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Latest Mobile App Development Trends 2019 – A Perfect Guide by Industry Experts

written by Admin | Dec 05, 2018
Latest Mobile app development trends 2019 - A perfect guide by Industry experts.

Mobile applications are an imperative part of our lives as in this digital world they are helping us to fulfill our desires. With the help of mobile applications our lives have become easier and simpler and through it we can have the doorstep service. Nowadays mobile applications are not only the applications, in fact they have become the source of income for the entrepreneurs and for businesses it is essential to mark the online presence as now people prefer to shop online or first they use review the app. Each day a new feature is introduced as well as as it is essential to have a eye on the latest mobile app development trends for the perfect application which fits according to the needs of the market.

Each year a new technology is getting introduced in the market and this sector is getting wide.

In this blog, we brought the Latest Mobile app development trends 2019 which are going to rule in the tech industry. If you are also developing a app or you are an android or iphone app development company, so you should know about it as it is a perfect guide by the experts.

According to the Statista report by 2020, mobile applications will be expected to develop more than 189 billion US dollars in revenues through in-application advertising and App Store.

According to a notable research, in 2010 the graph rate is assumed to reach about 2.5 billion. The number is getting multiplying twice with 2.1 million Android apps and 2 million iOS based apps in the third quarter of 2018.

Day by day mobile app development is enhancing and turning into advanced platform. Each year a new mobile app development feature is introduced by the experts which makes the application more reliable and easy to use. Tech experts is surprising us with advanced impressive and innovative technologies and the list seems endless to grow. The mobile app development for android, iPhone, and windows has become the perfect blend of technologies.

List Of Latest Mobile App Development Trends 2019 by Experts.

Worldwide mobile app revenues

In the below article, there are some technologies which tech developers and mobile development company should know as now developing a mobile application is far different from the earlier days, and it need a lot of upgradation. Have a look on the below listed points.

1) IoT:


The Internet Of Things is a most essential technology that a mobile application should have. This mobile app technology is in its way to rule all over the world in the mobile sector and it is ruling the all the industries including healthcare, e-commerce, construction, and transportation, etc. Hence, it enhance the ecosystem and make the things easier and faster. The best advantage will be seen in the educational sector and surely it will be result as a boon as it will help to connect the teachers, students and parents on the one platform.

It would be not wrong to say, that it will result the application into the smart app. Even the business across the world has bring the power of IOT for their business growth.

2) 5G technology:


5G has knock the doors and now in a very short period of time, it is going to replace the 4G networks. In 2019 we will see that 5G network will find its way to our smartphones and 5G will give the five times double speed from the usual speed. It will result as faster working process. ALong with this it will improvise the user experience. Let it make it more clear, the applications which takes hours to download after this technology the application will be downloaded in the seconds. 5G will improve in every aspect in functionality, working process etc. Speed constraints will stop being an issue with 5G wireless.It will be the boon for the 3D games. Windows app development company should focus highly on the 5G wireless technology.

3) Augmented & Virtual Reality:


The AR and VR technologies are going to be in trend for years and years, Virtual reality can be assumed that it is still far but AR is the most essential technology to be integrated in the mobile app development. This technology is not avoidable. Basically AR and VR technologies brings the real life experiences to you. It is not only waving its magic to the gaming industry even it has introduced to the social media platforms and let’s take it as example from our daily lives instagram and snapchat the amazing AR filters in it are ruling our mind and hearts. Virtual app development company should integrate this technology smartly in the applications.

4) Chatbots:


Chatbot has become the imperative part for the mobile application development process. It is essential to integrate this technology in the mobile applications. It allows to response quickly to the customers. It is counted among the list of mobile app development trends. Along with this, it can significantly improve the functionality of the mobile application. Chatbots are the virtual assistant and reduce human efforts and work as a human only. Chatbots can be integrated without any coding.

5) Mobile Wallets and Payment Gateways:


As the world has changed into digital and everything has came on the digital platform, so don’t you think that digital wallets will also turn as a mobile application development trends. Yes, Mobile wallets have become the trend in of the digital world. In the cashless world there are different payment gateways which are introduced in the the mobile application development basically now users can pay the amount from the app only via different sources. They are enabled to use paytm, paypal etc platforms to pay their funds and hybrid app development company should focus to integrate this technology smartly as they develop the app for the both platforms and transferring the fund is the sensitive process. In this case, the mobile app development should be in a proper way.

6) Cloud Integration:


Don’t you think this is a most essential feature for the mobile app and how can we avoid it. The data is unlimited and storage in mobile devices is less to store in these circumstances cloud integration has to turn as a mobile app development trend. Businessmen can save their data to the cloud storage. It has a wide storage, and have a capacity to store the data. It has solved the obstacle of data storage.

7) Android Instant Applications (On Demand Apps):


The android app development company is focus on these apps only as they are fundamentally same as the websites. The easy access is the key factor to attract the users towards it. In this android applications the user can use this apps from anywhere and anytime even without installing it and giving the personal details. Windows app developer should focus on this mobile app.

8) Blockchain Technology:


In a very short period of time, blockchain technology has become the most crucial part of the tech industry. It is a most popular technology, nowadays users look for the best blockchain development company to integrate this technology as it reduce the third party interference and keeps the data record to it. It offers a highly secure environment to the finance dealers.

9) Beacons:


Basically beacons is refer to a small bluetooth transmission. It is designed to attract the attention of the specific location. It act according to the frequencies and known as the optical telegraphy. It help guide navigators to reach to their destinations.The navigation beacons include radar reflectors, radio beacons, sonic and visual signals and via the frequency it enabled to connect with the frequencies and act as it. It is beneficial for the heighted place, hills, mountains etc. It has become the need of the mobile app development.

10) Artificial Intelligence:


It is also known as a machine intelligence, hence AI is reduced human efforts and it is the mixture of the smart machines and technologies and work as a human. It aim is to create a smart machine and to enhance it. This technology is the essential part of the tech industry. It is develop how human brain think, act and solve the problems. This technology can handle everything and it act as a human only.


In this article, we have mentioned all the technologies which are essential for 2019 and these are known as a most trending mobile app development technologies of the year. Every mobile app development company should include these technologies in the apps to make the app suitable and according to the market. These technologies has become the need of the mobile app industry as now applications has turned into business apps. Native app developer is the demand of the industry and they should be advanced and accurate to fulfill all the needs of the app market. So, the tech developer should upgrade them and we are sure the technologies are not going to bound here.


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