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Top 25 IoT Smart Home Devices which Transform Everyday Lives

written by Harshita Khangarot | Dec 04, 2020

IoT enhances the capabilities of the device beyond its functional limit, and real-time scalability is one of the reasons behind it. The concept of smart industry using IoT is emerging. However, understanding the cluster of interconnected devices is not as easy as it seems to be.

IoT has also emerged as the concept of a smart city. This article covers some of the Top 25 IoT Smart Home Devices that contribute their share in the smart city mission.

Top 25 IoT Smart Devices Which Will Change Human Lifestyle

Below are mentioned some of the smart devices for home that get it into the list of top 25, make sure you go through each of them for a better understanding about the smart devices and home concept using the IoT.

How IoT plays an important role in our lives




The Internet of Things (IoT) has become one of the most hyped technologies in this modern era. IoT based top 25 IoT Smart Home Devices have transformed the lives of people, and somewhere made it more flexible and manageable. 

Top Reasons to Opt for Smart Asset Monitoring Solution

  • Innovate the company’s strategies.
  • Used in Research, Production, and Sales
  • Making the workplace more efficient and safe. 
  • Reduce Human Error
  • Enhance overall productivity

Smart Home Devices 2020 

Services for IoT growth have changed the home and have great potential to improve workplace efficiency. It has the potential to transform work into a digital business and connect individuals from every corner of the globe on a forum.

  1. Google Home Voice Controller

Google Home Voice Controller

Google Home Voice Controller appeals to its customers because of the versatility that it offers. It lets the users access a wide range of services like alarms, lights, media, volume and much more merely by their voice. Google Home Voice Controller is one of the few IoT devices that aims to simplify the lifestyle.

  • Link your voice
  • Find the device you linked
  • Schedule your daily routine
  1. Amazon Echo Plus Voice Controller


Amazon echo

Another of the ‘few’ that is mentioned above, Amazon Echo Plus Voice Controller can do much of the tasks that the Google Home Voice Controller can do that includes setting alarms and timer, providing information on the questions that are asked, making phone calls and chat with your loved ones and much more.  

  • Play music of your choice
  • Call and message directly with voice command
  • Get 360 degrees immersive sound
  1. Amazon Dash Button

Amazon Dash Button


Amazon Dash Button is an intelligent IoT gadget that can remind the user about the to-do lists, more specifically any items related to groceries, healthcare, personal or kids care, pet care and many more things. All that it takes is an internet connection over Wi-Fi, and you are good to go. 

  •  Wi-Fi connected barcode scanner 
  • Amazon Dashboard used to form shopping list
  1. August Doorbell Cam

    If you are looking to enhance the security of your house or apartment, then the August Doorbell Cam can be considered as a good option. It lets the user answer the doorbell and check the doors to detect any motion nearby, that’s too remotely.
  • Free 24-hour video recording
  • No more stray alerts
  • Captures every moment 
  1. August Smart Lock


25 IoT Smart Home Devices August Smart Lock

Just like the one mentioned above, August Smart Lock is another security-enhancing IoT device that tends to manage the doors without any hassle. It offers digital keys to access the device remotely. Moreover, the device can automatically unlock the door upon sensing the user coming it’s way.

  • Auto lock-auto Unlock
  • Smart Watch Access
  • Biometric Verification

6.Kuri Mobile Robot

25 IoT Smart Home Devices Kuri Mobile Robot

Kuri Mobile Robot is a famous home robot that is innovative only and only for entertainment. It is powered by a robust and reliable technology that makes Kuri an advanced robot to enhance lifestyle. It can capture high-quality videos and record audio with its built-in camera and microphone, respectively. 

  • Cap touch sensor
  • Gestural Machine 
  • Sensitive Microphones
  1. Belkin WeMo Smart Light Switch


25 IoT Smart Home Devices Belkin WeMo Smart Light Switch

A smart switch that can do wonders if it is about controlling the lights of the house: users can easily pair their mobile devices and the smart switch via Wi-Fi or can even operate it with voice commands. It does not demand any subscription, making it more user friendly. That’s whay we are adding  in a list of25 IoT Smart Home Devices.

  • Control the lights with your voice
  • Remotely control your lights from anywhere
  1. Footbot Air Quality Monitor

25 IoT Smart Home Devices Footbot Air Quality Monitor

The factories and rushing vehicles have a major share in polluting the environment. However, there are ways by which you can improve the quality of your home air, and Footbot is an ideal IoT device that fulfils the purpose. 

  • Track the air quality
  • Spot when pollution spikes
  1. Flow By Plume Labs Air Pollution Monitor


Flow By Plume Labs Air Pollution Monitor 25 IoT Smart Home Devices

Another air pollution monitor that can detect the pollution levels in the surroundings and notify the user about it. The stainless steel body makes it robust. Simple installation makes it convenient to use.

  • Minimize the exposure of pollution
  • Portable senses to track pollution
  1. Nest Smoke Alarm

25 IoT Smart Home Devices Nest Smoke Alarm

It would be unfair to call Nest Smoke Alarm a simple smoke detector. Instead, it is a smart smoke alarm that pairs with the mobile phone and it notifies users in case of any emergency. The device supports iOS and Android to make it easily accessible. 

