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How Much It Costs to Build a Grocery Shopping App like Bigbasket, Grofers, Amazon Pantry, and Zopnow?

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Feb 06, 2021
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cost of grocery app development

Online grocery stores are growing rapidly and became immensely popular. The emergence of technology has made retailers’ lives a lot easier by allowing them to sell food products including groceries, vegetables, fruits, beverages, staples and much more online using these successful platforms. The popularity of these platforms increases customer base day by day. From trolley picking, people have moved to add to cart options. If you are curious to know more about the cost of grocery app development, Here we are explaining all the factors in-depth that play a vital role in cost estimation.  

Approx 45% of people buy grocery online aged 25-35.

Factors that impact the Grocery Delivery App Development Cost


There are multiple factors that determine the cost to develop a grocery app solution. One must have a clear vision before developing the grocery shopping app. Here we have listed some of the most common factors that impact the cost to develop a grocery app. The development approach and the desired time also influence the development cost of the grocery app.

There are basically 3 types of grocery mobile apps which helps the customers to opt for the service they require the most. There are many apps, similar to Bigbasket, Grofers which, influence the traditional way of shopping and bring modernization to society.

  • E-commerce Grocery App: – Irrespective of user location e-commerce grocery apps allow the customer to buy grocery products. It’s best for people who want better delivered as per their preferred time.

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  • In-store Grocery App: – In-store grocery app displays all the categories of grocery products along with their specification. It provides a virtual view of the places from where the consumer is buying the product.
  • Personalized Grocery App: – Take the shopping experience to the next level with a personalized grocery app. These apps help the end user to purchase the item by sharing the list with store and avail products the moment they require.

Online grocery stores commonly work on different panels. These panels allow the admin to manage the app efficiently. We offer Grofers Clone Script, Bigbasket Clone to help our clients to get beneficial results. Our clone script consists of the below-mentioned panels.

1.User Panel: –

From the user profile to order management, everything is being taken care of by our user panel. It handles the quality of service and identifies the concerns to improve the overall app performance. Our user panel consists of many features like:

  • User Profile: – Follow the seamless approach and log in using your credential to maintain your individual profile on grocery shopping app.
  • Browse Products: – Select a particular product from all the categories of food and grocery product with a detailed description.
  • Schedule delivery: – User panel allows customers to schedule the delivery as per their own convenience. We provide with different delivery time slots and allow the customer to place the order anytime.
  • Order Tracking: – Get the real-time order tracking details and keep yourself updated with the order status. It provides the real-time location and helps you with the tracking details.
  • Multiple Payment Options: –Make the payment in the most reliable and secure way using our multi-payment option.
  • Offers & Discounts: – Enjoy the greatest offers and avail the most beneficial discount and offers suitable as per your order.
  • Review & Settings: – Write the shopping experience review and manage the settings while maintaining the complete review page using the user panel.

2. Admin Panel: –

Admin panel takes care of the representation of the information using the display screen in the given circumstances. It’s also known as the back end and control panel. Admin panel allows the one to create new posts, categories, links and a lot more.

  • Dashboard: – Dashboard allows the app admin to manage and track all the orders and activities using one screen.
  • Manage Payment: – Manage all the payment models using the admin panel in the most transparent way and take the grocery business to the next level.
  • Assign Order: – Ensure all the orders, deliver on time and execute in the most professional way using the admin panel.
  • Manage Customer: – Admin panel helps in connecting the app with customers and keeps them engaged while making sure top-notch services.
  • Manage Store: – Admin panel helps in managing all the orders and customer count while managing it efficiently.
  • Offer Excellent Services: – Admin panel ensures that all the activities and orders are managed in the most effective way.

3. Grocery Store Delivery Panel: –

Grocery store delivery panel takes care of all the selected units or quantity of the orders. It gives the user the option to either pick the ordered items or get them delivered to their desired location. It sends the users with delivery request notifications, along with order numbers and delivery details.

This panel helps in managing all the cancel and accept requests by drivers if the delivery location is far from their route. It enables the drivers to chat and call instantly in case of any trouble in delivering the order.

