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How To Scale Up Online Courier Delivery System With On-Demand Courier Delivery App

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Jul 09, 2020
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Are you a courier service provider with an idea of taking your services online? On-demand courier delivery app development is the process that will fulfill your requirements of establishing an effective and efficient platform to lend your courier delivery services.

The convenience experienced by infusing technology with commerce is not just limited to the customers but also has eased the process of the service providers. This has been the reason behind the increased demand for courier app developers in the market. 

BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. is a leading software company and the complete solution that excels in engineering involved in the process of app development. 

Aspects Of Online Courier Application Development

Courier delivery app development is a complex process. It requires a team of experts, like in BR Softech Pvt. Ltd., to look after the challenging aspects associated with online courier delivery systems

The process is initiated with the selection of the business model that best suits your strategy. Thoughtfully carried selection of business models can play an important role in determining the success rate of your business in the long run. Consider the target audience, target region, availability of resources, market conditions etc. while selecting the business model. 

Assessing customers behavior, market competition, and the scope of business are some of the crucial aspects that are related with the on-demand courier delivery app development.

This article aims to cover different stages and their significance associated with the courier delivery app development. 

Benefits Of On-Demand Courier Delivery App 

benefits of courier delivery app

There are many benefits associated with on-demand courier delivery apps that make it worth investing for the service provider. Scroll down to uncover the potential of the on-demand courier delivery app development– 

The convenience of online booking

Using the mobile-based app for availing courier services makes the whole process convenient. The on-demand delivery app is bliss even for the lazy sloth as it allows the user to schedule a pickup and delivery of courier at the comfort of its home. 

Also, the user gets the advantage to set the destination and view the delivery fare in a matter of a few taps on the screen of their smartphone.

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Real-time courier tracking 

Earlier, keeping track of the order status was a challenge. However, the modern app uses an in-app GPS system that lets the user track the location of the parcel on a real-time basis. 

Not only the tracking system aids the users but also the service provider can keep track of the parcel, eventually helping in tracking the quality of the services. 

Multiple payment options

Availing the courier services via a mobile-based application empowers the customer to choose their desired mode of payment such as debit and credit card, or using any integrated payment gateway. 

Enhanced fleet management

Investing in on-demand courier delivery apps will provide you with the convenience to track the fleet of partnered vehicles contributing to enhanced accountability. Not only will it help provide the route history, but also the real-time status of the drivers.

Call to Action

Less delay, more information 

The courier delivery software solution will promote smooth operations by greater accountability. It will help in receiving orders on an instant, prioritize the delivery and build an effective and informative tracking mechanism.   

Warehouse management

Courier delivery apps enhance not only customers’ experience, but also employee engagement. It helps the admin to precisely monitor the status of warehouses. Also, it digitized the process of maintaining inventory records.

Less paperwork

Running a courier business certainly involves lots of paperwork. Online courier delivery system not only automates but also digitizes the manual process that involves piles of paperwork at every phase associated with every courier. 

Improve customer experience

All the benefits that are mentioned above contribute to enhance the customer satisfaction. The automation and easy accessibility of courier services with a few taps on your smartphone ensure hassle-free courier delivery. 

Also, the facility of online transaction adds convenience for the customers. The real-time tracking and notifications make it reliable.  

Features Of Online Courier Delivery App

Features of courier app

A feature-rich mobile application can elevate the customer experience and have effective control over your courier operations. Make sure that your courier delivery application possesses the below-mentioned features that will help create a seamless delivery mechanism-

Admin chat

One tap access to chat with the customers and delivery agents in a must-have feature. It will build effective control over the business operations and provide instant customer grievance redressal systems. 

Packing selection

Allowing the user to select customized packing options in case of delicate goods demanding special care. However, the packaging charges may vary with product size and packing material.

Premium delivery

Some parcels demand urgent delivery whereas others do not. The app user should be able to book a premium delivery, for a specific period or per product, to avail faster delivery. Amazon Prime membership can be the perfect example that executes one day delivery for the paid members.

Payment gateway

To ensure safe and secure digital transactions, partnering with a reliable payment gateway service provider is suggested. 

Rating and review

Allowing the customer to rate and review the services will help scrutinize the quality of services and work on the loopholes. Positive feedback will help prove the reliability of the platform hence attracting new customers to opt for your services. 

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After knowing about the benefits and features related to the online courier delivery mechanism, let us move onto another important aspect of app development, i.e. the cost of app development. 

Importance Of Clone Scripts

Using clone scripts can be time-saving and cost-efficient alternatives for courier delivery app development. Readymade open-source scripts available in the market allows the developer to optimize the application with advanced features to enrich the user experience. 

There are several courier delivery app scripts available in the market that can be easily customized and rebranded to provide a unique customer experience.

Cost Involved In App Development

The cost involved in any project is foremost considered as a top priority, and so is in the case of courier app development. The price that one needs to pay for creating the app is influenced by various factors. Have a look down below to know about the factors that drive the cost incurred in the development process-

  • The number and type of platform that is targeted plays a major role in deciding the budget of your app. A single platform app will be available at a much lower price than an application that targets multiple operating systems.
  • Clients neglecting the marketing part limits the potential of their online services. Marketing is the topmost demand that contributes to the success of any business. It is suggested to initiate the marketing altogether with the starting of the app development process. 

Make sure that you put your best efforts for showcasing your services until it reaches the customers’ ears. 

  • The features integrated into your app determines how challenging the development process might be and hence the price. The more features you involve, the costlier will be the development.
  • Above mentioned factors eventually total up to determine the time consumed by the developers to create an app for your business. On an average, it takes almost 10-12 weeks to develop an app however the figures are just an estimate and may vary with the complexity of your courier application. 

The cost of development of an online courier delivery system may lie anywhere between 14000 U.S. dollars to 25,000 U.S. dollars, approximately. 

Hiring expert app developers like the ones at BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. can help you get software solutions for your courier business at a reasonable price.   

Final Words

The increased affordability of smartphones and access to high-speed internet has surged the demand for mobile applications to purchase goods and services. 

BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. promises to cater your business needs and initiate the app development by effective counselling for a better understanding of your business project. It will guide you to choose the right business model, select the crucial features that offer smooth and effective in-app navigation for better customer service. 

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