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Future of eCommerce with Magento and other CMS platforms

written by Harshita Khangarot | Feb 18, 2020

The e-commerce industry is always increasing at a steady rate, and with these results, the landscape of e-commerce industries are sometimes proven scary or somewhere it can be exciting. These e-commerce businesses are increasing at an accelerated rate because of the enormous benefits provided by the platforms. The ever-advancing technology can help the user to satisfy the requirements and meet all the customer expectations. Witnessing all the demands, the future of eCommerce platforms shows an upward trend with no sign of declining anytime soon. 

Many leading e-commerce companies are making a buzz in the market due to its advanced high-tech features, especially Magento. Magento provides impressive features and quality services with outgoing customer support. These CMS platforms are the perfect blend of highly scalable features that help companies to enhance their overall business opportunities witnessing the Future of eCommerce Platforms.

New studies projected that worldwide retail eCommerce sales would reach a new high by 2021. Ecommerce businesses should anticipate a 265% growth rate, from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.9 trillion in 2021.

What is Magento Ecommerce Platform?

Magento can be considered as one of the leading and widely used open-source e-commerce platforms worldwide. Magento allows you to integrate features that are widely used to attract the attention of millions.

This helps users to identify their business needs as it is the most popular eCommerce platform. It has more than 3 million downloads worldwide and has sold more than $160 billion worth of goods sold till now. Magento is the second most popular eCommerce platform in 2019. 

magento web development

Top Competitors of Magento

With these points in mind, let’s look at the following alternatives to Magento!

  • Shopify- Shopify is the leader of the eCommerce industry that has a wide and robust program plan. This platform comes with high-end web stores and attractive panel design.
  • Volusion– The Volusion is another open-source platform that has an extensive range of features and also helps you in creating a website that gives the user the best possible experience.
  • Prestashop- PrestaShop is one of the leading open-source e-Commerce sites that more than 13,000 online merchants use.PrestaShop provides a range of user experience and boundless functionality.
  • WooCommerce-WooCommerce is a majestic eCommerce platform. It has impressive features that can’t be found in any other plugins of WP. WooCommerce is the perfect website plugin used to make eCommerce that helps multiple apps to establish.
  • X Cart– X-Cart is one of the standards and trusted applications for shopping carts on e-commerce. It is an online shopping cart based framework in open source development, giving the best ability to modify design and functionality as needed.

Features of e-commerce platforms like Magento

Features of Magento

Open-Source Platform

Magento eCommerce is an open-source platform that is simple and easy to use that doesn’t involve altering the marketing system. The feature of these apps is quite useful that gives the user an exceptional experience due to its incredible performance. 

Magento is a free open source platform that gives the user an incredible performance. Users can install the Magento app as it is readily available at all the possible platforms. Hire a skilled Magento web development company that can assemble the best site for you that can easily attract the attention of millions.

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Latest Themes/Unique Design 

Magento is used to build the application, using responsive and innovative themes to expand the Magento website. Readymade designs are always enticing to apply for a web site. In addition, theme customizations are also available when operating the solutions along with a high degree of uniqueness and creativity.

 More Scalability

 Magento comes with the excellent functions and strengths of e-commerce websites that improve the scalability of the business. The e-commerce business websites are required to maintain the scalability of the business. The higher gain can provide the user with the website user experience that caters to all the needs of the customer. Magento provides the same requirements based on the preferences that help them to expand their business market growth. 

 Large Enterprise 

Magento is the best platform for any startup or medium or large businesses when it comes to website development, as most of the leading companies use the Magento platform to expand their business. It comes with all of the amazing features that would require a big business to go ahead with the company and to reach a high point. Entrepreneurs need not worry about developing websites that have to work according to their company’s requirements as Magento comes with power-packed features that can even counter significant business needs.


You can go ahead and choose Magento without much thinking if you are developing a website for the initial days to reach the client base and grab mass audience attention. It also comes with website SEO features that help increase rankings on your websites and boost the crowd. 

How Magento Makes Your Shopping Experience Memorable

Here we have listed a few that will help you make your site successful in Magento development.

Implement a Multi-Device Methodology: – Offer your customer with the effortless shopping experience by following multi-device methodology. Use responsive designs to launch your website on a mobile device first. According to recent stats, smartphones help you generate traffic, and around 50.3% of all e-commerce traffic is generated by mobile commerce. Mobile apps help the business to grow and provide users with an effortless shopping experience.

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Use a Professional Theme: – Transform user shopping experience by using custom based Magento designs. Selecting the premium themes provides you with the opportunity to present something new to the customer. Themes available for free might have already been seen by the customer before; hence, it’s not that impactful, and you might lose a customer. It raises suspicions, and the customer leaves the page. Therefore, we always suggest hiring eCommerce developers who can offer a full range of e-commerce website development and allow the customer to recognize your brand.

Opting for a trustworthy Magento Website Development company helps you thoroughly and gives you the technical support you need. It’s a growing platform, and with each upgrade, you will get new features and exclusive functionality.

Customize your Shopping App: – Customization helps you bring uniqueness to the customer. It gives you a limitless experience and allows your customers to find something they like. It also helps in increasing the scalability and flexibility of the website. Add new functionalities to your website and make your digital presence more powerful. For more extended lifespan customization is a must for any e-commerce website. Add a call to action on your website to make it more effective. These things will help you double the same.

Optimize for Speed: –  Optimization not only improves performance but also ensures better SEO. It helps you achieve an edge over your competitors. If you want your customer to make the purchase, optimize your website and allow the customer with a speedy checkout. Eliminate the complexity and will enable the website to run smoothly.

Website load time is critical to any business; hence this is the principal thing one should concentrate on. Custom building your websites gives you the benefits to avoid such issues and allowing it to work properly.

magento website development

In the end

Meet your high expectations with this exceptional platform and allow your customers to experience a more accessible and more powerful e-commerce platform. Consistently meeting e-commerce challenges will help you increase your revenue and will enable you to provide better customer experience. BR Softech is a leading Magento app development company that comes with the best possible option that can easily enhance your overall productivity. 

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