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International Beer Day 2020 – 10 Best Alcohol Delivery Apps for 2020

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Aug 06, 2020
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International Beer Day 2020

All you beer lovers out there! I hope you might be looking forward to this day. Which day? Dear beer lover, if you still don’t know about the day, then chill! Well, did you know a day is set aside for the drink you enjoy? Yes, I am talking about International beer day 2020 which is celebrated around the globe on the first Friday of August every year. So, have you planned for some party with your friends? If not, then I just require 5 minutes of yours. All you need to do is keep scrolling down the post.  

As you scroll down, I will walk you through the best liquor delivery apps, which are super easy to install on your coolest smartphone. It will help you to place the order of your favourite beer on the 7th August, i.e. international beer day 2020. After the hectic office schedule for the whole week, the day lets you have some fun with friends. There are different types of beer you can choose to enjoy on this amazing day. Gone are the days when you used to head towards the liquor shop to get the chilled beer for yourself. Software and technology make your task easier to order the beer by sitting anywhere.  

10 Thrilling Alcohol Delivery Apps for 2020 to order your favourite beer: 

1. Drizly application: 


Best Alcohol Delivery Apps for 2020

One of the best alcohol delivery app to order your beer for the celebration, it is available on both ios and Android platforms. Developed in Boston, the app is designed to deliver different varieties of liquor to hard drink lovers. It has a very simple user interface which is hassle-free to learn by the users. People can create an account in a few clicks with this software. You just need to download the app and get your beer order for celebrating International polar beer day 2020. The cherry on the cake is that drink delivery arrives in an hour and you do not need to wait long to enjoy it with friends. It is currently functioning in numerous cities in the USA. The liquor ordering source helps you buy the right beer after making a thorough comparison among different brands of alcohol available to purchase.  

Download – AndroidiOS

2. Flaviar application:

Flaviar application

It is feature-rich software which you can easily use to buy the can of beers on International beer day 2020. The app is widely known for its stunning user interface that entices the users in a jiff. It includes various liquor options that you choose as per your alcohol preference. The best part is that you can also enjoy the midnight party simply by ordering from this attractive app. It is very easy to select your favourite beer by using this software. You can create an account in a few steps and start browsing your favourite beer.

Moreover, selecting the best beer is as easy as pie because the app has numerous sections and subsections that makes your search easier. It is available to download on the ios. Here, you will find the exotic range of beer and other alcohol that you can select from, as per your preference.  

Download – iOS

3. Tavour application: 


Best Alcohol Delivery Apps

It is the best liquor delivery app that is easy to download for celebrating international beer day on 7th August 2020. The software has a wide range of craft beer that you can choose as per your taste preference. Numerous beer business owners can list the beer on this platform for hard drink lovers. It offers wonderful features for entrepreneurs to increase revenue and multiply the customer base rapidly in no time. Here, you can find different brands of beer and your friends will get myriad options to select for celebrating the amazing day of the first Friday of August. The app merges with different craft beer brands to offer wonderful varieties of beer for the end-users of the application.  

With the rolling out of this software, many entrepreneurs of small scale breweries have become known to a large group of customers. It is the best marketing platform for a new business owner to grow their number of customers; a day in and day out. Small brewery business owners can easily add their beer on the app in just a few clicks on the smartphone. Moreover, it is such a beautiful thing to see their craft beer placed with the top brands. The customers who require budget-friendly beer to celebrate the international beer day can opt for such beers to party with friends. The app also grabs the eyeballs of customers due to an attractive landing page that keeps a user hooked while searching the favourite beer or any other alcohol. 

Download – AndroidiOS

4. Caviar app:  

CaviarThe moment you reach home on the first Friday of August 2020 to celebrate international beer day, you will plan to get a chilled beer at your doorstep. Here is a marvellous mobile app that will help you to order beer even at midnight after chatting with friends. It is very simple to download and faster to function. Developed by DoorDash, it was earlier for the food order so that people can get yummy snack or meal at the doorstep 24*7. Now, it has spread the wings by delivering alcohol for party freak people.  

This software also offers a wonderful platform for craft beer owners to make their business reach out to a number of customers. The software also attracts the owners of business by providing top-rated alcohol delivery services. It also offers numerous courier charges so that new business owners can easily give numerous alternatives to select from. In today’s date, it is vital to integrate unique features to attract customers at the speed of light.  

Download – AndroidiOS

5. : - Food & AlcoholIt is one of the best apps for different services such as ordering food, laundry, alcohol, etc. by sitting anywhere in just a few clicks. The alcohol delivery software will allow you to get chilled beer for you and your friends. All your buddies can select their favourite brand to get the buzz out of International beer day 2020 on the first Friday of August. The app is designed to sell a wide array of beer which is quite simple to select right from the tip of your fingers. You can also compare the prices and single out the best as well as cheap beer that doesn’t cost you a king’s ransom.  

