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Role of the School Management System Software in Success of Any Institute

written by Harshita Khangarot | Feb 20, 2020

In this smart world, there is a requirement for smart work. This digital world has changed the working methodology of communities and organizations. And schools are not working like those same old days. Where teachers are used to manually trace every information of the student from tracking attendance in the registers to making exam timetables for them, it was a hectic task to coordinate with everyone and track the record of all information.

Now those days are gone when school authorities used to manage everything manually. There are several online and offline software available in the market that individually tracks specific tasks. Some of them track attendance and save teachers’ time, some track fee collection and budgeting along with the admin section, a few of them follow parent-teacher meetings and communication through mobile apps/SMS. But apart from these individual apps, there is specific software/application that manages all the tasks of these apps. These are called school management software or school ERP systems

school management software

These school management system software plays a vital role in the current education system as school authorities are indulged in various day to day activities. Now, school management software is used in school to perform better school administrative activities and to ensure parents about the safety and security of their kids. This software includes a lot of features to enhance the performance of any educational institute. This school management system software brings teachers, students and parents on a common interactive platform.

“In a global economy where the most valuable skill you can sell is your knowledge, a good education is no longer just a pathway to opportunity—it is a prerequisite,” said Barack Obama

According to Wikipedia, the School Information Management system (SIMS) has a market share of over 80% in the MIS industry for schools in England and Wales. It is the most widely used MIS in UK schools, claiming over 80% of market share across the primary and secondary sectors. 

The school information management software system performs several functions such as

  • Educational planning
  • Efficient working
  • Coordination of educational programs
  • Good direction
  • School coordination
  • Systematic working

Different users of school management software and benefit to them

School management software does not only benefit students or teachers. But there are other people associated with the school.

Let’s have a look at the list of people and their benefits from SIMS:

  • Teachers
  • School Administrators
  • Principal / Academic Heads
  • School Directors
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Non-teaching employees (Ex: School Nurse, Bus driver etc.)

Every user is provided with a unique id and password to secure the data and information. These different user groups create a lot of data, and that data can be further converted into the reports for better decision making by school authorities.

Here take a look at the benefits of all different users in an educational institute:

  • Teachers – Time (Reduce time spent on non-teaching activities)
  • School Administrators – Intense Operation of the daily activities without errors and bottlenecks
  • Principal / Academic Heads – Discipline and Academic Goals of the organization
  • School Directors – Various reports for decision making
  • Students – Learning
  • Parents – Safety of kids and communication with teachers
  • Non-teaching employees – Work

Benefits of School Management Software To The Students

Benefits of School management software

Students are the primary and most important key to the success of any educational institution. The school management system software helps students to self analyse themselves and to work on themselves to improve their skills. Using SIMS, students not only gain knowledge but also express it.

Here are some benefits of the school management system to the students:

  • Enhanced interaction with teachers, parents, and peers
  • Access to attendance, timetable, marks, grades and examination schedule
  • Liberty to publish articles and views, and participate in discussion forums
  • Freedom to browse through the library books catalogue and identify the book(s) to be issued
  • Prior information about school events and holidays

Benefits of School Management System To The Teachers

With the help of SIMS, teachers would be able to know the learning capabilities and needs of every student in the school. The teachers will be able to recognize the brilliant students and also those who are lacking behind. With the help of this tool, the teachers will be able to track the progress of each student that will help them to decide multiple tactics for making concepts clear to each and every student. Teachers can review and edit the reports and information at any time if needed before printing the report cards.

  • Automated student attendance 
  • Computerized management of student examination marks and grades
  • Timetable creation in advance with ease
  • Availability of more time for students
  • Efficient and effective interaction with parents
  • Access to a forum common to students and parents
  • Access to own and students’ attendance
  • Better organization of school Activities
  • Manage class information and analytical reports
  • E-mail & Internal messaging system

Benefits Of School Management System To Administrator

SIMS offers numerous benefits to the school administrator. With the help of the school management system software, it becomes easy for the administration to store all the training resources, to create progress report of each student, to collect helpful data of the institution like resources and content,  to maintain data of daily activities, even monitor the performance of teachers and give real-time suggestions to improve the teaching quality. School administrators can access a particular teacher’s class schedule, daily reports of the teacher, etc. With the help of SIMS administrative staff can save their precious time and can utilize it in another priority task as SIMS provides a tailored finance solution.

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  • Easy performance monitoring of individual modules leading to uncomplicated error detection
  • Automated and quick report generation along with process turnaround time
  • Centralized data repository for trouble-free data access
  • Authenticated profile dependent access to data
  • User-friendly interface requiring minimal learning and IT skills
  • High-level data security
  • Design for unproblematic scalability
  • Elimination of people-dependent processes
  • Minimal data redundancy
  • It contains student information such as Examination grades, Parental information, Medical history, details related to school fees, etc.

Benefits of School Management System to Parents

SIMS not only benefits teachers, students and administrators but also it helps parents in various ways. Because parents play a vital role in a child’s education.  In recent times everyone is so busy that no one has extra time to visit schools of their kids to collect performance reports, parent-teacher meetings, and other things that are time-consuming. The school management system allows parents to communicate with teachers about the performance of their children in the school. With the help of SIMS, parents can actively participate in numerous activities and also can keep themselves updated by staying at their home or office. Also, the school management system notifies parents about their kids through SMS services or mobile apps.

  • Regular and elicit availability of school updates through messaging, articles, image gallery and discussion forums system
  • Reliable update on the child’s progress reports, attendance, and student fee payment.
  • Active participation in school activities like parent-teacher meetings etc 
  • Frequent interaction with teachers
  • Get connected to the school effectively and easily
  • Prior information about school holidays, events and functions like annual day, teacher’s day, the cultural day etc.

erp software

Future of School Management System

At this time, technology is increasing at a breakneck speed. More and more developments are happening with every passing day. With the exposure of widespread high-speed internet like 5G and energy-efficient hardware in the Internet of Things(IoT), the administrative activities in a school can be completely automated and linked with school management software for immediate communication with all user groups. Exposure to any new technology that you read in the newspaper, magazine or watch on television, you can expect that technology to reach the school operations very soon. Because schools are the place where the future of everyone’s race is built, and it always requires the best technology and ideas.

Final Words

The school management system is bringing a significant difference in everyone’s lives, whether it is a teacher, student, parents, or an admin. Most school management systems often provide certain additional features such as program for test management, library management system, admission management, etc. Automating these procedures makes management of the school effortless and thus guarantees the school’s smooth functioning. It helps the school achieve the goal, increase efficiency, reduce work, monitor progress and eliminate the mistake.

All activities workflows need to be carefully streamlined through the online school management system software. It’s a sustainable solution that smartly allows for easy management. No longer need to handle time table and research material manually but encourage intelligent working. This ultimately immediately raises the level of employee satisfaction.

If you’re willing to develop a school information management system software (SIMS), BR Softech is the best school management software development company that can provide you with the best solution to your problems. Our experienced and professional team of developers carries out the best out of the best solutions for our loyal customers.  Give us a chance to prove ourselves and can live up to your expectations.

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