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Payment Gateway Development: Cost, Features, and Challenges

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Nov 09, 2020
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Payment Gateway Development

Online marketplace platforms in the present time offer services, goods, job opportunities, and business partners. We go through different payment gateways and payment service providers to use these services provided by the online marketplace. With these payment gateways or Money Transfer Software, we cannot make payments with safety and ease. 

But for developing a payment gateway, you will require a lot of investment to include various features in it, and even you will have to face numerous challenges. However, it will help you grow your business safely with a mobile app developers assistance.  

What is the Payment Gateway?

The payment gateway can be referred to as a software segment applied by online service providers to run and authorize digital payments. Most online purchases need a payment gateway, right from e-commerce shops to web-based services to marketplaces. 

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You can take Payment Gateway Development as a digital parallel of a physical point-of-sale and acts as an interface between the merchant and customers. 

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It manages all the payment data and sends its details in both directions. It sends the payment data of the customer to one of the payment service providers (PSPs). Then, it procedures the payment and also accepts and denies it. The time amount can vary as per the payment method. And then, this payment gateway notifies both the consumer and merchant about its failure and success. 

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Key Features that Should be Added in Payment Gateways for Online Marketplace

It is significant to pay attention to these major features while developing a payment gateway for your online enterprise. Here are the features to mind:

Multi-party Transactions

In the online marketplace, payment gateways have to support the transactions among more than two parties included. The third-party enlarges the trade of the goods for money between the merchant and customer. It can be a marketplace owner, who can charge a fee for every transaction or grasp back money for the merchant until some particular conditions match. 

Further, the online marketplace consumers collect their orders and buy from various merchants in each basket procedure. Payment gateway script is used to untied and appropriately assign and procedure such as real-world money flaws and transactions, and so on.


Although the payment processing and online authorization take only a few seconds through the payment gateway, still a slower gateway will not be accepted by merchants. For a business, PSPs (payment service providers) and their attached payment processors play a major role in fastening the transaction procedures. Optimize the payment procedures to run it efficiently. In the end, it refers to that you must have control over the functionalities and outline of the payment gateway.         

Multi-Currency Support

Online commerce is vast and has its connection to all over the world. Hence, multi-currency support is compulsory for marketplace owners. You must select a payment gateway that can manage foreign currencies and can endorse international payments. It not only broadens the potential buyer’s range but also provides consumers a feel of familiarity. It impacts the user experience positively that takes us straight to the next step. 

Compatibility and scalability

Payment Processing Script is not developed for eternity, and innovations in online payment and digital finance happen quickly. For instance, the rise of cryptocurrencies. You can also have a different concentration on a flexible payment gateway that can be easily updated and adapted. You can’t affect how third-party will maintain and update the solutions of payment gateway. Still, it settles for a turn-key product with an aim for high-scalability. 

Your applied payment gateway should be able to enhance your enterprise operations and productivity. Consider the organization’s transformation offering the payment gateway for you to apply changes in payment gateway reliability. 

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Custom-made Attributes

You can have off-the-shelf payment processing solutions with less fee, but you will still not have all the facilities to provide you a satisfying experience. If you have a payment gateway with the assistance of iOS and Android app developers, it will permit you to have the customized features for amazing experiences during every transaction.      

Features such as recurring payments, multi-currency, and so on can be removed or added provide a great benefit for Payment Gateway Development.

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Dictating Adieu to Charges of Payment Gateway

With having your Payment Gateway, you don’t have to pay extra charges anymore as using another payment gateway used to have a big portion of the profit. Still, it will not happen if you interact with the Android and iOS app development company for sure and also get your payment process.

Have Payment Gateway Products

Availing your payment gateway created by Android or iOS app developers, you will be guided by providing various products. You can have or even sell the payment gateway in the shape of the product to the ISOs, agents, and merchants who need it. 

Cost to Create a Secure Payment Gateway 

The estimated cost of developing the payment gateway is less or higher than paying for, including charges looking out for using the gateway outside for payment. The cost of Payment Gateway Development depends on the various factors like its features, using the platform, programming language, a team of developers, and working hours. 

If you want to include some of the advanced features rather than only having basic features, it will cost you more than expected. And, you want it to support cross-platform, then have a high-budget for its development. Also, consider your business plan to analyze how and when you will regain the initial investment. 

You can take the cost idea from existing payment gateway solutions that are doing well due to their operations and working speed. It includes CCAvenue, Cashfree, PayUBiz, Instamojo, EBS, PayUMoney, SBI, Atom, PayKun, HDFC, etc. 

Challenges to Look for Payment Gateway Development 

For the growth of any online marketplace businesses, you need to assure customers their all transactions are safe on your website. You require a secure payment gateway for this, but you have to face many challenges in this development journey. Take a look-

Slower Market Time

Time matters very much, particularly in the case of searching methods to transfer it. Creating your payment gateway will take longer than basic integration with the third-party payment solution. Payment gateway should be on priority to start the work and decreasing the development time. Do it after deciding the looking of the marketplace. Also, consider the certification procedure needed to meet with time-consuming government regulations.

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Development and Maintenance Charges

Payment gateway script development has expensive development cost and compliance/insurance costs, and recurring maintenance charges in the marketplace business. Despite that, resources such as domain knowledge and available workforces limit the possibilities of building a payment gateway. In this case, the marketplace owner will have to own a development team that can be small but might be enough for working with the partners of external software development is feasible. 

Responsibilities for Compliance and Functionalities

As an owner and developer of a payment gateway, all the controls to make sure the 99.9% uptime will come to you. It refers to you having to be dependent upon complete maintenance and continuous testing and error fixing. Additionally, you are accountable for data security and compliance that need further know- how to cope with your organization or an external or reliable partner.

Managing the Settlement Reports

It is another challenge you will face during the Payment gateway script development. In this, you will have settlement reports via the payment processors available in a raw format. 

Cost of Payment Processor Certification and Integration

When it is about integrating a payment gateway with the processors, it will be time-consuming and need a long certification procedure. In this situation, using a system of external payment gateway systems will be simpler and faster as you will have to pay charges only for a transaction that has been completed with the related gateway’s use. 

Final Verdict

To conclude, we have discussed various key-features, the estimated cost, and the challenges related to Payment gateway script development. If you also want to develop your payment gateway, you must consider these points mentioned above as these will help you get a proper solution with less development cost. Building a secure payment gateway is a complicated task, but it is also worth investing in. Get flexible support from a top-notch development company, BR Softech, that provides amazing payment gateway development services at a reasonable price. We have years of experience in the development field and providing customized solutions to clients to enhance their enterprise operations. 

Whether it is an e-check or mWallet, we will provide you accommodative solutions that meet different merchant preferences and offer various options. Our dedicated developer’s team also delivers feature-rich, safe, trustworthy, and custom-made Payment Gateway Development to enhance your business growth. Our company provides scheduled, recurring, and split payments for our valuable clients to enjoy complete and advanced payment gateway services. Connect with us and experience amazing services.

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