Experience the simple courier service with courier service app. Regardless of time, location, and day get your shipment delivered to the given address. In simple words, courier service is a company that passes the goods to its ideal location. Its an established method of transporting goods. In the past few years, courier delivery & tracking services have experienced immense growth. As a result, Courier Service industry represents $350 billion market opportunity. It provides with 24/7* customer supports which give the business a competitive advantage to grow. Courier service doesn’t just provide with the convenience to deliver the parcel, but also gives you the comfort of your home in just a few clicks.

Courier delivery & tracking services app automates the complete process and gives the customer the advantage to track their shipment. It allows the users to check complete tracking details in just a few clicks.

We at BR Softech make Courier Service App Development easy with high functionality and provides with fast delivery, secure services, and worldwide shipping option. We include great features in our courier app provides with a customer-centric app to make it look exceptional with the largest customer base.

App Development Services

How to make a Courier Delivery App

  • Choose an app layout

  • Provide us with features you wish to add to make your app stand out in the courier world

  • Know your business limits

  • Develop the courier delivery & tracking services

  • Allow the user to leverage the benefit by publishing the app

There are 2 ways to develop the Courier Delivery & Tracking Services app

  • Hire the best Android app developer

  • Find an experienced technology provider and hand over the complete Courier Delivery & Tracking Services app project

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Now let’s look over the details of How to develop Courier Delivery & Tracking App.

  1. Choose an App Layout: – To create an outstanding app one must start by choosing the enticing app layout. There are numerous options available, you can pick the one which suits you the best. Select an app layout which fulfills all your needs and provides you with the business specifics and serves your long-term goals.

  1. Provide us with the Required Features: – Understand the business requirement as per market trends and provide the Mobile app development service team with the features you wish to add to your app. Look out for all the possible opportunities and add real-time GPS based field service, efficient pickup and delivery management, maximize employee productivity with efficient customer service and promotional deals.

  2. Know your Business Limits: – Mobile app development Services are just one part of your business, understanding the business limits is completely a different aspect of the business.

There are many things one should consider before developing the app

  • Business’ range

  • How many cities or countries will you cover?

  • Consider the parcel size

  • Delivery type

  • Technical limitation

All these aspects will impact the business and affect the mobile app development process. Knowing the limits helps in determining the goals and helps in achieving success.

4. Develop the Courier Delivery & Tracking Services: – As we mentioned earlier, there are two ways to develop the app. One is by hiring a dedicated mobile app developer and another is to find an experienced technology provider and hand over the complete courier delivery & tracking service app project.

Developing the app includes UI/UX design and a lot more technical things. It requires a basic understanding depending on the client’s requirement. Once the app is developed it requires proper testing followed by the standard process. If you don’t belong to the technical background and don’t know much about its nitty-gritty hire best android app developer and let them develop the app as per your standard. You can rely on our BR Softech professional developers and they will provide you with the on-time delivery of your project.

5. Allow the User to Leverage the Benefit by Publishing the App: – Once you launch the app, it will go live on the app store or google play. After launching the app, you will discover numerous things about the app and will get plentiful possibilities to improve the app performance.

Several organizations rely on courier services to keep their customer delighted and business running, hence the ongoing app development is extremely important for any Courier delivery & tracking service app.

Here we have listed all the must-have feature for courier delivery & tracking services app.

Admin panel must have all these listed options for better service

  • Courier account with the individual information

  • Login credentials for app

  • Filter selection for all orders by location, time, and package size

  • The computerized delivery status management

  • Delivery authentication option

  • In-app ability to connect with the customer directly to deliver the parcel

  • Updated order records

User Panel Must-Have Features

Allow customer to create an account using personal information

  • Social media login

  • Allow customer to track parcel using GPS

  • Allow customer to change the address and the delivery time as per their convenient

  • Full-time customer support

  • Payment gateway with multiple options

  • Push notification

  • Provided the customer with rating and review option

All these must-have features will help you improve your app and will keep your customer happy.

The benefits of web and mobile app based Courier Service


  • Courier service app increases the customer base and allows users to experience valuable services.

  • The courier service app is a platform which provides businesses with extended exposure

  • The courier service app allows the easy management

  • The courier service app provides with higher security

  • It enhances customer relationship with build brand value

  • It eliminates the risk and provides with a convenient option to customers.

As the demands of courier service are increasing, the market opportunity is also increasing. While developing the app, make sure it’s equipped with the ability to successfully transport and deliver the best to the customer with utmost security.

Moreover, by starting your own courier service you can earn on average $36.00 per hour. There is a notable increase in the revenue generated by Courier Service in the past few years. In 2000 it was approx $56,000 Million and as per the economic research in 2016 it was increased to $80,000 Million. As per global courier and delivery service industry, the revenue in 2018 has increased to $272 Billion. (Source)

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