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Comparative Analysis: Which Is The Best Platform To Develop An App Like TikTok

Jul 20, 2020
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TikTok has been the most popular video-sharing platform of the decade. Google PlayStore published a report mentioning TikTok to be the most downloaded app in the first quarter of 2019. 

However, the growing tension amongst the international borders seems to affect the popularity and eventually, the usage of the video uploading and sharing application. 

Even the Indian government has put a ban on the 59 Chinese mobile applications that include the famous app TikTok. On 29 June 2020, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology announced that the continuation of the app might hamper the sovereignty and security of the country. 

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The ban creates the room for the requirement of a similar app like TikTok. Social networking platforms are seen investing in a feature that can deliver services and become a profitable alternative to TikTok. 

This article aims to tell you about how investing in a TikTok clone app can fetch you users and make the platform an instant hit amidst the ban of TikTok.

BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. an expert software development company can help you to achieve your goal of launching a similar app like TikTok.

TikTok Post Ban

The rising global tension against the dragon has affected its trade and commerce in the country. Indian are participating in boycotting specific foreign products, and the battle has reached up to smartphones. Along with the other 58 apps, TikTok is winding up its business in India. It will leave the app installed on the smartphones functionless and prohibiting future downloads.

There are various reports published elaborating the effects of the TikTok ban in India on the company. It is estimated that the company will lose a sum of more than $6 billion as an after effect. 

However, many companies are working on developing an alternative that delivers the users a TikTok like experience. Instagram, a famous social networking portal, is on the verge to launch the update featuring Instagram Reels. Instagrams Reel is a concept similar to TikTok that provides users with the platform to record and upload short 15 seconds videos. Using a TikTok clone script can be an effective and efficient solution for software development. 

Post Ban Effects On TikTok

The strategic ban imposed on TikTok along with other 58 apps led to the diversion of huge user traffic on the servers. As a result, the users across the globe faced inconvenience in uploading their videos, making the platform ineffective.

Also, there were issues faced with the like button. The tab did not display the number of likes; however, the issue was resolved later on. The superpowers boycotting Chinese apps are seen as a golden opportunity for the small and medium brands to invest in a similar app like TikTok.

After the announcement of the global ban on TikTok, various companies are finding it as an opportunity to provide a video sharing platform for their customers.

Some Popular Video Sharing Platforms


Triller: It is a popular video editing and sharing platform that can be said to be a celebrities favorite as well. The app is easy to navigate and makes the platform a bliss for the users. The collaboration further enhances the experience by allowing the user to combine the videos with other users.  

KWAI: Another popular video sharing platform that allows the user to enhance the videos by adding a variety of filters, texts and images. Trimming, editing, cropping and merging videos can be easily done with KWAI making it a tough competitor. 

Firework: Another alternative to the famous app TikTok, Firework is loaded with a variety of features that makes it equally competitive amongst other video sharing apps. Firework often comes up with different challenges for the artists and in return, offers attractive cash prizes that make the concept unique. 

Instagram Upgrades To Reels

After the national leaders announced the ban of the Chinese apps that includes TikTok, the social media platforms wasted no time to invest in a similar feature that allows the user to record and upload short video clips.

Instagram’s latest venture of integrating a new feature to keep the TikTok’ ers entertained, ‘Reels’ lets the people having special talents to record their 15 seconds video and showcase it to the world (at least the followers) by uploading it on their Instagram profile. 

Launched last year in Brazil, the Instagram Reels is an integrated feature of the social networking app that has its Indian version under the testing phase. No official launch date has been announced, but it is expected for the app to be in the market soon this year.  


Apart from video sharing, apps similar to TikTok have become an active source for social interaction as well as to earn fame. For a video sharing app to be successful, it is important that the app boasts features that are mentioned below.

Basic Features-

Registration And Login: The most basic of all, the app should allow the user to set a username and password to set-up the account for accessing the app conveniently. Also, the user should be able to save its credentials for quick access. 

Notifications: After setting up the account, the user should be allowed to follow its favorite trending stars and other profiles. Also, the provision alerting the user with real-time notifications as soon as new content is posted will enhance user engagement. 

Uploading Videos: Video uploading and sharing are what the app is all about hence making it an essential feature. The app should allow the user to capture the video and upload it at an instant and create new sensations.

Likes And Comments: The feature that allows the user to like and comment on their favorite videos is a must-have. 

Sharing: The users should get the benefit of sharing the videos that they create to attain the desired viewership and keep the users entertained. The success of an app like TikTok is highly determined by the traffic it lures, hence making the sharing feature worthwhile. 

Filters And Effects: Filters and effects play an important role in the video uploading and sharing platform like TikTok. Users enjoy creating and viewing customized videos that make it an important feature. 

Admin Panel: Admin panel plays an important role in reviewing and managing the activities on the app. It holds power to edit, delete and blocks posts as well as users that might be required on several instances. 

The features that are mentioned above form the basic feature of any video uploading app similar to TikTok. Incorporating them is likely to boost up the chances of success of your video sharing platform.

TikTok Clone Script And Its Benefits

TikTok clone scripts are the most affordable and efficient source to develop an app that allows the user to upload and share videos showcasing their creativity and talent. 

Developers can create a feature-rich, optimal application in a lesser time than investing in new research and development. 

Clone scripts are the source code flexible enough to incorporate changes for optimal app development. It allows the developer to customize the user interface and personalize the design to add a unique touch. 

It is important to select a software company that excels in the field of app development similar to TikTok. Choosing a software development company like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. for the app development process ensures that you will get a full-fledge app with advanced features with complete back-office assistance.

Cost Of TikTok Clone App Development

Many factors drive the cost of TikTok clone app development. The important features involved in the process that determines the cost of app development are mentioned below. 

  • Platform

More the platforms, higher will be the fee of app development. The higher the number of platforms, the more will be the usage of the app. Hence, it is advised to launch an app that is supported by Android as well as iOS smartphones.

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  • Number of hours

The complexity involved in the app development determines the hours indulged in the process. The longer the process, the costlier will be the app development. 

  • Features

Undoubtedly, an app that is loaded with multiple features is likely to enhance the user experience. However, on the other hand, the long list of features will also add some pounds in the cost of app development. 

Keeping in mind the factors that are mentioned above, TikTok clones can be developed at a price as low as $35000. Depending on the complexity of the app development and clients requirement, the cost can go as high as $45000. 

The prices that are mentioned are merely an estimate, and the actual cost of development can be calculated after a counselling session with an expert app development company.


Social networking platforms are becoming more than just a means of socializing virtually. They are providing business to many, and some are getting famous by the kind of content they are uploading. The demand for Instagram clone script is rising to such an extent that many startups and entrepreneurs see it as the right platform to earn money. 

There are many ways by which these applications generate revenues. You can also launch an app similar to TikTok and provide a platform for the users to socialize and to promote business.

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