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Car Wash Booking Apps: Deep Feature And Revenue Model appraisal

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Sep 18, 2018
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Car Wash Booking Apps Deep Feature And Revenue Model

Now time has changed and along with this, the style of living has also changed. With time the new technologies have marked their presence and made the lives easier of the human beings. The best example, we can give you from your daily life only and that is the requirement of the car wash.

Now, those days are gone when people use to take their cars to the washing station and wait for hours in the line for the car wash service. Now technologies have changed the way and now you don’t have to do so, only you have to book the service on car wash booking apps.

How You Can Book Your Requirement for the Car Wash on Car Wash Booking Software ?

On the internet, there are several car wash websites on which you can book your car wash requirement. Many car wash websites are developed to serve the customers who don’t want to walk out of the outlet. These car wash apps will work according to you, the time which is suitable for you will offer the service according to your time, even the customers can book the service immediately and the best in this is that you will get the service at your doorstep the person will come to you and collect the keys and when it will be done, they will hand over the keys at your doorstep.

car wash booking software           

While reading this blog, if your mind has changed and you have decided to deal with the car wash requirement service as it is really a beneficial business, because this service is a need of the human beings daily routine and it will turn as a successful business or if you want to develop the car wash booking software. So in this blog we have brought all the points, which we have brought after research for aspiring entrepreneurs. We have a full marketing plan, business model, revenue model in this article.

Business Model of the Car Wash

In simple words, online car wash provides a platform for the users to take the online service of the car wash easily, through online car wash service customer can avoid waiting in the line for the longest period of time. It is easy to book the service from the site only the user has to fill the details on the car wash software. The booking will be booked on the software with the name of the owner only and the user can visit to the stop or the solution has to provide the service on the specific date and time.

Ready to Build a Web or Mobile Application

These are the steps for the working of the website:

  1. Select the type of service which the customer needs.

  2. Select the model of the car.

  3. Fill the details like – Name, Contact number, preferred date and location.

  4. The invoice will generate its own will sent to your Email Id.

  5. Take the printed or online receipt to the shop and the service will be provided to the customer.

These are the steps for the working of the website

Market Competition

There is a high market competition in the industry and various companies marked their space in the industry. Here are the market players.

  • 3M Car Care

  • Mister Car Wash

  • Autobell Car Wash

  • Speed Car Wash

  • Express Car Wash

Market Competition

How the Car Wash Websites Will Get the Revenue?

There are many mediums to get the revenue from the car wash website, Hence there are many ways to earn the revenue for the car wash. The collection of the revenue can be classified in two types Primary and secondary.

Primary revenue

Secondary revenue

Primary revenue: The owner direct collects the money for the service, which is offered to the customers on the behalf of the car wash service.

How the car wash websites will get the revenue
Secondary Revenue: Through this, the owner will be able to get the money from the third parties online. Yes, internet platform is wide and creates millions of opportunities to earn money.

Here are the secondary ways to earn revenue from the platform:

  1. Advertising

  2. Merchandise

  3. Franchise

Let’s know how these secondary options will make money for you?

Advertising: You can advertise other relevant services to your platform, through banner and sidebar ads. These ads will help other platforms to get the traffic. And the platforms can have the attention to them. As well as if you have high traffic once you reach at that level, then you can demand for the amount also.

Advertising for Car Wash

Merchandise: This is the perfect way to earn business from the car wash software business. They will be able to sell and buy the products They can sell products to keep the car exterior and interior clean on a daily basis. In some cases, it could be possible that people are looking for the car wash service as well as for the merchandise.

Sell the Car Accessories Of Car Wash

Franchise: As we know that every city and state are in the need of the car wash service. Every corner of the world requires this service. You can sell your franchise to the aspiring entrepreneur. It only requires to mention the details like square feet area needed, location, expected ROI. So this will give a clear idea to the people who are buying the franchise, their concepts will get cleared in the initial stage.

Expand the Car wash service to all over the world via Franchise

Other unknown factors:

  1. Budget according to the requirement

  2. Franchise section

  3. Extra Source of Income

  4. Refer to a friend

  5. Blog

  6. Conversion of visitors

  7. Client Reviews

  8. Portfolio of the work

  9. Location

  10. Time period

  11. Gift cards

  12. Offers

Budget According To The Requirement: The budget will depend on the need of the customer, platform depends on what they want to deal with what type of wash they require. The budget depends on the volume of the car as well as on the type of wash.

Budget according to your requirement of Car wash service

Franchise section: The solution should have a different section of the franchise, on which they can get full details which includes contact details and whatever information is needed for the client’s. There should be full information on the solution. It would be helpful for the entrepreneurs, to take self decision.

Extra Source of Income: There could be a different section where the merchandise can do the advertising, Car wash platform can sell the necessary accessories for the cars like shampoo, Car Exterior Shampoo, Car Wax, Cleaning gloves and towel etc. This can be the extra source of the website and this section plays the essential role for the sites.

Refer To a Friend: Permit people to refer your service to their friends and relatives, give them an opportunity to share the link of your site to others by giving providing them the offers, discounts, hampers etc. You can also refer them that by sharing the link as soon as the customer will take his first service so the person will get 200 rs or 50% off. This how you can engage the customers on your platform and your customers will increase.

Share the experience of car wash service

Blog: Nowdays content marketing has given the special value, as the content marketing helps your customers engage with your platform and to know more about your services. Regular blog posting helps you to be on top of the Google searches.

Get on top via blog of car wash on Google

Conversion of visitors: It’s all on you how to convert your visitors, via support as well as just make your About us page attractive through which user can get attracted and have a touch to your platform. This page should explain everything that how it works, the advantages of the services etc.

Client Reviews: Client reviews are essential as they speak on the behalf of your service. Through client reviews people can know about your service and how it works. It is a way of sharing the Client’s experience and it plays the imperative part as it creates the image.

Let the customers share their experience

The portfolio of the work: In this action you can show your work or journey. It will give an idea and client’s will be able to know about your work. How attractively you able to represent it, it all depends on you as it attracts the attention of the customers..

Share your work of your car wash service with your customers

Location & Time period: Location is essential and provide the section of it so the visitor can know how much far, it is from his location as the location should suit the client and it should be appropriate as the time will consume in dropping and on the way, so it should suit the customers.

Preferred location and time

Gift cards: The car wash service can also be given as a gift, give an option to the visitor if they want to gift so the card can be attached with it and it will bring more sale to your car wash website.

Gift the car wash service with card gift

Offers: Time to time treat your customers with various offers and discounts. You can create offers on weekends or during week for the sale during off season. You should plan the offers during festivals as the customers will be treated.

Exciting offers for car wash

Car wash has come to the online platform and it is attracting the huge mass of people. Car wash service has turned into the basic need of the people, as during hustle bustle of life people don’t have time to drop their cars and they avoid being in the queue. This market is increasing rapidly.

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