Different types of sellers keep their charges for delivery, and accordingly, you can choose which suits your budget. The best part is that this software enables you to get awesome rewards while buying the beer. As you turn out to be regular customers, you will then keep increasing the credit and earn good money. It will eventually help you get the loyalty points with many purchases.

Download – AndroidiOS

Call to actionAlcohol Delivery Software

6. DoorDash app:  

DoorDashThe first Friday of August is fast approaching. If you have still not decided the place to order the can of beer for partying with friends, then this is the app you need to download on your attractive smartphone. It is of the most loved software among boozers to order different types of hard drink as per their choice. The moment you create your account, you will see different types of liquor stores in your search options. It will help you choose the beer of your preference in a fraction of seconds. You can walk through the entire liquor store just by running your fingers through the smartphone. It will enable you to check the prices, brands, favours, etc. of the alcohol. Eventually, you can single out your favourite can of beer through the online store 

There are numerous sources available on the DoorDash store from where you can get your chilled beer. You will find the list of top-notch restaurants, breweries, etc. that sells beer of good taste. All you need to do is carry out a thorough research on the best beer and select your favourite brand as per your budget, taste preference and requirement. You can also choose different types of snacks to have with your friends while sipping from the glass of ice-filled beer. Using this high-functionality app is like a cakewalk for a smartphone user.  

Download – AndroidiOS

7. Instacart app:  

Instacart appOne of the well-known alcohol delivery software, it is easy to function for Android and iOs users. The software began its business by selling groceries. Gradually, it spread the wings in the business of alcohol. The application helps the customers around the US to order the best brand of beer for celebrating on the first Friday of August 2020. The interface of this software is easy to navigate by customers so that people can easily scroll down the app to zero down the first-rated beer for consumption at a house party. It provides services to different states of the USA, Florida, New York, Minnesota, to name a few.  

Download – AndroidiOS

8. Boxed app:  

Boxed appAll set for celebrating the day of your favourite drink, it is the most important top alcohol delivery app to download on your smartphone. Irrespective of the time, party or weekend enjoyment, it lets you choose the best brand of alcohol in a few minutes. It helps you save a lot of time to travel to the liquor shop. The boxed app is available for both the top platforms, Android as well as iOs users. The software has wonderful graphics that grab the eyeballs of customers in the blink of an eye.  

Read more – Liquor App Development Cost

It keeps the customer scrolling down the app to learn more about the best alcohol to select for making the party awesome. The boxed app includes the beer of a different quality that you can select as per your requirement or the preference of other friends you invite for the party. The app is also highly admired because of the fast services it provides to the customers. Another best advantage of downloading this app is that it offers an amazing discount over the purchase of $45 or more. Well, it will be difficult for you to arrange other products for enjoying the day. So, this app lets you purchase munchies or other snacks to munch with the sip of beer. Along with that, you also get glasses, cups, etc. The icing on the cake is that the app lets you buy amazing things you will need for reducing the hangover in the morning.  

Download – AndroidiOS

9. Swill app: 

Swill appJust a few days are left to celebrate international beer day 2020 in August. You need not worry if you have not yet planned anything. The feature-rich software, Swill, will reduce your worries. All you need to do is download the app and buy your favourite beer and other snacks. The app is designed to help customers to interact with numerous sellers that provide the services of selling beer, wine, etc. and other alcohol. You can select the best brand as per your taste preference and budget. The best part is that you will get to select the best because the app includes around more than 4000+ varieties of beer from different restaurants, bars, etc. The function-rich payment gateway lets you pay for your favourite beer online in simple steps. You can also add the time of delivery as per your availability. You also have the option to deliver beer even if you are not at home and then receive the package as soon as you are at home. The delivery executives will provide you with the beer cans in an hour.  

Download – AndroidiOS

10. Minibar app:  

Minibar DeliveryIt is one of the best alcohol delivery apps you can download on your smartphone. The software enables you to select the best beer around the world. Minibar gives you the option to select from 150+ brands of beer available for the customers. The app connects the end-users with numerous beer and craft beer sellers so that the customers get the best quality to booze.  

If you have not decided the snack options to enjoy with your friends on the world beer day 2020, then this software is the best for you. It also gives the amazing alternative of good munchies tips that you can select as per your preference. The software also enables you to order the beer in advance so that you receive the can of beer on the first Friday of August. Many times, people get the time on Sunday to order alcohol. In this way, you can easily schedule the order before a few days. The order will reach your doorstep on the day you schedule for delivery. 

Download – AndroidiOS

Closing Thoughts:

So, the apps, as mentioned above, are the best to download for your smartphone to help you order your favourite alcohol. You have to place the order of beer cans as per your convenience or the same day, and the order will reach your place without any hassle. Alcohol delivery app enables you to buy different types of hard drink as per your brand preference, budget and requirement. If you are an alcohol business owner and looking forward to the best liquor app development company, then look no further than BR Softech Pvt Ltd. We have a team of dedicated developers having rich experience in designing the function-rich software as per the requirement of clients.

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