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6 Things You Need To Know Before Building A Grocery Mobile App

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Nov 03, 2020
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Building A Grocery Mobile App

The year 2020 holds a greater significance when it comes to the digitization of various businesses. The outbreak of COVID-19, followed by the necessity of social distancing, is the root cause of it. However, the industries are now reviving at a rapid pace following the growing digital trend by investing in mobile and desktop applications.

Grocery app development is rising at a rapid pace with various existing e-commerce, as well as the newly emerged venturing into it. If you also own a retail shop and looking forward to flourishing the business via digital software solutions, then the tips provided in this article are likely to help you.

Grocery App Development

The article covers the top 6 things that should be considered at the time of app development to ensure that the final product meets customer needs.

6 Things You Need To Know For Grocery Mobile App

Things You Need To Know For Grocery Mobile App

Developing a grocery delivery application is a complex project. It takes years of expertise for a software development company to successfully create and deploy a full-fledge bug-free grocery delivery app. There are many points that should be considered at the time of app development; however, to make the task easier, we have highlighted the top 6 of them. 

  • Selecting the right business model: It takes a lot of research and planning to create a stable grocery delivery app. Make sure you timely select the business model and make a clear vision of it to take the grocery app development in the right direction. 

There are two types of grocery business models that are adopted most often. They are as follows- 

Warehouse model: It is the business model behind the operation of various big names like Amazon, Big Basket, and many more. In this type of business model, the grocery operator deposits stock in big stores and delivers the products placed as order via delivery agents directly from the warehouse. In such cases, the warehouse is generally situated on the outskirts of the city.

The warehouse business model is backed by heavy investments though it generates a high return on investment. In such a type of business model, the store or warehouse operator is allowed to sell the products under its own label. However, a wide variety of logistic supplies demands to be handled with versatility. 

Store pick-up model: In this type of business model, the grocery operator collaborates with local grocery stores as well as supermarkets. With the help of a grocery application, the customer can toggle between various stores that are listed on the app. 

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Brands like Instacart operate on this principle. The operator either visits the store to collect the order, or the delivery agent delivers it to the service provider directly from the store that the customer selects.

  • Customized menu: The experience of grocery shopping and window shopping is relatable. Customers tend to skip the checkout phase during the initial phase of grocery shopping. Missing out on certain products is one of the reasons behind it.

You can make the process easier by displaying customized suggestions to every customer with the help of modern technology like machine learning. Not only will it save a lot of time but also enhance the customer’s conversion rate. 

Moreover, segmentation of the products based on categories can be created, such as healthcare, kitchen, etc. It enhances user engagement and lets them discover what they require on the app in no time. Make sure that you cover each and every item for the varying customer needs to maintain a high level of engagement while the customer shops from your platform. 

  • Creating a feature-rich app: To maximize the user experience, it is important that you invest in creating a feature-rich grocery delivery app. There are many elements that fall under the category of advanced features; however, the rest clusters to form a basic app. Refer to the points mentioned below to know about a few of them. 

Multiple payment options- Integrating multiple payment options will help the customer to conveniently clear the checkout phase using the desired mode of payment, such as credit or debit cards, net banking, or payment gateway like Paytm, PayPal, etc. 

Multiple shopping lists- The customer should be able to create multiple shopping lists for various occasions. Moreover, the user should be able to place an order of all the lists or schedules for future delivery, as per the needs. 

Recipes- Including a section that is dedicated to recipes will take your grocery delivery app platform to another level, offering content beyond what is expected. The recipe section can help save time and add products that are relevant to the selected recipe for a quick and efficient shopping experience. Also, this feature will save the customer’s efforts that otherwise would have been utilized in toggling between different sections of the grocery app.

  • Enriching with advanced functionalities: It can be difficult to figure out what functionalities to add during the initial version of apps. An experienced on-demand grocery app development company will suggest ways to enhance the functionalities of the app. 

The concept is to integrate advanced technologies in the process of app development to give it an edge over the rest of the competition. Below mentioned are some functionalities that can enrich the user experience as well as enhance employee engagement. 

Voice input- Integrating advanced functionality like voice input can enhance the customer’s experience. Google Assistant and Siri are some popular voice assistants that the developers and clients often look upon. 

Barcode scanning- Barcode scanning is another advanced functionality that can enrich the overall user experience. Google’s barcode API is meant to fulfill the purpose of allowing iOS as well as Android users to instantly add the product to the virtual shopping cart using the barcode of the product. 

  • Secure payment options: A grocery delivery app is an e-commerce platform that operates 24 x 7. There are many aspects to look after while undergoing a grocery app development that establishing an extra layer of security might get skipped. However, experts recommend paying due emphasis on the security aspect to prevent any unauthorized activity, data theft, or any other type of unwanted intrusion. 

Ensure that you provide a secure environment for the customers to carry out the financial transactions. Any discrepancy in it can impact your brand image in a negative manner, eventually leading to a loss of customer’s trust for your platform. 

  • Stacking up the stock: Running an online grocery delivery app involves a huge amount of user traffic on a daily basis, and this is pretty obvious. To meet the huge demand of the customers accessing your platform on a daily basis, it is important to keep the inventory stocked. 

Also, close monitoring is something that is demanded, followed by replenishing the stocked out items on an immediate basis. There might be a possibility that the products of a particular brand might get out of stock; however, its alternatives are still available for sale. 

But customers generally do not tend to purchase these alternatives, thus sticking to the same brand. The main purpose is to provide customers what they demand instead of the alternatives. 

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Cost Of Grocery App Development

Cost Of Grocery App Development

The points that are mentioned above are important to deliver an enriched user experience; however, the cost of grocery app development holds great importance for the investor/service provider. This section covers the factors that influence the cost of app development along with highlighting a basic price range for the app development that will be helpful in managing your budget.

Firstly, it is the complexity of app development that determines the cost of app development. The more complex the project, the higher the price gets. Similarly, an app with lower complexity can be created at a much lower price.

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Moreover, the location of the app development company that you approach plays a major role in determining the price. Apart from it, the brand value and the expertise that the company holds also determines the price of the project. 

A basic grocery app can be developed at a price as low as $10000. However, the price may boost up to a whopping figure of $100000 if in case the app requires advanced features and complex structure. 

The figures that are mentioned are just an estimate, and the actual cost may vary depending upon the business requirement. 

Final words

This article might have helped you in providing the top 6 tips that you should consider at the time of grocery app development. However, the list does not limit here, and there is a lot more to discover than the ones that are mentioned in this article. If you are facing a challenge in finding out what will be the best for your online grocery delivery business, consulting an expert software development company like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd is highly recommended.


Hurry up and grab the opportunity before the competition gets tough, and the price of app development rises.

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