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Sports Betting

How Sports Betting Will Booming in This IPL Season 2020?

written by Saloni Agrawal | Sep 23, 2020
IPL Sports Betting 2020

IPL season 2020 has started and hence, all the people related to sports betting, and fantasy sports platform providers have tightened their shoes as they are worried regarding IPL sports betting. We all know that the Indian Premier League (IPL) is a Twenty-Twenty cricket association that was acclaimed by the BCCI also known as Board of Control for Cricket in India. IPL is held in April and May every year, but due to COVID-19 pandemic, this year it is happening in September and October. 

Overview of IPL 

It is known as the biggest league of T20 Cricket, and everyone equally enjoys its glory. IPL’s 13th edition started on 19th September 2020. It wasn’t easy for BCCI to have the approval for this, but they succeeded and took permission from the Indian Government to move it to UAE. After the approval, the first match was between Chennai Super King and Mumbai Indians. IPL includes eight teams and the final match will also be played in UAE. With the approval of IPL season 2020, all the sports bookies are looking forward to placing their bets into matches. 

It is very well-known that IPL has achieved popularity among people quickly by providing classic matches that attracted people from all over the world. Because of its popularity, it is accessible online easily, and various online bookmakers offer you online betting 2020 through fantasy cricket platforms. Since the IPL has turned into a global sensation with people’s huge interest, you can find IPL betting online 2020 at various internet bookmakers. 

Reasons Why Sports Betting is Thriving in this IPL Season 2020

Here are some of the top reasons why IPL Season 2020 is getting so much popularity for sports betting. As it is played on a big platform, IPL betting is also done in a large quantity. Also, it provides a chance for people to win a lot of money. Check out these reasons-

Easy and Safe

It is the most amazing advantage of betting online in IPL season 2020 as though it, you can place your bets easily. Nowadays, there are available more safe online betting sites that keep your information private. But for this, you have to consider only licensed sites.

Bet Anytime From Anywhere

When you bet online, you can place your bets anytime, no matter where you are. All you need is a good fantasy esports platform and a stable internet connection. By having these, you can experience good IPL matches easily and can make money as well.

Withdrawal With Great Ease

The main concern with online betting platforms is the withdrawal of money as some of them have a complex process of it. But with a good platform, it will transfer your winning amount easily into your app account. This amount into your wallet can be transferred anytime when you want. 

Different Betting Options

Online IPL betting 2020 offers you various kinds of betting options that you can enjoy while betting as per your choice. It depends on you, whether you are betting upon a whole team or you are placing your bet on one ball or one over. 

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Have Better Odds

With the online betting rate of IPL, you can have better odds to increase your chances of winning and making it bigger. Also, it depends sometimes upon the fantasy sports platform you select as it offers you better winning odds.

Big Tournament

Indian Premier League is known as the most significant event for Twenty20 Cricket after the tournament of Twenty 20 Cricket world cup. And, because of this, you can win a large amount of money by placing a bet. IPL lasts for two months around, so you can have lots of chances to make money, and if you don’t win in the starting, then you also have opportunities to recover the loss till the end. 

Rewards and Bonus

All the online IPL betting sites offer you, bookmakers, by providing you rewards and bonuses that are profitable for users. If you are new to online sports betting websites and going to place a bet, then the website will provide you with some reward or bonus for sure. 

How to Bet If You Are New At Sports Betting?

If you don’t know how to place bets online in this successful season of IPL sports betting, here are the points that can help you to bet through fantasy sports platform apps

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Find and Select the Best Site for IPL Betting

The very first step is to select and register with a licensed website or platform. After that, start placing bets through it. You will find various sports betting platforms on the internet, but you have to be careful while choosing IPL betting site 2020 among all of them. As per the users and market review, choose an established betting site who have years of experience. 

Place a Little Amount of Money at Beginning

After choosing the site, decide how much money you want to spend on betting. Always keep in mind that place the money you can afford to lose, not more than that. Sports betting sites will give you the option to choose the amount of money. Though with larger amounts, you will get more winning, it includes a higher risk as well.  

Deposit to Bookmaker

Be it anything, fantasy football platform or a cricket platform; you have to deposit your betting amount to the site’s bookmaker. These days all the IPL betting sites offer various options for submitting the money amount. These options include PayPal, Paytm, Bitcoins, Neteller, PhonePay, GooglePay, Credit Card, Debit card, etc. Submitting money through these ways is trusted and safe, and it will save you time too. 

