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Emerging Technologies in Which AR Platforms Work?

Sep 11, 2020
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Emerging Technologies

Augmented Reality is one of the recent technology trends which has become all the rage in the IT segment at the speed of light. Ever since Pokemon Go was rolled out, the Augmented Reality game development sector started booming rapidly. Now, technology is also helping various other sector industries reach new heights; for instance, the medical sector, eCommerce, etc. It would not be wrong to say that the AR technology will help in augmenting the sales to a lot of extent by the year 2021.   

With each passing day, digital and online mode of industries will be taken to the next level. The big giants are also sinking money into Augmented Reality software designing, for instance, Google, Facebook, etc. As an entrepreneur, you need to carry out research about your competitors regarding AR technology they developed for performing business operations faster. Accordingly, you will know about the unique AR features which you can integrate for your business model. Many companies plan to sink money into designing the right AR apps for increasing the productivity of employees.  

Types of AR applications: 

1. Marking related AR software:  

When it comes to the functioning of marking related augmented reality app development, it makes use of image recognizing features for ease of designing the software. The driving force behind this concept is a high-functionality camera integrated with the compatible device for finding out numerous designs or some marks, for instance, coding of or the photos, etc. Whenever a particular design is acknowledged, then the AR software generates and covers the complete details online. The direction of the AR software article is related to the place of the object marking.  

2. Place related AR software:  

In this form of AR app, there is no need for any markings because it makes use of GPS technology and other similar location-based tools for finding the exact place. This, in turn, allows you to make AR things without any hassle. This software is designed to help you find the exact area of your vehicle in the entire parking area. It makes the lives of people easier.  

Selecting the right AR SDK for your project:  

There is a wide range of AR kits present for the developers and therefore choosing the perfect tool gets tough. As a programmer, you must single out the technique that goes in sync with the functioning of a particular application. As a top-rated AR app development company, we will walk you through the factors which will help you to fix on the best AR SDK kit:  

1. You must know about the license:  

As a business owner, it is one of the essential factors to keep in mind before any software development. You need to perform a thorough research regarding the type of licenses which are provided by a particular SDK. There are two types of license available such as licenses for which you need to give money, and some do need to involve any charges. 

Another factor is that the SDK which involves some charge is better because they provide more services as compared to a free license. It will eventually help you to create the AR app, which gives higher profitability. Moreover, the programmers can also opt for selecting an open-source AR app which includes amazing features for coders to integrate with the software.  

2. You must also consider the platform which are backed for AR app:  

While selecting the right AR SDK, you must consider the best platforms it functions smoothly for. Well, there are numerous SDK that properly integrates with both the top platforms, ios and Android. There are various AR SDK which functions in the plain-sailing manner for the entire Windows device. There is some of the high-functionality AR software that efficiently helps you to create software for mac also.  

3. It must properly integrate the smart glass functions:  

Another important factor to consider for choosing AR SDK is that there must be a smooth integration of smart glasses. It will eventually help people to check the digital articles on all the compatible smart devices. Every smart glass must cover the AR things in different ways. Moreover, smart objects must also offer a remarkable experience to all people. It will make the Augmented Reality app development faster for engineers.  

4. It must also offer proper integration of Unity:  

One of the best gaming tools available for developers to make gaming software is Unity. It is effective to create wonderful gaming consoles without any hassle. Unity tool has now become the driving force for AR software. It allows the implementation of impressive graphics for the game enthusiasts so that they can play AR games effortlessly. Therefore, you must make sure that SDK is easily integrated with Unity technology.  

5. There must be proper cloud base integration:  

For designing numerous beautiful AR applications, you need to consider marking related techniques which in turn involves proper cloud platform involvement. It eventually helps you to keep all the data on the internet, which is easy to access by sitting anywhere. All the marking related objects are further kept safe in the cloud so that developers find it easy to locate for designing any gaming project. There are numerous AR development programs which easily syncs with the software. This factor will also help in the best-Augmented Reality Game Development 

6. 3D articles recognizing feature:  

This is another important factor to keep in mind while selecting the AR SDK. 3D objects, when integrated with the game app, grab the eyeballs of game aficionados at the speed of light. There are different types of 3D articles used in a particular game, such as, box, cups, etc. which adds thrill in a digital game. The 3D tracking technique enables the designing of wonderful eCommerce and other game-based AR apps with ease. It is also used for creating the parts in an app such as shopping malls, essential structures, etc.  

