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Covid-19 Impact on Matrimonial Websites Growth

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Jul 12, 2021
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As mentioned, Covid-19 severely affects all industries, but matrimonial websites seem like an exception since they reported growth during this period. More people are grounded at home amidst the lockdown, hence they are spending more time browsing matrimonial websites in the hope to find an ideal life partner for themselves. 

The founder and CEO of named “Murugavel Janakiraman” said in a statement, on an average day their website reports around 14,000 to 15,000 registrations of potential brides and grooms. But after the pandemic, these numbers increased by 30 per cent. A similar statement can also be said for 

Another statement was passed by Adish Zaveri, marketing director of, saying that they also saw a boost of over 20% in the number of user registration during the pandemic. 

The growth figures are lower during the second wave of Covid-19 in comparison to the first wave of Covid-19. But still, the growth is evident and inspiring many entrepreneurs and startups to invest in matrimonial website development. Matrimonial websites are leaving no stone unturned to attract the Millenials to plan their wedding who are finding their hectic working hours a reason for delaying their marriage. 

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But now when the vast majority of professionals are working from home and have nowhere to go as the government has imposed the lockdown, hence they have plenty of time in their hands. Matrimonial websites are motivating professionals to utilise this time in browsing partners online and short-listing suitable life partners for them. 

Now when meeting people face to face become difficult during the period of lockdown, matrimonial sites like, and so many others have launched video calling and voice calling features. These features have become quite popular, as they allow them to talk with their matches face to face without revealing their contact numbers. 

People who are either divorced or lost their life partners are also planning to remarry. A chief business executive at named Rohan Mathur said that “during the period of lockdown, they have also seen a boost in the creation of second marriage profiles”. 

The most negative impact that comes into existence post-Covid-19 is the increased number of fake profiles. The number of fake profile’s creation rates increased to 400% in comparison to the pre-Covid-19 days. To cope with the fake profiles, the websites are opting for the more advanced features to ensure that only genuine profiles remain active on the matrimonial website. 

Few Matrimony Trends Likely to Continue Post-Covid-19

Matrimony sites like are seeing some new trends post lockdown. More and more eligible bachelors are coming forward, finding a suitable partner for themselves as per their preferences and taking the communication to the next level instead of relying on their parents or relatives to find a match for them.  

The following are some of the most prominent matrimony trends that are likely to continue post-Covid-19. 

1. Singles are Taking Charge

Singles are highly active on matrimonial sites during both pre-Covid and post-Covid days and around 70% of the profiles are made up of them. Many of them stay far away from their families and take initiative to find a suitable life partner for themselves as per their preferences. 

Rohan Mathur also said that singles are spending more time on matrimonial websites and contributing hugely towards escalating the overall traffic. The same thing is expected to continue after Covid-19 and singles are going to dominate the world of matrimony. Hence, at the time of matrimonial website development, you need to set your prime focus on the younger audience. 

2. Increase in Second Marriage Profile Creation

The people who are divorced or lost their partner and willing to remarry are also registering themselves on matrimonial websites. 

The Chief business executive of named Rohan Mathur said that the number of second marriage profiles increased drastically during the lockdown. 

3. More Dependency on Video Chat Feature

The video call feature has become one of the most preferred features of matrimonial websites these days. As a result of Covid-19 precautions made in place, eligible bachelors are favouring virtual meetings and coffee dates rather than real-world face-to-face meetings. 

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The video profile feature enables the users to make a short video describing their hobbies, interest, education, cast, and many other things. This feature will help the users to make wise decisions with their selection and also prove the originality of the profile. Video profile features have also become a subject of matter for many of us. 

4. Increased Number of Local Profiles

Due to pandemics, people are allowed to travel within a short distance. This created the need for local profiles, which suggests to the people the profile of the local eligible bachelors i.e. bride or groom. A lot of people are using this feature to find an ideal life for themselves in their local community. 

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5. Increased Niche of Online Matrimonial Sites

The popularity of matrimonial websites has reached unforeseen heights, which inspires many top players to join the bandwagon of the online matrimonial industry by creating their own matrimonial website and matrimony app. Now, you can even find some niche-specific websites as well.

For example, if you are a doctor and want to marry a doctor, then these matrimonial sites can aid you to find an ideal life partner for you. This is one of the most prominent trends that seems to continue even in the upcoming few years. 

To Sum Up 

From organizing virtual weddings to video calls, matrimonial sites are constantly on a run to find innovative ways to ensure their business growth during the lockdown. In the initial days, even matrimonial websites have seen an increased decline, but the growth has bounced back within no time and even these websites have recorded the growth of 30% in the revenue. 

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The blog post provided aid to learn more about matrimony post-Covid-19 impact, market overview and ongoing trends that will shape the matrimonial website and mobile apps.


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