site must convey trust in the customers to make the purchase.       

Safe payment processing with the Payment Gateway Script motivates the transaction of customer data, online payments, and other unsecured data to make sure against extortion and other security problems. 

Amazing Functions of Payment Gateway

Payment gateways show the orders, including different valuable tools. This screening process will channel the fraud limit. There is a lot of gateway fraud detection tools that incorporate-

  • AVS checks
  • Confirm the delivery address
  • Computer fingerprint innovation
  • Identity morphing analyzation 
  • Velocity pattern identification 
  • Geolocation

How does Payment Gateway Work?

On the off chance that a client puts in a request from an e-commerce store, online payment gateway has a few undertakings to confirm the transaction-


The web browser will hike the data that is to be sent through it and web server of the seller. And, at this point, the payment gateway will send the transaction data to the payment processor that is used by acquiring bank of the merchant.   

Request Authorization

The Payment Gateway Script’s processor will send the transaction data automatically to the bank, by which card is related. Giving bank or credit card will see the authorization request that can process or delay the payment. 

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Order Fulfilment 

After that, the processor will redirect the relating to merchant and client to the payment gateway. When the process reaches this point, it will impart it to the interface or the site to procedure the payment. 

It will be done by combining all the lengthy and complicated processes; however, it takes a couple of moments, usually as the most extreme. Then, the merchant will handle all the orders. 

What is the Need of Payment Gateways for e-Commerce Site? –

Nowadays, payment gateways system can be seen as the digital equivalent of processors of the credit card to discover in digital stores. This thing makes the payment gateways essential for the online retail environment. If you see to various platforms of this kind, at the time of picking a payment gateway, it is important to focus on whether it makes sure straight forward and continuous transactions related to strategies and quality principles. It ties down sensitive data to fight with the payment processing fraud.

Here are some reasons that specify the need for payment gateways for the online marketplace-

  • Payment Gateway Script is used to approve the transaction between the client and the seller. If by any chance, you have an e-Commerce site that infers you are making online payments, then you must have payment gateways.
  • It is the best way to recognize the credit card’s verification through the internet. Transaction done over a payment gateway can be described as ‘card-not-present’ transactions. Merchants can only see the information of credit card that is entered by the client.
  • It can help you to limit the risks of frauds. Payment services are well-equipped for the transactions for business purpose. And, these payment gateways have appropriate compliance insurances and policies to hold the money.
  • It is essential to become aware that you can still be classified as an agent of limited payment collection. Also, be aware of the obligations and steps you would take.
  • Through the Payment Gateway Script, you can make the marketplace to run easier as it offers an identification verification function. Hence, it enhances trust and confidence of users in merchants they are transacting with. 
  • Privacy policies are strict, and it makes more sense to keep it all with only one provider accordingly. 

Setting Up the Right Payment Gateway


If you are running on an online marketplace or e-commerce business, then a payment gateway or a merchant account will be needed. It is significant to accept credit cards online. For this, you have to set up the business lawfully and after that, opt for installation of payment gateway that includes EIN and tax ID number. These things will be needed at the time of registration. 

To open an account, you have to create it and buy a domain to have a working site online. At this time, you should select a third-party processor to begin accepting the online payments. Generally, a payment processor is known as a third-party organization that manages all the payment transactions. Likewise, a payment processor gives credit card machines to recognize the payments of credit card face to face. 

Payment Gateway Development gives people the chance to pick up the appropriate payment gateway for e-commerce business. It is a factor to decide the achievement of the online business. Most significantly, when sellers are searching for proper and top payment gateways, they must know about the reason for selecting the payment gateway.

Also, what are the provided services by the supplier of payment gateway?

It includes what the features to provide for a business, credit card machines are, and various things to search for before including all of them into one. It is essential for them to keep updated regarding the alteration in the services. 

To have a way into long term fulfilment for the online business, the right payment end will make sense for online store. 

What Does a suitable Payment System Do? 

To manage the flow of funds between merchants and buyers is one of the essential functions of an e-commerce marketplace. By applying the Payment Gateway Script into your business, it will be the most scalable and profitable revenue streams. 

However, it is very complicated and expensive to create the appropriate payment infrastructure. It is the reason why most of the marketplaces use the third-party payment service providers that are also known as payment gateways, payment processors, or merchant services.

Here are what a good payment service provider offers? Take a look at these significant characteristics-

  • Easy onboarding for merchants to reduce the documentations and other fiction points.
  • To accept all the payments with no requirements for various merchant accounts.
  • It offers suitable payment options like bank transfers, credit cards, apple pay, etc.
  • It provides multiple currency options containing exchange rate calculations.
  • As a seller of records, it has the responsibility for managing the flow of funds and handling the disputes of a credit card. 
  • It can delay or hold funds until the products are delivered, or services are rendered.
  • It reduces risk by security mechanisms like encryption and fraud filters.
  • It adheres to compliance all the regulations like PCI and knowing the customers.
  • Through Payment Gateway Script, you can split the payments such as various sellers per cart, commission deduction, and tax.
  • It includes reliability for a stable business with a strong track record of delivery and services.
  • It offers reporting tools to admin dashboard and merchants to marketplace owners.
  • It offers flexibility to its API that allows personalization for the business model.


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How to Choose a Suitable Payment Gateway for Online Marketplace?

Online payment method is a heavily regulated field that must be safe and secure in every way. So, consider the appropriate payment service provider (PSP) to manage the payments for marketplace startups. PSPs are known as third-party businesses that have specialization in payment infrastructure. Selecting the right payment provider can be difficult for the success of the online marketplace business. 

There are so many payment service providers out there in the online market. First, you need to look out for that don’t specifically cater to the marketplace. Here, we will guide you to choose the appropriate provider like PayPal, Stripe Connect, MANGOPAY, and Adyen MarketPay. These are the

five best payment providers you can consider for your business. 

To have one of the best Payment Gateway Scripts, Stripe would be the right option among all. It is the best-known PSPs in the world of startup businesses that have customers like Instacart, Lyft, Thumbtack, and Postmates.

PayPal also has been used through online businesses for a long time, and recently it introduced a product specifically designed for businesses. Adyen is well-known boasts customers like Airbnb, Uber, Upwork, and Etsy as it has low processing fees. 

Besides that, MANGOPAY purely concentrates on crowdfunding platforms and marketplace businesses and offers the features that are not obtainable on any other provider. 

Closing Thoughts 

We have discussed above all the points of requiring a payment gateway procedure for an online marketplace or business. As we know that these payment gateway providers offer lots of benefits and make the businesses running smooth by managing all kind of payments between seller and buyers. Here we have described why one should go for these payment service providers for the business. 

payment gateway script

To develop one of such payment gateway provider, you can take help of BR Softech that is working in the web and mobile app development field for so long. We are a reputed Payment Gateway Development Company with rich experience and professional team members. We will help you to have the best payment gateway to streamline the process and build the user’s trust in your e-commerce business by securing all type of payments. Through the payment service providers developed by us, you will be better equipped to deal with the buyer’s payment issues that arise at the time of buying the product. If you have any further query, contact us!

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