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How is Magento Better Than Woocommerce and Opencart and also in Security Perspective?

written by Nikita Tak | Jul 09, 2020
Security Perspective

Different industries are growing faster through online platforms in this digital era. One such business is eCommerce which is quite simple to start and take to the next level by the online channel. The most important factor that plays an important role is the best platform to select for your eCommerce business. Among different available choices, Magento extension development proves out to be beneficial for business owners in different ways. But, how? Scroll down to know about what makes Magento a highly admired platform for eCommerce stores. 

Apart from Magento, there are 2 other extensions like Woocommerce and Opencart. But, still entrepreneurs single out Magento for their eCommerce business. Let’s see in this post why this is so. Well, when it comes to taking your eCommerce business on the online medium, it is essential to attract the customers through different creativity such as images, content, etc. There are so many wonderful options you can choose to keep on the web store so that customers can’t resist scrolling and navigating through the entire online store. 

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In today’s date, business owners look forward to this option to make money in easy steps on a daily basis. Moreover, linking the store with social media will enable you to reach out to a wider audience through social media marketing effectively. That’s why it is vital to cherry pick the right eCommerce platform because ultimately customers will be reaching to your online store. You need to choose the platform which provides unique features and you can also customize it as per your requirement in a fraction of seconds. It is crucial to display different stock of products to your customers and visitors so that they can easily choose what they wish to purchase. 

Let’s talk about Magento:

Ruling the eCommerce sector for 10 years, many companies select the Magento development services for their online store to enhance the revenues. It offers incredible features like plugins that enables entrepreneurs to attract their customers instantly. The best part is that it also offers an open source alternative that makes it simple to start off with your online store faster. Another one is the paid version and offers more exciting features for store owners. For the Magento commerce platform, you need to invest money for the hosting part too because it involves cloud computing. Every detail of business goes on the cloud so that there is no data theft. Magento continues to gain much praise among the developers as it allows ease of software development in very less time. 

Magento Enterprise is also one of the top-notch platforms that includes thrilling functionalities and multifarious extensions so that you can make awe-inspiring online eCommerce stores. It also allows ease of customization as per your business requirement. It is also a favorite of web developers due to massive features. 

In-depth Analysis of Magento platform: 

  • Magento is the platform which is fully secure to use and this makes it famous worldwide for eCommerce business owners. Moreover, when the customers feed data for online payment after purchases through the Magento online store then there is no risk of data getting misused. This makes the store owners grin from ear to ear.
  • It enables entrepreneurs to choose from different attractive themes and can include numerous products so that eCommerce business can be run smoothly from an online channel. 
  • It offers numerous alternatives for payment so that customers can choose as per their convenience while paying at that particular time after getting the services. 
  • Different variety of plugins leads to ease of operating the online eCommerce store. This has made Magento extension development as the first-rated platform for eCommerce business owners. 
  • Visitors and customers can easily select from the available products online and cost the same. It eventually offers better customer satisfaction. It is simple to personalize the web app on the basis of your eCommerce business. 
  • It is designed in such a way that businessmen can start with SEO and other social media marketing effectively. This will help entrepreneurs reach out to more customers through engaging post, catchy and creative images. You need to select the reputed magento development company having dedicated developers to help you with online store development.

Let’s talk about Woocommerce:

This is one of the first ever wordpress plugins designed especially for the running eCommerce business through online medium efficiently. The best part is that it is quite simple to install and make use of. It allows ease of making a plain-sailing website into a gripping online store. Functioning with the help of WordPress, it is simple for store owners to run this through an ongoing plugin too. Business can integrate the features in simple ways. Attachment with the WP plugin with your online store can take a few seconds. Another wonderful advantage of Woocommerce is that there are already high security features that can enable functioning of WooCommerce platform. One of the drawbacks is that it can function only when entrepreneurs take backups of work on a daily basis. This has led to growth of Magento development services at a rapid pace. 

In-depth analysis of WooCommerce:

  • WooCommerce is not a completely secured platform because there is a risk of any human blunder that can arise by store owners while running business online through this platform. 
  • It also does not guarantee effective functioning of hosting related parts due to human blunders that may arise at any part. 
  • It is merely a plugin that is implemented in an online store and this leads to high risk of problems associated with security.
  • It costs a king’s ransom for eCommerce industry owners to integrate any kind of personalized theme according to their business requirement. Implementing additional features is also a costly affair in WooCommerce platform. This is the reason why Magento extension development is a highly sought-after platform in today’s date for eCommerce entrepreneurs.
  • If you are not well-versed with using WordPress then it will be more time-consuming for your business because of the fact that there is a need for a long procedure for designing an online store. 
  • Many times it happens that plugin does not streamline with the eCommerce store and this leads to security problems further. 

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Let’s talk about Opencart: 

This is also quite an older platform available for eCommerce businessmen. It is quite simpler to use by different staff in an eCommerce organization. The entrepreneurs can get numerous features but the main drawback is that this platform has many technicalities involved. Business owners who aren’t willing to perceive the technical knowledge for operating an eCommerce business through Opencart will eventually find it difficult to operate. It is also time-consuming during the integrating procedure with online stores. It does not function smoothly for large eCommerce organizations. It can be chosen only for startups. This also leads to choosing the best Magento development company for designing the wonderful eCommerce online store that enhances profitability rapidly. 

Magento development to call to action

In-depth analysis of Opencart: 

  • Ecommerce online stores built on Opencart do not function smoothly thereby disappointing the customers because it loads quite slowly. 
  • Unlike Magento, it does not offer the business owners with numerous features to choose from according to their business. With a very limited number of extensions, business owners aren’t able to add uniqueness in their web store.
  • Another major drawback of using Opencart is that entrepreneurs are not able to personalize the website with more functionality. It eventually does not attract customers to a lot of extent. In any online business, design and creativity grabs the eyeballs of visitors as well as customers.
  • Extensions that are integrated in Opencart are not fully secure to use and this makes it a platform which does not offer security for customers.
  • It does not provide higher scalability for running the online business effectively.
  • Unlike Magento extension development, it cannot be used for large scale eCommerce business because of more number of products and addition of different themes as per the online store.
  • It involves much of the programming part for adding SEO friendly options to carry out digital marketing with ease. This happens to be time-consuming by coders or the programmers.

Final Words: 

So, after making an in-depth analysis of all the 3 platforms,, it can be concluded that Magento happens to be the best in class eCommerce platform for taking online stores to new heights. It offers marvelous features that are important for attracting the customers instantly at the first glimpse. If you are also an eCommerce business owner and looking forward to multiplying your revenues through an online channel then feel free to contact BR Softech Pvt Ltd for advanced Magento development services. We have a team of commendable developers having rich experience in developing awesome web apps for different clients that offer good customer satisfaction. 

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