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Cost and Time to Build a Laundry App Like Washio

written by Admin | May 09, 2019
Cost and Time to Build a Laundry App Like Washio

The mobile app industry is growing at a rapid pace with each passing day. With the emergence of technology, mobile apps are turning out to be an essential part of our life. There are many readymade dry cleaning app clone scripts available in the market. There are various apps available which help us in day to day life and enable us to make full use of digitization. From the past a few years, smartphones are ruling the world. From shopping to taxi booking, paying bills, laundry everything is possible in just a few clicks using a smartphone. Laundry is the most troublesome task for people, and to provide them with the comfort it is necessary to build a high rated Laundry app like Washio with relevant features and functionality.

The mobile app market is set for a 385% growth rate through 2021.

Without further ado, let’s find out the cost and time of developing feature-rich apps like laundry app.

1. What Does It Require to Develop an App which Sets the World on Fire?

Hire a dedicated app developer for developing the app. You can also contact Laundry App Development Company, the one who specializes in the field will guide you to convert your app idea into reality. Well, developing the app is not rocket science, but having the right person for the right work is what matter the most. Each person is a master of some of the other skills. In the same way, a dedicated developer will develop a dry cleaning app or laundry app which will turn out to be the commercial success.

Team of Mobile App Development

Designer: One must hire a well experienced and the best designer who will be creating all kinds of visual contents for your excellent app, all the visual app which will get coded in your project of app development.

Product Manager: A product manager, who will perform the functions of a director by overseeing your app to make it outstanding.

Account Manager: An account manager, whose work will be to act as a liaison for the clients and they will be working with the product managers to co-operate for the accomplishment of different tasks.

2. What is The Cost of Developing The Outstanding Laundry App?

Costing plays a crucial role in the development of the app. For developing an excellent Laundry app which will find a place in the smartphone of a number of users, the costing required is around $150,000. This costing will be the same, irrespective of the team you hire for the development of your app.

Again, there are several apps which have been created, involving less budget than $150,000, and there are certain projects which involve higher budget in developing the excellent apps, the budget can exceed up to $500,000. As the costing of developing the app increases, the feature, and the functionality to build an exceptional app. It may cost, higher or lesser depending on the complexity and components, you wish to add. Here we have listed some of the factors that influence the laundry app development cost.

1. Business Model

2. The Platform You Select (Android/iOS or others)

3. The Complexity of The App

4. Features and Functionalities

5. Development Firm

This above-mentioned cost is not limited to its features, functionalities, creative design and user interface. It may cost less or more depending on the business requirements and mobile app development services. If a freelancer is hired for the development of the app, there will be an increased risk. The budget and motivation are the two main aspects involved in building the app. Keep all the things in mind and develop the app as per client requirement.

Build a laundry app like Washio in cost-effective prices with top-rated Software Development Company BR Softech and experience the expertise of our developers. We guide you with all the latest trends and technologies which can make your app stand out in the competitive market of today’s world and allow you to grow your business by keeping market requirement in mind.


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