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How Is Augmented Reality Apps Technology Reshaping Travel And Tourism?

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Sep 04, 2020
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Augmented Reality Apps Technology

Augmented reality has the capability to transform the tourism and sightseeing industry. With the help of IoT and AR technology, it is possible to provide real-time geographical information, features about a place and remarks marked by any previous visitors. 

Also, virtual simulations of historical events on a site visit make the experience memorable. This article aims to educate the readers about augmented reality and its implications in travel and tourism. 

Companies like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. with expertise in developing software solutions can help you develop an app powered by AR in travel

Importance Of Augmented Reality In Travel And Tourism

AR technology has breached the innovative doors and found its implication in the travel and tourism industry. The technology is helping the service providers to level-up the quality and effectiveness of their services by using AR in travel app development.

Travel and tourism industry involves high research. The traveller needs to get as much information about the places, food and in total the entire journey. With the help of AR apps, a user can experience the places and the journey with the help of AR-powered devices at the comfort of their home. 

Interactive Maps: 

Locating places and finding the most appropriate route can be quite a challenge for the traveller. There might be instances when the traveller might get confused finding the route of the place towards where they are heading. This might be a moment of disappointment for the traveller as losing every second will lead to less time enjoyed in sightseeing. 

AR in travel and tourism has the potential to immerse the user in an interactive session for locating their favorite destinations. It not only increases the convenience of travelling but also provides precise search results.  


Another challenge that is faced by travellers is the communication gap between the local residents of the destination where they visit. Travellers might face difficulty in reading certain signs and texts in the local language. AR technology can aid in translation and optimize the text in the language that is preferred by the smart device user. 

Google Translate app can be the primary example that possesses such capability. A user with a smartphone and an active internet connection can easily translate any text in the desired language simply by pointing the camera over the text that needs to be translated.

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Improved Traveler Experience:

Various software companies, like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd., have expertise in developing customized solutions for travel agencies that can enhance the traveller experience. Not only for the agencies but also various software are focused on enhancing the user (traveller) experience and are free to download from the AppStore and PlayStore. 

Companies are focusing and developing apps that allow the user to point their camera on a monument or object and know the entire history related to it. This has also promoted the idea of offering walking tours of places like museums and parks via their smartphone.

Also, museums based on advanced concepts deliver AR views of extinct species of animals simply by using technology like augmented reality. Also, modern theme parks are using the technology for their advantage of providing an interactive and enhanced experience to the visitors.

Furthermore, restaurants can also be benefitted by using the AR technology, adding a modern touch to the menu. AR technology can be used to provide a real-like view of the dishes that are mentioned on the menu for a better understanding along with the list of ingredients added to it. 

Marketing And Advertising:

Marketing and advertising is another important aspect that can determine the success of your business. Right marketing strategies can boost up the sale of your travel and related services. 

With the help of AR devices, sectors like hotels and airlines can submerge their customers in an atmosphere where they can get a feel of reality. This way, the customers can thoughtfully carry their expectations, and hence it increases the customer satisfaction rate as well. 

Capabilities of the camera to capture the image of a hotel or a restaurant to watch reviews and discounts can prove to be useful for the respective. Also, a business can be benefitted by displaying them benefits associated with services. 

The revolutionary implications of AR in the travel industry are expanding at a rapid pace by the efforts of various expert software developers like the ones in BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. Using technology wisely while showcasing your services to the customer can play a vital role in expanding your business. 

Augmented Reality In Transportation

Commuting in an unknown city can be a tedious task, and a confused mind can be even more challenging. But thanks to augmented reality technology that can be effectively tailored with smartphones and aid a traveller in finding the travel route of public transportation. Also, the technology can be intelligently incorporated with the ability to interpret the metro or airport site plan helping you to guide you to the appropriate platform. 

It can contribute to eliminating a situation that can leave the traveller puzzled while they travel their dream destination. 

The teleporting capabilities of AR in travel makes the app development a profitable investment. Looking at the situation when the entire world is locked indoors can be used for the business benefit to extend the services to your customer via smart devices. 

Advantages Of Using AR For Travel And Tourism

AR apps for Android and iOS can be an accommodative step of the augmented reality technology in the tour and travel industry. There are multiple advantages that are associated with the implementation of AR, scroll down to ensure that you do not miss any of them. 

  • AR technology can be used in sync with smartphone and wearable accessories to let the user dive into a virtual world that resembles their dream destination before they actually visit them.
  • It can help them to predict the quality of services of hotels, restaurants and transporting by experiencing a virtual tour powered by augmented reality. 
  • The technology can be used to navigate hence eliminating the room for any confusion during planning routes in a new location. 
  • Augmented reality can be used for marketing purposes to grab the attention of masses and flourish the business. Also, marketing using AR might incur some costs initially, but the investment is likely to raise your profits significantly.

Some Other Applications Of Augmented Reality

Commerce: AR technology is beneficial in enhancing commercial operations. There are multiple benefits when it comes to augmented reality in retail. Customers can now virtually try clothes, eyeglasses, or any other accessories without having to actually visit the store.

Also, with the help of an AR-enabled device, consumers can scan and know the product inside the packaging without literally opening it.

Video Games: AR technology is a boon for the gaming population. The process of augmented reality game development has revolutionized the indoor gaming experience.  

AR technology has been used as source technology in the development of some of the superhit games of their time, for example, Pokemon Go.

What To Look Into An Augmented Reality App Developer?

Creating applications with such advanced technology demands experts of various domains. An expert, having knowledge about the different elements of 3D modelling, such as rendering, shading, and texturing. 

It is best to have a professional with an experience of working with complex languages like C++ and C#. However, the platform for which the app is built might become the factor influencing the selection of programming language.

The integration of other modern technologies with augmented reality is sometimes seen taking the user experience a new level.

Future Scope Of AR In Travel And Business Operations 

Before planning a business venture in augmented reality, it is the basic demand of any entrepreneur to know about the market trends and scope of such an evolving technology.

The market analysis of AR technology varies with its type, i.e. either it is hardware or software and the end-user.

The market cap of augmented reality was calculated, and it came out to be 0.882 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. Though it might sound much less when compared to the hype that it has made about its capabilities however with the gradual surge in its popularity and demand, it is expected to register a compound annual growth rate of 151.93%.

AR development is a complex project, and the fact can be verified by taking the examples of leading brands such as Microsoft in the development of Hololens, that initiated in the year 2010 took more than 6 years to complete. Another ‘not heard much about’ project, Magicleap that raised a massive amount of 1.9 billion U.S. dollars took more than seven years in the app development.

Augmented reality development companies are focusing on mobile-based project development to swiftly penetrate the technology in routine work to simplify lifestyle.

Cost Incurred In App Development

The cost of availing augmented reality app development services may vary depending on the complexity of the project and expertise of the developer. 

A simple AR application may develop anywhere between 30,000 U.S. dollars to 50,000 U.S. dollars. Apps with a more challenging development may cost up to 200,000 U.S. dollars. 

However, these figures are just an estimate, and the cost of development may exceed depending on your objective.

Final words 

The article with an aim to educate the reader about the various implications of the advanced technology in business operations can help you expand and enhance your business approach and eventually the profits. 

AR apps in travel and tourism can be considered as the future of carrying business operations to increase effectiveness and accuracy. BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. can help you carry augmented reality office operations by using its expertise in developing an optimal software solution for your business.

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