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How to Develop an Education & Tutoring Apps ?

App Development
Jun 30, 2018
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How to Development an Education & Tutoring Apps

Education is important to every child’s development. As a guardian, you want to find the best way to learn for your kids. If they are the week in a particular subject. No problem today we are a world of digitalization. Your smartphone could be a helpful tool. Education & tutoring apps development company are available easily today.

Nowadays, everybody has a smartphone, even the smallest of kids. Most of the kids play games. Also to communicate with friends. Get fresh news, and to learn. Some of the right people use a phone to study or research. Today So many educational apps, kids learning app, technique apps of any size available on the app store or play market.
According to one of research the next four years, approximately a billion students will complete middle and high school, most of them will have a smartphone in their pocket. Students will decide what apps they use and when they use them, a large part of their education into their own hands.
In this blog, we will cover main types, features, benefits of the education app and how to develop an education tutoring apps.
Battery life is everything
The youngsters, phones are the basic node of social interactions and the place where events unfold in real time. They use or check their phones constantly. But this constant usage means user start running into limits battery life storage space and data.
A student did not see a feature we had designed because her screen was too dim. We noticed most of the high school students keep their brightness at the minimum so their phone battery life is long.
Students use lots of apps slightly older, which means they often run out of storage space on their devices. A lot of apps more use the battery power.
Photos are the quickest way to share content
That’s normal for students to snap a photo of a half done problem send it to a friend the fellow rewrite the solution or next step on a paper click a photo and send it back. Most of the student doing this type of activities. This is one of best and simple way to share ideas and learn more.
Question paper on a mobile phone takes forever and many assignments. Most of the case if students type some in our mobile face a problem at the time of maths symbols. Diagrams.charts. That’s why Snape is the best way to click everything.
Easier to take a screenshot and share it than to copy and paste a URL into iMessage. There is a  new image recognition APIs from Google and IBM they are surprisingly accurate and micro tutoring apps. If students send a snap of their question quickly responded with an answer.
Students treat their phones like a tutor, not a textbook
Scholar search on the internet for guidance, they start by google and typing in their exact homework question, maximum of the students search on yahoo or
Some time exact question not found on the internet, student modify their question or query to make it more general.
Most of the high-quality education sites like CK-12, Khan Academy, etc. on this sites specific question answer.
Today’s educational content is painful to consume on mobile devices
We have watched students scroll through 20 page PDFs on their phones. Looking at tiny font to get their answer. Even website regular optimized for mobile can be really uncomfortable to read on a phone. Most educational content online was created to be read on a computer with a  fast connection and large screen.
In our test, 35% of students opened on their phones took more than five-second to load.
For the phone, content created mobile native fast, chunked and easy to read on a small screen. Reward points for students mobile friendly multimedia. They have subscribed to or follow snapchat’s lead and make vertically oriented.
Friends teach each other over chat
The student will ask their friends for help. When doing so one on one or in small groups students will typically use iMessage, whatsapp, facebook, messenger Many more. Students are connected to each other mostly this social media sites. To communicate their complete class students create a WhatsApp or facebook group at the beginning of the year and invite all their classmates.
They all are converse in this group put a problem other of friends answer this problem or answer over behalf of knowledge.


In this article, we discuss how to develop an education app. How is work and helpful for students? Today most of the student has a smartphone. Most of the students download learning or solution apps for use. Today android mobile us as a textbook for students definitely this type of applications help to students solve a problem or learn about the particular topic.

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