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10 Reasons Why Tech Companies Hire Blockchain Developers From India?

Blockchain Development
Nov 05, 2020
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Block Chain Developer

The demand for blockchain development applications is on the rise, especially from the past few years. The technology that debuted in the year 2008 with the launch of cryptocurrencies, specifically the Bitcoin, has now flourished and is coming into mainstream existence in business operations. 

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that has immense potential to introduce new operational mechanisms for the industries in a much more transparent and secure manner. The main challenge for a client who is seeking to invest in the technology is to find an expert blockchain development companies.

If you want to hire blockchain developers but have no prior knowledge about finding a good blockchain development company, then this article is a must-read for you. 

This article mentions the top 10 reasons that make Indian blockchain developers the best in the business. Moreover, the article also highlights the important role that BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. can play in creating a secure and stable blockchain network for your business operation. Make sure you read every single point of it. 

Top 10 Reasons To Hire Blockchain Developers From India

India is a potent hub for expert developers that excels in providing high-end development and programming services within as well as outside the country.

Dedicated developers

Indian developers are technically sound as well as work-oriented. In India, more than 1.5 million candidates are graduated from the engineering field. This makes it easier for companies to find a great pool of young, talented, and knowledgeable software developers.

The fact can further be verified by looking at the team of developers that are working in the world’s top tech giant companies that are occupied majorly by Indian cryptocurrency developers


There is no second thought in the fact that Indian developers are the most cost-effective ones. Hiring Indian blockchain developers can save you a whopping 20% to 30% on your total budget when compared to developers who are based in other locations.

However, that does not mean that you will have to compromise on the quality aspect of the project if you hire an Indian software development company.

Compared to the western countries, the cost of living is comparatively cheaper, which makes the Indian blockchain developers demand a lessers amount for the same project as compared to any western developer.

English speaking developers

Language compatibility is a major challenge for companies or clients while they search for a skilled software developer. Developers available in other countries struggle with learning English as compared to the Indian developers. According to a survey, India is the second-largest nation after the USA when it comes to speaking English.

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This is the reason why software development companies prefer Indian developers, be it for deploying a blockchain network or any other software solution.

Talented professionals

One of the most important reasons that can not be neglected when relying on Indian developers for any software project is that they boast a wide range of skillset and do not dig a hole in your wallet. When compared to the developers available in western countries, finding developers with the right skill set is much more difficult than finding a skilled developer in India.

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High-end quality

Hiring Indian developers does not mean that you will have to compromise on the quality aspect. This is the reason why most of the clients seek Indian developers for their project as they get the dual advantage of low cost and high quality. Make sure that the blockchain development company that you hire is ISO certified that proves its brand reliability. 


The software developers that are available in India are highly diversified. Be it any particular domain of software development, you will easily find a team of software developers at a much more reasonable price when compared to the developers who are based in other countries. Moreover, you are likely to get a team of developers that excels in more than one domain of software development, eventually saving you a lot of money that otherwise would have been spent on hiring individual developers for various developmental aspects. 

24 x 7 assistance

There is a timezone difference between India and western countries. However, this does not create any challenge for the Indian developers to extend their full support to their clients. When it comes to working in odd hours conditions, the Indian developers are quite flexible in it, eventually increasing the efficiency of the project development. Hire blockchain developers who are based in India, and they will show their complete dedication in the development process.


One of the greatest things when you hire blockchain developers based in India, is the high level of transparency. Be it about sharing about the developmental aspects of your project or the fee associated with it, the Indian developers keep it fair and free from any hidden costs or information. This means you can completely rely on the services offered by an expert blockchain development company.

Affordable than other Asian developers

When compared to the software developers that are based in other Asian countries, Indian ranks in the top five when it comes to hiring an affordable and skilled software developer. Moreover, you might find some developers that are delivering their services and at a much lower price, but the reason behind it is the lack of experience that they hold in the field of software development. 

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High level of expertise

Indian developers are the preferred choice for software development worldwide. This adds a vast amount of experience to their profile, making them capable of solving challenges that are faced during software development. 

After knowing the reasons why companies prefer to hire blockchain developers from India, let us now look onto some of the future implementations of the technology that are under the scrutiny of IT experts and private and public institutions. 

Future of blockchain technology

Since when blockchain technology was introduced in the market, the concept has flourished to a great extent. Initially, the technology was suspected of possessing a threat to traditional banking and finance institutions. However, over time the technology is now recognized by the government as well as traditional banking and financial institutions. Moreover, there are many other industries that have appreciated the concept and are showing their interest in the new age technology. 

Refer to the points that have been mentioned below to discover a few of the implementations of blockchain technology in automating business processes, digitizing and securing records and transactions that, too, in an immutable format.

Blockchain and the internet of things-

Many companies are considering blockchain technology to be integrated with the internet of things to make it more scalable and secure. As the internet of things involves many interconnected devices via the medium of the internet, it increases the chances of the intervention of unauthorized users breaching into the network to steal essential information.

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Blockchain is a technology that supports peer to peer transactions with a high level of encryption that ensures optimal security. Moreover, it is helpful in automating the interaction between the various devices interconnected via the internet of things.

Blockchain and banking-

Yet another important application of blockchain technology is in the banking and finance sector. Though initially, it was seen as a challenge to the stability of traditional banking and finance institutions; however, with time, the banks and financial institutions have started taking the concept more seriously. Recent news has been that the 22 banks in the northern region will soon be initiating crypto banking services.

Blockchain and smart contracts-

Smart contracts are one important and most popular innovation of blockchain technology. Smart contracts is a software program that determines self-execution when certain conditions are met. Smart contracts cater to the industry needs in various domains such as banking, finance, real estate, and many more. 

A smart contract is a decentralized way of transferring funds and assets; however, all the parties that are involved in the network are bound by certain terms and regulations that are predetermined and can not be manipulated. However, the concept is yet to flourish, with investors and developers finding new methods to improvise it and create a more controlled and secure environment for all the users.

Final words

Now when you know about the reason why hiring Indian based blockchain developers can benefit you and the wide range of services that are offered by BR Softech Pvt. Ltd., the next step would be to make an enquiring to get a detailed insight of the step by step process involved in the development of your blockchain-based project. 

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By looking at the increased adaptability of the internet and increasing dependence over digital mediums, the risk of data theft and foreign intrusion has been simultaneously increased. This makes it necessary for you to incorporate modern technology to create a secure network to manage your business information and transactions.

Hire Blockchain Developer

Blockchain is one of the safest innovations that can help you store, process, and transfer business-related information and funds to only a few verified partners that are involved in the business functioning. 

Hurry up and book your slot with the expert blockchain development company and own your personalized blockchain-based network and applications.

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