  • Alert with loud emergency sound
  • Change of colors while notifying
  • Easy to use
  1. Nest T3021US Learning Thermostat Easy Temperature Control

It is a smart device with a single purpose, and that is to make you even more comfortable then you stay when at home or indoors where it is installed.

It automatically adjusts the temperature of the room by sensing the activities.

  • Save money by adjusting room temperature 
  • Comes with stylish decor
  • Notifying you with smart bulbs
  1. Philips Hue Bulbs and Lighting System


Philips Hue Bulbs and Lighting System

Philips Hue is an advanced bulb that has a multiple colored lighting system that is just right for every mood. The bulb can also be synced with movies and music that further enhances the experience. 

  • Easy control and Comfort
  • Create the right ambience for every moment
  1. Bitdefender BOX IoT Security Solution


Bitdefender BOX IoT Security Solution

If you are concerned about cybersecurity, then this is one of the most capable cybersecurity hubs to keep your digital assets safe from any possible malware, theft or other kinds of a cyber attack.

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  • Safeguard the connected devices 
  • Detect anomalies 
  1. Ring Doorbell

Ring Doorbell

Ring Doorbell empowers the user to answer doorbells remotely. The video doorbell also takes security to the next level with the in-built camera that it features. Night vision ensures that no person gets undetected even during low light conditions. The rechargeable battery makes it reusable and hence budget-friendly. 

  • Motion Active Alerts
  • Two-way talk
  • HD View
  1. Logitech Harmony Universal Remote


Logitech Harmony Universal Remote

Just as the name suggests, Logitech’s masterpiece is really a universal remote that can help the user to control lights and media devices with ease. All it takes is a computer setup that can be easily done, and the user is good to go. 

  • Live support
  • Constantly Updated Device Database

16 .NETGEAR Orbi Ultra-Performance Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System


The Wi-Fi system offers quick and easy installation. It can easily be synced with the current internet provider and enhance its capabilities. The device is capable of eliminating instances of long buffering while the user uses the internet. 

  • Maximize your internet connection
  • Secure internet access with voice commands
  1. Chamberlain MyQ

Chamberlain MyQ


Another useful application of IoT that eases your lifestyle. Chamberlain MyQ allows the user to remotely control the garage door with the help of an Android or iOS device. 

  • Monitor your garage door virtually
  • Get instant notification on your smartphone
  1. June Intelligent Oven


June Intelligent Oven

June Intelligent Oven is not a simple oven instead of an intelligent one. The oven is loaded with a lot of features and sensors that make the baking experience bliss with hot and sizzling foods just as you wanted. 

  • Control from start to finish
  • Identify your taste buds
  1. Keen Home Smart Vent


Keen Home Smart Vent

The smart vent boasts an intelligent mechanism that automates the operation of the vents as per the room temperature.


call to action


The smart vent can also be paired with smartphones or Nest thermostats making it more scalable.

  • Seamless control with a smartphone
  • Saves money and ensures automatic control





Neurio is a smart device that is to be installed on your electrical panel. The installation might take some effort, but once correctly done, it can closely monitor your energy consumption hence providing an opportunity to diagnose and save some cost.

  • Real-time home monitoring solutions
  • Track individual appliances
  1. ATrack trackers


ATrack trackers

ATrack trackers are one capable device that is immensely helpful in industrial utilization. It can be used to monitor the real-time location, especially in the logistics industries. 

  • Real-time tracking and logging
  • Multiple Vehicle Compatibility
  1. Biotricity Bioflux



Biotricity Bioflux

It is the most useful device for patients with abnormal blood pressure. The device can be brought on for reference with a prescription. Healthcare practitioners can conveniently monitor their patients with the help of the device.

  • Remote device activation & clinical support 
  • Real-time active monitoring & reporting
  1. Garmin Forerunner

Garmin Forerunner can be an ideal fitness device for fitness enthusiasts. With the help of the device, an athlete can closely monitor its heart rate, pace and variety of other useful information.

  • GPS to track your pace
  • Adaptive training plans

24.Oculus Rift


Oculus Rift 25 IoT Smart Home Devices

Oculus Rift device immerses the user into a virtual reality experience. It can be used for a variety of entertainment purposes like playing games, watching movies and much more. One thing to consider is that it requires a compatible PC in order to operate. 

  • Impressive Graphics
  • High-performance VR Gameplay
  1. WeMo Insight Smart Plug


25 IoT Smart Home Devices

It is a helpful IoT device that can help the user manage multiple appliances remotely. The smart plug can easily be connected with Alexa or Google Voice Controller. Moreover, the device can be synced with iOS or Android devices for a seamless experience.

  • Monitor and control energy usage 
  • Receive customized notifications

The top 25 IoT Smart Home Devices that are stated in this article are the prime application of IoT technology into building new age devices. 

Final words

IoT is a powerful and reliable power that powers smart city models hence making it one of the reasons behind the heavy investment that it is attracting. 

All the innovations, as mentioned, are the prime example where the IoT is used for smart home automation. 

We are closer to witness the era where everything will be interconnected with the blooming IoT technology hence investing in smart devices for the home will prove to be a lucrative business venture.

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