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Why Fantasy Cricket is a Money-Making Industry in India?

Fantasy Sports
Jan 16, 2024
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Fantasy Cricket money making industry

The fantasy sports market is rapidly increasing and making money over the years. However, do you know why fantasy cricket is a money-making industry in India? Fret not, if you don’t, this blog is just for you!

Since the popularity of fantasy cricket is booming, everybody wants to use live-stream cricket apps to make their own fantasy cricket team. India is a hotspot for cricket, with many newcomers entering the field of fantasy cricket to make the right and informed betting decisions. It has become a lucrative industry for all.

So whether you are an entrepreneur or a fantasy cricket player, you will get unimaginable benefits from this fastest-growing fantasy sports industry in the most efficient manner. As a result, entrepreneurs are investing in money making fantasy cricket apps to upscale their business and take advantage of the popularity of this lucrative sport. 

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In this blog, we will highlight the major aspects concluding the fact that fantasy cricket is a money making industry in India. 

What is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket allows players to create their own teams and simulate playing their favourite sport. Users can draft their teams and enter leagues. The results are decided by the performance of the selected players on the field in an actual cricket match. One of the major reasons for the popularity of fantasy cricket betting apps is that users can step into the shoes of the team manager and operate their own team. 

If you wish to create your own app for fantasy cricket, you can hire sports app developers who can integrate best-in-class technologies like AI, ML, AR and VR to bring forth reliable fantasy gaming apps. The craze for money making fantasy cricket games is high and increasing in a manner like none other.

The Popularity of Fantasy Cricket Money-Earning Apps

Fantasy cricket money earning apps have been popular for quite a few years but the popularity really escalated during the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, technology escalation is another driving force in the popularity of fantasy cricket apps. The use of Artificial Intelligence greatly enhanced the user experience of cricket game money-earning apps as more users gravitated towards the platform. 

Another prominent factor that enticed users was the ability to earn real money in games while enjoying the excitement of their favourite sport. With money-making fantasy cricket team apps, users can draft their own team, place bets or wagers, and earn real cash if their team scores well.

Additionally, it requires critical thinking and planning coupled with knowledge of the cricket sport, which allows users to use their skills to earn more. This gives them a sense of liberty to select the right team players and win huge money via their performance.

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Market Overview of Fantasy Sports

  • According to a study, the fantasy sports market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 38% during the forecast period(2022-2025). It is expected to be valued at Rs. 1,65,000 crores by the year 2025. 
  • In 2019, there were around 90 million fantasy players in India. The number is expected to grow to a staggering 200 million by the year 2024. 
  • With the introduction of money-making fantasy games and premier league team apps, fantasy sports are now widely played across multiple sports including basketball, kabaddi, hockey, football, and cricket. 
  • Around 77% of users gravitate towards fantasy cricket, but the number of users in other sports is increasing as well. 

It is evident from the above statistics that fantasy sports are an excellent investment opportunity for entrepreneurs. Moreover, according to Indian laws and regulations, fantasy sports are considered a game of skill and are legal all across the country. Investors can leverage the full potential of fantasy sports app development and generate hefty sums of revenue.

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Business Model of Money-Making Fantasy Cricket Apps like Dream 11

One of the best benefits of money making fantasy cricket apps like Dream 11 is that it can leverage multiple monetization strategies to generate additional revenue.

Fantasy Cricket Team Apps like Dream 11

1. In-app Advertisements

One of the most common ways for fantasy platforms to generate revenue is through the adoption of in-app ads. You can display advertisements on your fantasy app and promote other brands to generate additional revenue. These are the types of advertisements used in fantasy platforms-

  • Interstitial Ads: Cover the whole screen and can be skipped. 
  • Static Ads(Header & Footer): They are constantly displayed on the top and bottom of the screen. 

2. Match Fees

The most common way for fantasy software to generate revenue is the match or league fees. Whenever a user joins a match or tournament, they are required to pay a small fee. Around 20% of the fee is directed towards the revenue of the app while 80% is allocated towards the winnings of the match or tournament.

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3. In-app Purchases

With e-Store integration, users can buy special accessories and merchandise from the fantasy app. All the proceeds from the e-store go directly towards the revenue of the platform. 

Benefits of Fantasy Cricket App Development

Money-making fantasy cricket apps like Dream 11 and MPL are massively successful. By leveraging the power of fantasy sports app development, these companies now have an evaluation of over 1 billion dollars. Let’s take a look at the benefits of fantasy cricket platforms for business. 

