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Taxi App Development: All The Steps You Need to Know

App Development
Oct 19, 2022
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Taxi App Development

Uber and Ola have become a synonym for taxi services. At present, if you are going to any country or city, then uber and ola are also a part of your trip because without involving them you cannot imagine your trip. Taxi sharing solutions are very helpful for both users and drivers. 

More than 1.44 billion rides have been completed in every quarter by Uber which is almost 70% of the USA taxi booking market

Taxi booking app development has become a fruitful business opportunity for investors that’s why taxi booking app developers are in high demand. 

In this blog, we are going to provide you step by step guide to taxi booking app development so you can also build an app like Uber.

If you have a plan to make a taxi booking app, then this must be beneficial for both passengers and drivers. Here are a few benefits for passengers-

Key Benefits for Passengers-

  • Easy payment methods
  • Transparency and safety
  • Detailed ride estimation
  • Time and money saving 
  • Easy to use
  • 24*7 availability

Key Benefits for Drivers-

Here are a few benefits for drivers-

  • Easy to find passengers
  • Online payments
  • Feedback for each passenger
  • GPS support for easy driving 
  • Earn more

All around the world taxi booking services are becoming very popular with time and a lot of taxi booking apps are working to serve you better. Here is the list of taxi booking apps that is working very efficiently and cover most of the world. 

AppHeadquartersFounded inDescriptionKey Statistics
UberSan Francisco, California, USA2009Uber is known indisputable leader of the taxi market that covers 71% of the world’s ride-sharing industry Revenue: $17.4 billion1.44 billion rides completed every quarter93 million monthly active app users
LyftSan Francisco, California, USA2012Lyft comes at no. two positions in online taxi services and covers approximately 25% of ride-sharing in the USA.Revenue: $3.2 billion13.5 quarterly active ridesMarket share: 29%
Curb New York, USA2012Curb offers B2C, B2B, and B2G (Government) taxi-hailing services in the USA.Revenue: $12.6 million100K+ drivers
DiDi Beijing, China2012DiDi is the only taxi-riding solution in China.  Revenue: $21.63 billion60 million daily trips15 million active drivers
Ola Cabs Bangalore, India2010Ola Cabs is the best ride-sharing app in India that covers more than 169+ cities. Revenue: $340 million1.5 million daily rides50% of the ride-sharing market in India
Grab Jakarta, Indonesia2012Grab is a multinational taxi services provider that offers transportation services, food delivery, and digital payment services. Revenue: $82.8 million187 million active users48+ million daily rides2.8 million drivers
Bolt Tallinn, Estonia2013Bolt is a multinational ride-sharing solution that covers 35 countries in Europe, Africa, the middle east, and north America. Revenue: $525 million500K+ drivers100+ million customers worldwide
Cabify Madrid, Spain2011Cabify is the most trusted and popular taxi-riding services provider in south America, Spain, and Portugal.Revenue: $516 million400K+ drivers33+ million registered users
CareemDubai2016Careem is the most popular transportation solution in Dubai and the middle east. Uber acquired Careem in 2020.4.3 million yearly rides52% of customers in the UAE46% of users turn to leisure trips

Following are The Step by Step Guide to Taxi App Development 

Following are The Step by Step Guide to Taxi App Development

As we all know that taxi mobile app development can be a profitable business for investors, companies, or startups. So here in this article, we have explained each and every step so you can know all about the development process of taxi apps. 

So here is the step by step plan for cab booking app development so you can also mint your idea in an innovative way. 

Market Research

Market research is the first step when you are going to build your own taxi booking app. You may have your idea and if you don’t then always focus on the market so you can decide what kind of app you are going to build. You can also choose to develop a taxi app like Uber and you can also go with the taxi booking app. Here is a few innovative ideas for you- 

You can also count its similar ideas but before making it final always pay special attention to research. Research always helps you to know whether your idea will work or not.

Make Competitor Analysis

After taking a final decision on the taxi booking app idea you should analyze your competitor so you can know what kinds of features and services they are offering and what are their unique selling propositions so it can be incorporated into your taxi app development. 

Validate Taxi App Idea

To validate your taxi booking app idea you should target your audience to know their problems while they are using the services of the existing app. You can also conduct polls to know the audience’s opinion. Ask them to tell you what kinds of features you need so we can serve you in a better way. All this information always helps you to develop a successful taxi booking app.

Here are the 9 steps by step blocks to validate a taxi app idea if you follow them to create a USP then it will surely help you to meet user demands. 

  • Key partners
  • Key activities
  • Value proposition for users and drivers
  • Channels
  • User segments (drivers, passengers)
  • Customer relationships
  • Budget
  • Revenues

Create Taxi App Design

Application design is the first thing that user experiences so always try to give it a better look. An eye-catching design always plays a vital role in the success of any app. So never underestimate the design section and to make it more impressive and more advanced you can hire experienced designers that can give a rich look to your taxi booking application. It can be costly for you but will surely give you good results.

Always focus on UI and UX so end users can get an enchanting design.

