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Customize Your Web Development Experiences with Ruby On Rails

Web Development
Jan 10, 2019
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Ruby on Rails is the most prominent web app development tool. It’s an open-source server-side web application framework. It allows the developer to build a website and application with ease. Ruby on Rails automatically separates the repetitive tasks and allow developers to do better customization. Rails is written in Ruby, the programming language. It’s an object-oriented programming language. It consists of everything one needs to build an incredible application. Ruby on Rails is an open source software so not only free to use but also easy to learn. Here we have listed some of the best applications build on Ruby on Rails: Basecamp, GitHub, SoundCloud, Zendesk and a lot more.

Ruby on Rails framework was developed in 2005 and since then it’s growing stronger. This compelling framework is used to develop numerous dynamic programming project. In the growing market, it has become the revolutionary framework which allows the web development process easy and cost-effective.

Here we have listed some of the prominent reasons to use Ruby on Rails for Web Development Project. Depending on your project requirements one can take the full advantage of these customized features. 

  1. Open Source Software: – Ruby on Rails is an open source software which gives the direct access to source code. Source code makes the framework workable allow developers to understand it with ease. There are no additional charges for any update or bug fixing. It provides with the flexibility on budget. Ruby on Rails Development Company suggests using this platform to organizations who want to develop a great web application without investing much.

  1. Faster Development: – Ruby on Rails framework allow the developers to reduce development time by 25% to 50% compared to other languages. It provides with many plugins and modules and allows Ruby on Rails developer to save time and cost. Its user-friendly and simplistic features are lucrative enough to reduce the finish time of development.

  1. Easy to Learn: – Learning to build a modern web application can be a little tricky. Ruby on Rails makes it a lot easier for developers. Compare to other frameworks available its one of the easiest framework to read Rails code. It reduces the rewriting time while development for developers.

  1. Improve Efficiency: – It allows developers to develop codes quickly and effectively. It’s quite difficult to get the code, however, Ruby on Rails frameworks structure allows the developers to get the code efficiently. It eliminates the development time and allows the web development process to finish as earliest as possible.

  1. Improved Productivity: – Ruby on Rails framework provides with amazing tooling that helps you deliver more features in less time. It gives you the standard structure. It follows a convention over configuration philosophy. It improves the designing API understanding and allows developers to focus on web application development.

  1. E-commerce Friendly: – Ruby on Rails framework keeps the database foundation strong and allow integrating other features. It reduces the complexity and keeps the web application process easy. These frameworks manage workflow and provide with an end-to-end solution. No matter how big or small the project is, it gives a better productive e-commerce platform.

  1. Make Customization Easy: – Ruby on Rails framework make the customization process easy by incorporating the required tools. It offers the code reusability and allows developers to excel in providing with custom based solutions. For a more customized experience, you can Hire RoR Developers and get the desired result. Its perfect for web technologies providing with efficient results.

  1. Comprehensive Range of Services: – Ruby on Rails provides with a comprehensive range of services like test benchmarking, mocking including syntax. Its known to be the less demanding in terms of Rails code as compared to other languages. It underlines the better connection between server and customer by providing with a comprehensive range of services.

  1. Adaptability: – Once the website is developed Ruby on Rails framework allows the developer to make necessary changes in the developed app. Ruby on Rails makes the complete process work effortlessley and follows the result oriented approach. It provides with the compact and amusing way to build web applications.

  1. Built-In Testing: – Ruby on Rails framework comes with Built-in testing system. It ensures your code adherence to the desired functionality. Rails test can also stimulate browser request and can check application response without having to test it through the browser.

  1. Focuses On REST: – REST (Representational State Transfer ) is a software architectural style that helps in developing a creative web application. It helps in building a better connection between user and server. It priorities the task and concentrates on highly organized approach.

  1. Offers best Security Features: – For any Ruby on Rails Development Company, security is a major concern. This framework enables security features by default. It provides with secure development lifecycle and assures the complete security. Every enterprise who wants to develop a secure website and web application can opt of Ruby on Rails framework.


Top 5 Websites Built with Ruby on Rails

These websites build with Ruby on Rails will help you clear all your doubts. They have gained immense popularity and still growing stronger.

  1. Github

  2. Shopify

  3. Yellow Pages

  4. Groupon

  5. SlideShare

Ruby on Rails not only focus on high-level technology but also covers efficient workflow and expertise to create authentic products. For the mature businesses to grow stronger hiring RoR developer with exceptional skills can benefit the industry in a lot of ways. It simplifies the process of developing complex websites. It follows the principle of Least Astonishment. This principle applies to the user interface and software design.

Best Ruby on Rails Developers of 2018 are Cognitive Clouds, Zibtek, Idyllic Software, AMPLIFY and many more. It cut downs the time of re-coding and follows the object-oriented programming language. It makes the development less complex and simplifies the complete process. It promotes the highest standard of practicing web development Services. Its built on MVC (Model View Controller) architectural pattern. There are a dozen libraries available for various purposes.

Ruby on Rails is the most versatile tool. With the complete knowledge of Ruby on Rails, one can do wonders while developing the app. It provides with the complete support of rich libraries and gives you the opportunity to build the best e-commerce sites.

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