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Online Examination System Vs Offline Exam System Complete Guide

Jul 20, 2020
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Online Examination System Vs Offline Exam System

The lives of people around the globe are changing at a rapid pace. Every business is now planning to operate on the online channel. Watching the increase in the number of COVID 19 cases, it has become the need of the hour. It eventually helps reduce the spread of the deadly virus. Here we will discuss one such industry that enables the growth of the entire nation, the educational system. In the current day, online exam software is a boon for the education industry worldwide. 

Another best part about the online exams is that there is no use of stationery, i.e., pen and paper. Moreover, students get enticed by an online form of taking the examination. The methods of the education system are changing rapidly at the speed of light around the globe. The cutting-edge technology put to use in an examination is making the task of examiners as well as students, easy. New techniques are making different sectors of educational sectors simple. For instance, students can now take admissions with ease; paying fees is also very easy for parents through the software. One of the most important parts is examination. 

Online examination software: 

This is a wonderful platform for institutes and school for controlling exams without any hassle. The best advantage is that students can give exams by sitting anywhere. It saves time for people as well as costs incurred in travelling to the exam hall. The students and examiners require the high-functionality electronic device and good network connectivity. At these tough times of pandemic, the technology trend is of great benefit for colleges, and school. 

Offline examination software: 

When it comes to the offline or physical form of giving tests, students need to come to the exam hall. In the case of the rainy season, then students are required to come to the exam hall even from, and it gets very taxing. Even the traffic leads to a waste of students’ time. 

Let’s check about the points of distinction between online and offline exams: 

Distinction in between online and offline exams:

1. Location and time factor: 

In case of, online platform exam platform, examiners can carry out the exams at any part of the year. For instance, during the peak winters and peak summers, students can easily take the exam by sitting anywhere. Many times, the internet doesn’t work properly at any place but works better at other places. So, students can move to that particular place for giving exams where the network is connected without any hassle. Another best advantage is that online examination enables the students to select the time as per their convenience when their laptop is fully charged with proper electricity working. 

It is because the webcam must be activated while taking exams. Another important factor that is essential for online exams is that data from the test paper’s answer goes to the cloud platform efficiently. In this way, students sitting in different areas of the world will write the answers to questions provided in the exam, and it reaches immediately to the cloud. This helps to reduce the loss of answer data. This is the reason why online examination system gateway helps the examiner to keep data secure. 

But, in case of the offline platform, students don’t get to choose their own time for taking up the exams. They will have to come to the exam centre to give exams even if they are not feeling well, etc. Moreover, even during traffic, students have to come to the physical location of the exam hall to give the test according to the institute or school. The online examination allows the students to enhance their competency too. 

2. Students get to practice in the offline examination system: 

To score good marks in exams, it is essential to practice for students. Online exams are good for students who desire to take up the exam without any need of any practice session or coaching material as such. But, students tend to score excellent grades after a lot of practice. In the case of the offline exam system, students have to undergo extensive tests. The offline method proves to be advantageous for students who are learning to pass the high competition examination such as IIT, PMT, etc. And, online exam software is best for the schools to help children to take up the exam from anywhere. The main factor to consider is webcam so that teachers can keep an eye on students. 

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3. Proper internet connectivity also matters a lot: 

In the case of places such as the village, there is not a good internet connection. In such areas, the offline exam can be opted by examiners. Therefore, online exams are best for places such as cities or urban areas because of better internet connectivity. It enables the students to give the exams through an online channel after reading the question paper. Furthermore, students can also select the proper time to appear for the exams. The electronic device must be fully charged, and then students can write exam answers properly. The offline exam system is better for places where the network connection is low. Since there is no requirement of the network; children can also write the test answers many times. 

4. Exam grades procedure: 

When students give examinations through the online channel, there are chances that grades will come sooner. It is because the examiner can check the papers through the software itself and the whole procedure is like a cakewalk. Moreover, the best online examination software will provide marks to students just after the student has written the test. As soon as a student is done with writing the exam, marks are displayed on their screen. In the case of the offline exams system, children can properly get their results along with the complete evaluation of answers given by a particular student during the exam. In this way, a thorough report gives good scope for students to perform better for the next examination. It is still a widely used platform in various schools, colleges, coaching centres and institutions. 

5. Total costing incurred is also a major factor: 

For choosing the online exam system, it requires a lot of charges to provide a better network connection for each student. It is just not feasible for every school and college in the world. Though, if any emergency arises such as the pandemic, then colleges and schools can choose this option. 

On the contrary, the offline exam system does not involve a higher cost because it does not require network connectivity. Students can take up the exam without a cost for schools and colleges.