Benefits of Money-Making Fantasy Apps for Cricket

1. High ROI

By now, you must be well aware of the popularity of fantasy cricket money-earning apps. The fantasy sports gambling market is huge and very lucrative. More and more users are gravitating towards these platforms every day. In this scenario, an online fantasy sports business can be highly-profitable and has the potential to generate high revenue. 

2. Low Infrastructural Cost

One of the most prominent benefits of fantasy cricket money-earning games is that these apps require only an initial investment. As an investor, fantasy cricket apps are the ultimate opportunity to develop a profitable business with a fairly low investment. As a business operator, you are only required to invest in fantasy sports software development and you can make profits every day from this lucrative billion-dollar industry. 

3. Low Infrastructural Cost

Even after the massive popularity of fantasy cricket in India, there are not a lot of fantasy cricket platforms operating in the Indian market. However, investors are starting to take notice of the potential of the money-making cricket game app. It is one of the best times to build an app and launch a fantasy cricket business as the competition is minimal and the revenue opportunities are abundant. 

4. Demographics Play a Major Role

The Indian market is the perfect place for launching a Fantasy app like Dream 11. Cricket is increasingly popular in India and the Indian audience majorly wants to play Fantasy Cricket. Over 77% of fantasy users reported playing fantasy cricket instead of other sports. However, before starting to develop the cricket game money-earning app, you must consult your experts and conduct thorough market research to identify the trends and audience preferences in the market.

Before launching your fantasy cricket app in the market, it is important to be aware of the legal rules and regulations of a particular judiciary. Luckily for you, Fantasy sports platforms are perfectly legal in India. The Indian Supreme Court has ruled that fantasy apps are permissible as they are a test of skill rather than luck. 

6. Collaboration with Big Brands

The fantasy market in India is already thriving. Moreover, reputed fantasy platforms like MPL have scored partnerships with major players and brands in the Indian market. These companies have collaborated with major celebrities to promote their brands. Undoubtedly, your fantasy platform’s popularity will skyrocket if you can score a deal with a major brand and more users will be drawn towards your platform. 

7. Perfect Time Ahead of IPL 2023

The IPL 2023 season is upon us and this is the perfect time to launch a fantasy sports gambling platform. It is the perfect time for your platform to debut as IPL is the biggest opportunity for fantasy cricket platforms in the year. As a business operator, you can launch your platform before the IPL season, properly promote your application, and enjoy hefty returns during this IPL season. 

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8. Enhances User Commitment

As users are getting more interested in cricket money-earning games, the demand for fantasy sports app development is also increasing significantly. According to market data, India is the biggest market for fantasy sports and a lot of it can be attributed to the popularity of cricket in the region. Indian fans are quite enthusiastic about cricket and users are committed towards fantasy cricket platforms. Undoubtedly, fantasy cricket platforms are in huge demand among users in India. 

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How can BR Softech Assist You With Fantasy Cricket App Development?

As a leading fantasy sports app development company, BR Softech excels in developing highly advanced and innovation-driven fantasy cricket league software for your fantasy business. If you want to start a fantasy cricket business, our expert team of developers will assist you in every step of the development process and develop a highly engaging online fantasy cricket app for you that has the potential to attract a massive audience. Our developers are well-versed in advanced technologies and build highly robust and responsive fantasy apps by integrating technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain, etc. We offer:

  • Experienced Developers
  • 24×7 Customer Support
  • Cost-effective Solutions
  • On-time Delivery
  • Integration of the Latest Technologies
  • Customised Solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1 What is the fantasy cricket app development cost?

 The cost to develop a single-platform fantasy cricket app with basic features ranges from $20,000 to $30,000. Get the estimated cost

Q.2 How do fantasy cricket apps make money?

Fantasy cricket apps can take advantage of multiple revenue models. Some are listed below-
1. In-app advertisements
2. Participation fees
3. In-app purchases

4. Subscription methods 

Q.3 How to make a fantasy cricket app?

Fantasy cricket app development is a time taking and lengthy process. If you want to build a fantasy cricket app, your best bet will be to hire a fantasy software development company

Which is the No 1 fantasy app?

MPL, Sport11, LeagueX, and Faboom are the prominent fantasy cricket apps famous for a wide range of jackpots, offers, and bonuses. 

Do You Offer Customized Fantasy Cricket Apps? 

Yes, we offer customized and tailor-made fantasy cricket apps with high-quality features and a fully functional interface. 

How long does it take to develop fantasy cricket apps? 

On average, it takes around two or three months to develop fantasy cricket apps from scratch.

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