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Apple iOS 13 is Launching in September with New Security Features

written by Nitin Garg | Sep 04, 2019
iOS 13 new security features

Apple has just announced that there will be a significant launch event in September. iOS 13, the next iOS is all set to enter in Apple’s market. It is expected to offer the best of availability, innovation, and efficiency with its 23 features in the iOS market. But its primary focus on privacy and safety is the foremost feature that makes consumers and developers excited about iOS 13.

People are advised to wait until the public launch of iOS 13.0. They will be able to download it free from September after the new iPhones are announced. The safety and security features of iOS 13 will not allow any app to run in the background when users aren’t active. Many iPhone app development services provide a perfect platform to ensure privacy and security to their uses.

Here are Top iOS 13 Security features that focus on privacy and security 

1. Restrictions on VoIP apps running in the background

The principal change that comes with iOS 13 is that the VoIP applications won’t be able to run in the background if users don’t actively use the apps. These applications seized all user interactions on the device while remaining inactive in the background. And eventually lowers misusing the data for their purpose, users will be able to have a safe and secure experience with these VoIP apps by minimizing their access.

2. Notification of applications using location data secretly

With many applications requiring permission to track location, it has become difficult for users to get a clear idea of which all applications have access to their location information and what features and how long. The upcoming iOS 13 is making the process seamless and convenient for buyers. Its latest features remind users of which iOS apps have accessed their location. It enables clear ideas in accessing real-time location data and restricts them.

3. Location Accessibility Limited to One Interaction

The upcoming version of Apple OS is introducing an ‘Access Location for Once’ option that will allow consumers to take advantage of the services provided by applications on location tracking while providing one-time approval.

4. Full control over Bluetooth and WiFi tracking

The latest features include iOS fitness wearables and third-party apps that permit you to access Bluetooth / WiFi read information, which recognizes and captures the distinctive Bluetooth identifier of your device. Apple is blocking Bluetooth links in order to get escape from these beacons and data misuse incidents.

5. Striping Data 

Apple has implemented the concept of stripping data from the picture and guarantee that information does not adversely affect user privacy and personal life. In other words, after removing location and time information from metadata, you can upload/share pictures.

6. No Snooping

Earlier permission is required to access the contact, which includes phone banking and PIN code which are often misused. Now they can access the contact without attaching notes. It lowers down the possibility of the risk of exploitation of sensitive data. It includes a rise in iPhone security warnings and requests being heard by external contractors.

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Final Words

With all these Winning features being announced by iOS. Apple has added iOS 13 security features to its devices. It won’t allow apps to run in the background when the user is not actively in use, although they remind the user which app accesses their location and at what time. Apple is ready to make it possible to experience iOS 13 with impressive features soon. 

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