Smashing advantages to opt for online exam software:

Online examination system gateway helps the teachers and examiners to analyse the test papers of students effectively. All the procedures going through an online channel are automatic and save a lot of time for teachers as well as students. Children can see the marks they scored in each subject quite faster. Once the student completes writing the exam, then the answer sheet is easier to check by examiners by feeding the answers in software and checking the answers written by students. Later on, both are tallied, and if answers by students do not match with the answers in software, then marks are deducted accordingly by teachers. 

Exam takers require the use of a network, webcam to enable teachers to check each student. The important benefits of online methods of the exam are that it is a fully transparent mode of exam. Students do not need to wait long for their results as it comes online without any hassle. 

1. It is a fully secure platform: 

Irrespective of any exam, it needs to be secure to help students make a good future. If any institute makes use of online exam software, then it is the best practice because data of answers is kept safe and confidential on the cloud platform. This, in turn, reduces the risk of data theft and answer sheets of students are kept online safely. Examiners have to carry out the tests appropriately, and the proper system must be followed to keep the answer sheets systematically on the online platform. 

Institutes can easily keep the answer files locked so that access can be given only to concerned persons. The best thing about using online exam software is that an examiner can change the series of questions for every student so that all students get the question paper with questions in different series. It is all done through software in a fraction of seconds. This system will reduce cheating in exams to a lot of extents. 

2. It is a flexible method of carrying out examination: 

Yet another advantage of choosing an online mode of exam is to help teachers conduct the test anytime and anywhere. Students do not need to come to the examination hall to take the exam. It is beneficial for students as it reduces the cost and time taken in going to the exam centre. They get much time to practice for the exam at home. The only essential need for taking online exams are the network connection and a good laptop. 

There are some exams for which students had to move to a different country for writing exams. But, it is not the case with the online exam system. People can sit in their home country and give the exam without any hassle. A large number of students can take the international exam by sitting in different parts of the world. A high-functionality is something a student must have to enable an invigilator to check if students are writing exams faithfully. As soon as the students are done with writing answers to question paper, details are moved to cloud in no time. In earlier times, invigilators had to collect the answer sheets in physical form.

Moreover, if it got misplaced, then it was again a time-consuming process. Another advantage of choosing online exam software is that the examiner can make the question set in different languages in a few clicks. It also reduces the cost incurred in staff for supervising the students during exams. 

3. It helps to save the cost of educational institutes: 

While conducting the exams through online medium, there is a huge amount of costing, such as stationery that includes papers, etc. Furthermore, there is also the cost of distributing the question papers. Making the answer sheet and making it available to different schools and colleges also costs higher. The costing of the exam department was crossing a new mark with each passing day. A decrease in these costs has also led to saving much money from exam departments. Online examination system gateway helps to reduce the cost incurred by the exam department of different institutes in the nation. 

4. It also helps to manage time appropriately: 

The feature-rich online exam software is designed keeping in mind about the precious time of students, teachers, invigilators, examiners and all other staff in the process. The online exams make use of wide-ranging computers or the laptops which are placed at the location of students. Another essential requirement for conducting online exams is network connectivity. With these features, it gets easy to manage the time of examination by all the staff. But, all the schools and colleges must carry out proper research about good companies for developing the best online examination software as per the requirement of schools. In the case of the traditional system of exams, examiners use to carry out long and time-consuming processes. Setting the question paper and then including names of students who will appear for the exam, etc. are quite long procedures in examination handling. With the launch of an online examination platform, all these tasks are waved off. In the current scenario, it has become very simple to make a question set through the software. Students now see the scores of each subject in very less time soon after writing the answers to that particular subject. 

5. It helps students to get the insight of answers thoroughly: 

Once the students are done with giving exams, then there comes the important task of results. In this regard, the online exam system works wonders for institutes and colleges. It takes very less time by examiners to check the answer sheet of students. Once the examiner feeds answers to all questions on software, it starts the procedure of scanning each answer sheet in a fraction of seconds. In this way, mark sheets are given to students faster. 

online exam call to action

Closing Thoughts: 

One small software can play such an important role in the entire education sector of a particular nation. This is how the development of a nation takes place. Moreover, students can get all the information regarding exams in a few seconds because the teachers can circulate it in no time. Well, if you run a school or other academic institute and plan to get the online exam software developed then feel free to contact the developers of BR Softech Pvt Ltd. With vast experience in the IT sector, our programmers and engineers are well-versed with designing industry-specific software which eventually takes an industry to new heights. Feel free to contact us and we will assist you further.

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