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How to Build Your Own Instagram Clone App – Cost and Features Analysis in 2021?

Jan 12, 2021
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Instagram Clone Cost & Features Analysis

Millions of people love the concept of Instagram that allows users to share amazing visual content, which is why it is so famous in the present time. Due to its huge popularity, various companies are trying to develop an Instagram Clone Script. Do you know what it includes to build an Instagram clone?  Get a Instagram Clone Cost & Features Analysis:

Go ahead, and we will guide you through this article with the essential steps to make an app like Instagram. So, let’s have a brief introduction before developing a successful digital content sharing app. 

Introduction to Instagram

Earlier, Instagram started with a few basic features, and Kevin Systrom consumed nine years to make this app what it is today with rich features. This app is a lot more than just being a photo-sharing app as it is a group of numerous small scale businesses that run via a single platform. This app can be used in the different forms by a user that is as follows-

  • Instagram as a photo-editor social app
  • Instagram as a messenger app
  • Instagram as an eCommerce portal
  • Instagram as a social medium between public and ventures

Cardinal Procedure to Build An App Like Instagram

To make an Instagram Clone, below are required steps that will make your app development process faster and easier. Take a look-

  • Conduct proper market research to know the essential facts about the target audience and their preferences. 
  • Analyze your competitive market like other social media apps like insta which provide the same features as your app.
  • Determine the different and amazing concepts for apps.
  • Make your other strategy about your goals, including budget, project, technologies, and timeline.
  • Decide your PR and market strategy and then start to promote the app from the earlier time.
  • Develop communication channels for gaining up-to-date and fast feedback from the app users.
  • Choose an experienced development company or efficient developer to design, create, test, and launch your developed Instagram Clone App.  
  • Cope with the competitors in the same market and grow the project afterwards with the extra design elements, functionality, and get to increase your customer base.

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Essential Features that Need to be Added in Your Instagram Clone App

Here are some must-have features that are enough to start your social app journey and gain a good customer base. Check out below-

Set up the Authorization (65 to 70 hours)

Every other B2C app provides its users two options when it is about Authorization, that are-

  • Make a new account
  • Login with existing social media account or Gmail or phone number

Users can also get back their forgotten password via their mail, phone number, or social media account. For this feature, you will require a database on the server to collect all users’ data. 

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Development and Editing of Profile (48 to 50 hours)

The option of profile editing must be the important feature of your clone application. Users must be given this space in which they can edit their profile, and also can modify the personal information like bio, website name, profile picture, etc. For this, in the backend, it needs a connection between the server and the app’s client-side.

Extra Settings (90 to 120 hours)

In the Instagram Clone App, you can provide users with a chance to enable or stop the notifications, set language, put the private mode off or on, etc.

Messaging Platform (120 to 140 hours)

It is an essential feature to include in your social media app. You can provide an option for notification to make the users alert about incoming messages and make real-time messaging possible. For this, you can apply the RESTful API on HTTP instead of perpetual socket links to prevent the server from overloading.

Video or Image Uploading (70 to 85 hours)

A photo-sharing app must-have features to upload video or photos. In an Instagram clone app, users can either click pictures inside the app or post the existing one. It would help if you had MediaRecorder Classes, Camera API, and SurfaceView, Android. hardware.camera2 API, etc., for Android. In Apple, you need to include UIImagePickerController that is a segment of UIKit Framework.

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Options for Photo Editing (60 to 70 hours)

It is another essential feature to include in Instagram Clone Script. No matter if you are creating a similar app like Instagram or any other photo-sharing app, notifications, and image editing features are a must-have part. For this, you have two choices, either build filters or use caliber files. 

Connection With Social Media (8 to 10 hours)

Link your developed clone app with every social media platform so that users can share their post without any issue. Users can easily interact with other people via it, so provide integrating it with other social media channels. Make a connection between social media account ID and app account comprising authentication methods.

Search (60 to 70 hours)

This feature helps users search each other by entering their username or the trending things via hashtag or specific name in the clone photo-sharing apps.

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Geolocation (24 to 30 hours)

In this feature, users can include the location in a video or image. Then, their post will be added to the world map, and others can also track the location, to where that photo is being taken. You can use APIs for this feature in iOS and Android, or you can also take help of maps and location services. 

Simple App Design (60 to 70 hours)

Instagram Clone should have this feature for reducing the cost of app development. If you are developing a clone app to repeat the original app’s success, then be ready to invest minimum 60 to 70 hours for the app designing. 

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Some unique features that Instagram doesn’t provide, you can add them in your clone app that is-

  • Exclusiveness via only allowing screened photographers to post the digital content publicly.
  • Add different albums, some can be public, some can be private, others shared with only family and friends, sorted by date, time or themes, etc.
  • On-demand photos for integrating the concept of photo-editing applications with the on-demand delivery. 

Needed Tech Stack for Instagram Clone

Here are the required tech stack-

For data and Application:


  • Load balancer- HAProxy
  • Exception monitoring- Senty
  • Server Configuration- Fabric
  • JavaScript Testing Framework- Jest

Most Appropriate Monetization Strategies for Instagram Clone Script

Some of the widely used ways to monetize the app are shown below:

  • In-app purchases– In this, you have a broad range of things that you can put up to the sale, from custom effects and filters, to make the users sell the pictures to get a commission.
  • Advertisements and Sponsorship– In these media-sharing apps, ventures can make their profiles and advertise themselves via posting photos, and acquiring followers.
  • Offering special deals to the active users and a win-win monetization model to the talented ones.

How Much Cost It Will Take to Develop A Mobile App Like Instagram?

It is a common question that triggers everyone, what will be the cost of developing a social-media clone app? If you want your Instagram Clone Script to be a simple photo-sharing app with basic features, then you will have to pay a normal cost for it. In this case, the things that will defer the cost are amazing features, app design, concept, and app branding. 

These factors will be helpful to reach out to the target audiences and develop a powerful brand mindset. Keep these below-mentioned team structure in mind:

This team structure must have intuitive user-navigation, stunning graphics and visual aspects, clear UI/UX designs, customized feed, well-functioning app, etc. Based on these above-mentioned necessary things, we can say that the estimated price for Instagram Clone app development will be around $35,000 to $40,000 easily.     

call to action for tiktok

And, while opting for an expert resource-based hiring, make sure that you know all about the scope of work and not to pay for additional resources. For building a core version of the mobile app like Instagram, your set of resources must be like above!

Bottom Line

We hope you have got all the necessary details to consider for the development of mobile apps like Instagram. With this article, you can take the initiative to begin the app development. If you want any help regarding this, BR Softech is here! We have much experience in this specific area and achieved this level. Now we are known as the top-notch software developers in this market.

Our expert team and dedicated professionals understand your business needs and try to deliver you with a product or solutions according to that only at a reasonable price. Trust our instagram clone script developmet company and skilled developers, and give us a chance to develop a proper Instagram Clone Script for you. We promise you will not regret later and will take our services and guidance in the future as well.

Harshita Khangarot

A skilled content writer and a lifelong learner with an ongoing curiosity to learn more, I specialize in technical, banking, hospitality, and poetry content writing; while taking every opportunity as a responsibility and believe in creativity that is beneficial for society.

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