Decide the Features of the Taxi Application

In this step, we are going to focus on features that our taxi booking app is going to serve. It can be categorized into three parts:

  • Features for drivers
  • Features for passengers
  • Features for admins
Features for usersFeatures for driversFeatures for admins
Registration (with social media)Registration (with social media)Secure and encrypted login
User profileDriver’s profileDriver & user management
Taxi bookingAvailability statusVehicle management
Fare calculationTrip notificationsLocations & fare management
Multiple payment gatewaysTrip informationBooking management
Driver trackingPush notificationsRatings & reviews management
Driver rating & reviewNavigation with automatic routeNotification management
Push notificationsMessaging and callingDriver’s orders & payment management
Travel historyPassenger rating & reviewDriver and user support
Emergency buttonCar booking acceptance or cancellationIn-app analytics
24*7 customer support24*7 customer supportCustomer care management
Map accessibilityUser’s informationSystem content management
Live ride locationTrip historyZone Management
Vehicle optionsTransaction HistoryLocation based tracking to track drivers and users

Advanced Taxi Application Features for Successful Ride Sharing Business

Always try to include these features in the taxi app development so you can offer a perfect taxi solution for your target users. 

  • AWS cloud-hosted
  • Integrated analytics
  • 256-bit encryption
  • One-click support
  • Multi-lingual

Choose A Perfect Monetization Strategy for Taxi Booking Application

It is a must step while you are going to develop taxi booking applications because to stay in the competitive market you need a proper monetization strategy so the app can generate revenue for you. There are many monetization strategies that can be implemented by you.  Here are a few-

  • Commission

You can charge a service fee from drivers for every ride they perform and it may be up to 25%. You can compare your commission charges with your competitor and always try to charge as minimum as you can because low commission helps drivers to earn more and users get cost-friendly rides. 

  • Cancellation fee

You should make a charge to users when they cancel any ride after booking. It also helps you to get a genuine passenger. 

  • Advertising

Advertising may be a great option for you to generate revenue by charging per view or per click.

  • Third-party promotions

You can also incorporate famous brands and companies to promote their services and products by giving coupons or gift vouchers to your users. You can count on the example of the ride-sharing company Uber which uses this way a lot.

Revenue is the pillar that helps to stand your taxi booking application in the market and for this, you should always approach a perfect strategy that can be beneficial for both users and owners. 

Develop Your Taxi Booking Application

In this step, you should focus on finding the best taxi booking app development company because the best company has skilled and experienced developers that have vast experience in app development. Experience developers always bring more innovative features that help your app to stay ahead in the competitive market. 

In the development step, your idea gets a proper shape that is going to be used by users so it must be excellent so you can serve your purpose and that can be done by an experienced team of taxi booking app developers.

Marketing and Promotion

App promotion is the best way to target your audience in an easy way and for this, you should follow various marketing strategies like-

  • Paid ads
  • Social media marketing
  • Content and SEO
  • Influencer marketing
  • Partnerships and collaborations
  • Application search optimization

If you count the above-given ways of promotion then you can surely achieve your target in an easy way. It will boost your business and generate more revenue for you.

Cost of a Taxi App Development?

Cost of a Taxi App Development?

Taxi app development cost is the most important factor that should be known by you because as you increase features and functionalities its cost will also increase. Basically, taxi app development cost for basic features ranges between $10,000 to $180,000 for a single platform. 

If you go with advanced features and want to target multiple platforms then its cost will be high.

You can also hire a taxi booking app developer that can work for you on an hourly basis but skilled developers charge a high cost so it can be more expensive for you but surely you will get the best quality.

Here are the key factors that affect taxi software development cost-

  • Application platform
  • Technology
  • Features and functions
  • Third party API integration
  • Application hosting
  • Maintenance
  • App Design (UI/UX)
  • Application Security

Here are the development factors with the price that decides the taxi booking app development cost.

UX/UI$4000 – $5000
Front end development$13000 – $15000
Back end development$9000 – $10000
Web Development$8000 – $10000
Testing and QA$8000 – $10000

Final Words

Taxi application services are making our life easier and helping us to make a safe, cost-friendly, and easy itinerary that’s why in the whole world people are adopting and using on-demand taxi services to commute in their daily life. 

BR Softech is the best taxi booking app development company that offers taxi development services with the help of an experienced and dedicated team of developers. Our team always churns out your business idea to make it more innovative and more advanced so it would bring more fruitful results for you in the shape of revenue. 

Contact us any time to get cost-friendly taxi app development solutions from us. We are here 24*7 for you.


How much time you will take to develop the Uber taxi app clone?

We offer ready-made solutions for taxi applications that are pre-built, tested, and ready to use on app stores. We always follow strict timelines and make live your projects on the app store with your brand name and logo in the given time.

What technologies do you use in taxi app development?

Programming languages: Swift, Objective C, kotlin, and Java  
Navigation: MapKit, core location, Google maps, Google location, and services API.
Admin Panel: PHP

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Taxi Application like Uber?

Taxi application development cost depends upon its features and functionalities. With basic features, it can cost you around $10K to $30K. To know more check out this blog

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