Place the Bet

It is the essential step as you have to select on which team you want to place your bet. And, if you play only a session, you should know how to play it? Also, you have to know some terms relating to sports betting such as betting amount, IPL odds, etc. 

Wait for the Outcomes

After placing one bet, you should wait for its results to come. It will help you to save your money and time. As if you have placed a bet on the winning team, then you have to wait till the end of the match, and if you have bet for a session, then you don’t need to wait for so long. If you win, then good but if you don’t, then wait for the next one.

Withdrawal of Winning Prize

To get your winning amount, you will get an option for withdrawal within the betting website itself. Nowadays, using this feature has become easy for winning money’s withdrawal. 

Smart Tips for IPL Sports Betting 2020 

Best IPL Sports Betting

Users who are new to Fantasy Platform or IPL sports betting websites sometimes don’t know what to do or what to do not. So, here are some tips for them to help in sports betting. 

Get the Best Betting Site 

It is the foremost tip to choose a trusted and good online IPL sports betting website. The reason behind this is to have secure and easy betting. Compare all the betting websites as per their payout, bonus, phone supports, or stats tracking. Get a reputable, experienced, and reliable online sports betting site to increase the chances of winning.

Based on the Rate of IPL Betting

The winning percentage evaluation depends upon the betting money amount. If the rates are low, then the winning percentage will be high, and vice versa. Also, you don’t try to be at a high rate. 

Decide Your Betting Limit

It is the most significant thing that you should decide how much money you want to put for betting. Don’t place money out of your league or limit. 

Be Smart While Deposit the Money  

While using any of the best fantasy basketball platforms or cricket betting platforms or anything else, be careful to get the maximum free bonus by using the available method for payment.

Be Professional

To make money systematically in sports betting, play like a professional player professionally. Firstly, understand the game and know which team and players are playing well. Also, you have to understand the conditions of pitch and weather. After knowing all these facts, decide on which you want to bet.

Consider Team’s Playing Strategies

For winning, it is necessary to understand the strategies and methods of the team you are choosing to bet. You must be sure about that team and its players. It also makes sure that there is no need to match-fixing.

call to action fantasy app

Bet on Chosen Matches

When it is about winning the bet, people always choose the best fantasy hockey platform, the best platform for Cricket, football, kabaddi, etc. Except for choosing the best platform, it is necessary to bet on selected matches only. Don’t bet on all the matches or in which you are confident. Also, create methods for the next matches.

Some Factors to Consider for Choosing Best IPL Sports Betting Site

There are various factors you can take into consideration to get the best sports betting site. Take a look at below-

  • Look for the trending sports in the market and choose accordingly. Bet on the most popular sports at the current time as it would be more profitable. You can also consider it as a key factor.
  • Best betting sites offer competitive odds for its users. See these and then compare it with other websites so that it will provide you benefits at the time of next bet.
  • Nowadays, the new fantasy sports platform provides promotional offers and bonuses as well to enhance their customer base. Best sports websites offer amazing welcome offers for their users to increase their winning chances.

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Some Good IPL Sports Betting Sites in India with Exclusive Bonus

Take a look at these most popular and well-known betting sites-

  1. Live bid- 30,000 welcome bonus
  2. Dafabet- 20,000 welcome bonus
  3. 10CRIC- 20,000 welcome bonus
  4. Betway- 20,000 welcome bonus
  5. LeoVegas- 10,000 welcome bonus
  6. ComeOn- 10,000 welcome bonus
  7. Royal Panda- 10,000 welcome bonus
  8. 22Bet- 8,000 welcome bonus
  9. 1xBet- 7,500 welcome bonus
  10. Bet365- 5000 welcome bonus 

Final Verdict

In this blog, we have provided knowledge about the factors that help boom the sports betting market in this IPL season 2020. As we all know that IPL is the biggest T20 Cricket league and hence, it increases the chances of the boom in the sports betting industry. It is also a kind of opportunity to make a lot of money by placing bets appropriately. At BR Softech, we are providing the best fantasy sports app for Cricket, football, basketball, hockey, rugby, etc. with the help of our experienced and skilled team members. We are always here for you by providing you with a good IPL cricket betting platform. Connect with us for further guidance!

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