This panel helps in managing the status of committed delivery and sends the notification to the user similarly like our Grofers clone script. Online grocery shopping app offers a variety of products to choose from. It helps in getting the on-time delivery confirmation with complete reliability.

App Similar to Bigbasket, Grofers are some of the largest online grocery app stores in India. They allow users to order groceries in the comfort of their homes.

There are some major factors which impact on-demand grocery delivery app development cost

There are some major factors which impact the development cost like:

  • App Design: – To engage the buyers and motivate them to buy the product, it’s essential to choose the app design which attracts the customer. It plays a vital role in the complete development process.The more engaging the app design is, the more it will cost as it’s essential to bring something unique yet user-friendly UI/UX designs to grab the audience attention. It can be simple, attractive and rich as per the budget and desirability.
  • App Size: – App size is decided by its features and functionalities which decides the cost of the app. It’s the key element which greatly impacts the cost and allows the admin to choose features and functionalities. By selecting it wisely cost can be managed to get a beneficial result.

  • App Developers: – The overall development cost depends on the app developers as, app developers geographic location, their experience, and expertise can impact the complete Cost to Build a Grocery app.
  • Mobile Wallet: – For hassle-free payment it’s really important to maintain the mobile wallet. Mobile wallets ensure the timely, secure payment gateway using smartphones and tablets. It works similar to a real wallet.
  • App Platform: – Selecting the app platform decides and directly impacts the Grocery Delivery App Development Cost and directly impacts it. For developing an Android app one requires a well-planned budget as compared to iOS as iOS is more affordable as compared to Android.

Features & Functionality that Impacts the Grocery App Development Cost


Another factor that impacts the overall development cost is its features and functionality. Its features are divided into two parts.

  • Basic Features: – Basic features include User Profile, Bar Code/QR Code, Offer zone, order history and Shopping cart with help option for customers. These basic features help online grocery stores to provide the customer with an amazing shopping experience.They clutter the complexity and allow users to enjoy the benefit of online shopping with ease. It brings the whole new experience for the customer and makes the business flourish.

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  • Advance Features: – The advanced features help in increasing customer satisfaction and provides with a great options to fulfill the requirements. We use the latest technology and provide features like In-app calling & messaging, Geolocation, Data Sync, push notification and a lot more.

We allow the users to communicate on a transparent platform for sharing important information like delivery address, landmark, time and everything associated with the customer. We help you make secure payments including many options like debit/credit, cash on delivery net banking and much more.

Grocery App Development Process

  1. Plan: – Explore and Understand the market trends
  2. Design: – Build a Unique Interface
  3. Build: – Customer Centrix Development
  4. Test: – Analyze Website Speed and Everything
  5. Launch: – Go live in the market
  6. Monitor & Evaluate: – Analyze the performance

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Grocery Shopping App?


The overall cost of developing an online grocery app can be evaluated by its complexity, the platform you choose, and the country as developers’ cost may differ depending on the country. The approximate cost of developing a grocery delivery app will be somewhere around $10,000 to $30,000 for a single platform.

If you opt for the cross delivery app, it will cost higher as compared to a single platform app. Selecting the cross-platform app, adding more features will help you attract more audience and will increase the on-demand grocery delivery app development cost up to $50,000.

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This is one of the leading industries. In 2019, food and beverage e-commerce sales are expected to increase up to $17.65 and by 2022 it’s supposed to grow to $28.05. So calculating the overall expenses, knowing the benefits definitely helps in standing ahead in the competition.

Final Thought

Online grocery shopping app helps users to make a purchase in the most convenient way using their smartphones, tablets at their fingertips. It solves all the problems related to grocery shopping and simplifies the complete process. Its simple access and usability is the key reason for its popularity. One can avail of great benefits and discount rates using these platforms.

One can easily view the product review in case of quality doubt and get alerts to know about special offers and deals available on various products.

Analysing the Cost of grocery app development is a challenging task. Hire BR Softech a grocery app development company to get the best possible results with optimum solutions at an affordable cost while catering to all your business needs.

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