7. Costing is one of the vital factors:  

For any business owner, the budget has an important role to play before designing the AR application without any hassle. In this regard, there is also an open-source AR SDK available for creating the software. If you desire to offer best services to customers, then it is the best option to select a paid version of SDK kit which will give multifarious functionalities to integrate in an AR application as per the requirement of clients.   

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Top technologies for the functioning of AR platforms: 

Tools for AR Platform

1. AR software that functions with the Artificial Intelligence tool:  

In today’s date, the two most important and feature-rich technology trends are machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. The proper blend of both technologies lets you create a wide range of AR-based software. These apps are a boon for the medical sector for providing better treatment to the patients. Furthermore, eCommerce businesses are rapidly flourishing with the use of machine learning technology and eventually help customers get better satisfaction from the products purchased. The entrepreneurs get the insight from data regarding the products preferred by customers and accordingly offer the right recommendation in selecting the products according to their choice. Artificial Intelligence technology provides amazing retail-based AR solutions to the clients as per their needs. The technology makes use of chatbots that are tailor-made as per the business functionalities. You must choose the best AR app development company for your software project.  

2. ARCore:  

Founded by Google, this is also the best in class technology which is a wonderful option to design apps for both ios and Android. ARcore tool involves the usage of 3 amazing techniques such as virtual related contents, motion-based tool, lightning effects, etc. 3D technique designed with AR core allows efficient lighting method and creates awe-inspiring shades. 

The technology helps in making numerous alterations in lighting functions used in an online game. When a camera is integrated with ARcore, it allows ease of implementing numerous AR things and other parts in AR software. Accordingly, the developers can efficiently include all articles in-floor base, etc.  

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3. Wikitude tool:  

This is also a function-rich tool for making industry-specific AR platforms effectively by the programmers. Loaded with attractive features, Wikitude enables ease of integrating mark based Augmented Reality software for the clients. Moreover, this tool offers impressive functionalities, such as locating different things in an AR environment so that digital articles are found without any hassle. This is also used for implementing SLAM technique to make the task of coders plain-sailing. This is the reason why the Augmented Reality app development company implements Wikitude tool in AR applications.  

4. MaxST:  

This is another efficient tool used by the developers for integrating numerous features in software. This tool makes it simpler for programmers to locate an image quickly. There are around three stunning tools available for finding an image, for instance, making use of the camera’s functionality. These multiple tracking based alternatives eventually help companies to make higher profits. 

The tracking tool also recognizes the flat part in an AR app efficiently with the integration of 3D technology. The digital form also makes use of visual SLAM technology integration with AR gaming as well as eCommerce based software like a cakewalk. Finding an AR thing with this technology also enables the engineers to include marvellous features in the software that increases the download faster. 

5. Kudan technology:  

One of the fastest flourishing SLAM technologies, it is used by developers around the globe. This technique allows for better integration with top-rated platforms such as ios and Android. This, in turn, makes it simple for programmers to identify AR-based things involved in making game software by using the right methodologies by Unity. 

This technology is also the best for designing beautiful digital graphics for gamers. Furthermore, location-based AR SDK ultimately helps you to thrill the game lovers to bits by implementing feature-rich tools such as sensors and other tools like map integration. This tool also allows in making Augmented Reality game development process faster and simpler.  

6. XZIMG tool is also the best for making AR platforms:  

One of the fastest-growing tools, XZIMG technique allows ease of face identification with the top-notch technique by efficient plug-in option for the engineers. This tool also has a visual tool for ease of finding out top images by proper integration of marking related AR SDK available for numerous compatible devices. 

The cherry on the cake for using this tool is magic face functionality which allows the users to keep changing their looks with the help of the best make-up effects available within the software. For efficient running of XZIMG tools, Unity language plays an important role so that games are loaded with incredible features that further entice gamers in the blink of an eye. HTML5 language also plays an important role in creating marvellous online games as per the requirement of gamers.  

Bottom Line:

So, in this post, we have listed all the important factors regarding Augmented Reality technology for developers and coders. Factors and tools, as mentioned above, are important to consider for creating feature-rich AR applications for different sector clients worldwide. As the best Augmented Reality game development company, we have the team of laudable developers having a knack for designing high-functionality Augmented Reality applications according to the requirement of gamers. All you need to do is contact us and discuss your AR app idea, and we will assist you throughout the development process.

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