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How Coronavirus Pandemic has Boosted the Grocery Delivery Business Worldwide

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Jun 04, 2021
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With the total number of Covid-19 cases worldwide reaching more than 20 lacs, governments of different countries are imposing strict lockdowns to save lives of people. This has led to  In this global pandemic, people prefer using the grocery delivery app to practice social distancing and stating home. Groceries, one of the essential products to live life and therefore there is an increase in revenues for different grocery business owners worldwide. 

As the world fights with this new coronavirus, people are bound to stay indoors in order to stay safe. In such a case, it is hard to know which person is infected or not. This is the reason why people are choosing online mode of grocery purchases compared to going to the shop. Apart from so many industries facing the decreasing trend, this particular business is rising at the speed of light. The number of grocery application downloads is mushrooming around the globe because these apps fulfill the basic needs of people for making food at home.  

Even the grocery business owners are taking the right precautions to keep their staff as well as customers safe from Covid-19. Regular sanitizing is carried out before making the delivery of grocery order to the customer’s location. The grocery delivery executives also sanitize their hands often before going for grocery order delivering. This has also led to grocery shopkeepers taking their physical business location to the online store for keeping themselves safe from the deadly virus. Grocery mobile app development services have also seen the rising trend as more and more grocery business owners take their business online to stop the spread of coronavirus.  

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It is also seen that the buyers of grocery products are rising but there is a shortage of suppliers. This is another reason why grocery businessmen are shifting their physical store to online platforms.

Though scientists are focused on researching the vaccine for Covid-19, currently social distancing is the need of the hour to remain safe. This is the moment when you must plan to create an impressive online grocery store to attract the customers by sitting anywhere, in a few clicks by using a smartphone. Moreover, in order to ensure full safety, some grocery business owners have also begun contactless delivery. 

Whenever a delivery executive goes to drop a customer’s order, then the order will be kept at the gate and leaves after informing about the parcel through online modes of communication. 

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So, if you are planning to take your physical grocery store to an online platform and get the grocery delivery app, then there are various factors to keep in mind. 

Quick Glimpse of How grocery business has boosted during Coronavirus Pandemic


Here you go:

1. You need to plan for a online grocery store website: 

The most important factor to keep in mind is the development of an attractive online grocery store website. There are numerous online platforms you can choose from. You must make sure that the website must be easy to load, and function smoothly on different devices because you might end up getting customers from any device. Keeping all this mind, you must opt for the right eCommerce web platform. 

2. Grocery app development: 

Apart from the attractive website, having a business application is also the need of the hour because many people opt for shopping through apps. The reason being applications are easy to log in and takes pretty less time. The cherry on cake is that smartphones can be used by sitting anywhere. With the best way of social media integration, a customer will be able to reach at the home page of a grocery app and it saves the time of the customer or app user. But, it is essential to choose the top-rated grocery app development company for getting the function-rich application developed as per your requirements. 

3 It must be SEO friendly: 

One of the essential features of online grocery stores is that it needs to be seo-friendly. This will enable you to carry out digital marketing to enhance your web presence. With constant marketing, you will also be able to improve the ranking of your website which in turn drives more traffic to your online store with each passing day. It is important to keep your visitors engaged with thrilling content and jaw-dropping grocery images to make them convert into customers faster. Making use of the right keywords will also play an important role in digital marketing of your online grocery store.

4. It is also important to plan for mobile optimization for your grocery app: 

It is now seen that more than 50% of people are using smartphones more in devices. This has led to businesses in optimizing their online store on mobile too. Therefore, it is essential to make the online grocery store that is fully mobile responsive and works smoothly on different smartphones. Moreover, attractive product images and content must also be added to grab the eyeballs of visitors and customers. Mobile optimization is a tool to take your grocery business to the next level and increase revenues quickly. 

5. Social media integration is also important: 

Another essential factor to keep in mind is merging your online grocery store with different social media platforms. This will eventually enable the customers to reach the homepage of your grocery app without any hassle. Customers are able to carry out shopping procedures in no time and as per their convenience, by sitting anywhere. You just need to make sure that the grocery app development company must be widely known and develop the high-functionality application as per your requirement. 

food and grocery app call to action

6. You must work out the plan for grocery delivery: 

This is one of the vital factors to consider while beginning an online grocery store. You must have enough delivery executives to meet the grocery orders you receive through an online channel at any part of the day. You can also plan for keeping a particular area for providing groceries to people.

Apart from that, delivery paths should also be taken into consideration so that delivery executives are also safe and do not opt for locations that are infected more than other locations. Proper sanitizing must be done for grocery products and delivery executive’s hands so as to keep it safe from the virus.

7. You can also opt for expanding the business further: 

Once you have started the grocery online store, you can then try to expand it by certain measures. Say, for instance, after some time you can think about joining with other small grocery suppliers to add their products to your online store. In this way, you will be benefited because the products you sell and products they sell will be different and you will be able to provide different types of products to numerous customers. In this way, you will reach new heights in grocery online business at a rapid pace. 

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8. Payment gateway on the online grocery store must have numerous features: 

One of the crucial parts of your online grocery store is payment gateway. It must have wide-ranging functionalities so that customers are able to make payment with ease after shopping. You must include various modes of payment that customers can choose from and it simplifies their task further. Many times some online modes of payment do not work smoothly. In such cases, customers will have different options available to select the best payment option that runs smoothly on the device by which they are shopping. It eventually saves time for customers.

Another essential factor to keep in mind while adding a payment gateway is that it must be highly secure so that there is no risk of data theft. This feature is must for any grocery delivery app for efficient functioning. 

9. You must have social media presence of your online grocery store: 

When it comes to online shopping, you might also get in touch with customers through social media. In today’s date, a hashtag is a wonderful way to promote your business in a few clicks. You must have your business account on different social media platforms and keep engaging customers with mesmerizing posts and images on a daily basis.

This will further attract customers to your business in the blink of an eye. Moreover, this will also help you get the important data to check the performance of your online store. You can easily check the locations from which you are getting more customers from and accordingly proceed with planning delivery schedules to that location or keep more delivery executives for delivering orders at that location.

10. Online marketing is a must: 

The sureshot way to get success through online grocery stores is that you must carry out promotions and marketing regularly. It will eventually enhance your web presence at grocery stores. Better marketing techniques, faser the online grocery stores show up on search engines.

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You can also plan out for keeping discounts on the repeated customers so that it increases the sales of your products and thereby, higher revenues. This will lead to word of mouth marketing of your grocery business. 

Final Words: 

Well, now you know the reasons why Covid-19 has increased the grocery delivery business worldwide. You can also now plan to take your physical grocery store to an online platform to get more customers day in and day out. It will help you improve your business rapidly and faster.

If you are a grocery business owner and searching for the grocery mobile app development company, then you have come to the right place. BR Softech is known as a one-stop solution for the grocery app development. We have a melange of proficient and well-versed grocery app developers, who design the grocery mobile apps in a unique way.

We have dedicated developers having an affluent experience of creating right mobile apps as per your business requirement which eventually takes your business to a new level of success. All you need to do is just contact us and we will assist you further. 

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