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Media and Entertainment App Development: Cost Analysis and its Trends

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Apr 13, 2021
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Everything goes digital with time and we are successfully accepting these changes with open arms. People these days cannot even think of their life without having a media and entertainment app. Why not, these days we rely on their social networking sites or should we say our whole lives revolve around these social circles.

Even if we are talking about social media and entertainment applications then there are a vast number of options available in the market. Witnessing these changes, young aspirants want to deep dive into this lucrative business and are looking for a media and entertainment app development company that caters to all their business needs.

My friend, this blog will help you to get detailed information about Entertainment mobile app development.

Let’s without any ado, let’s get some details about things we need to create while developing media and entertainment websites from scratch.

Types of Media and Entertainment Apps Used 

  1. Social Media

Social media apps are one of the most used apps among all generations, especially for millennial kids. Social media apps can be among the best apps to be built during the phase of lockdown. People tend to move towards the social media world. Social media is an emerging market that keeps people engaged with the surrounding world.

  • There are approximately 3.499 billion active social media users and on average, a person has 7.6 social media accounts.
  • The daily time spent by users on social media is an average of 142 minutes a day.
  • 1% of all the SMBs uses a social platform.
  • 80% of the time spent on social media sites occurs through mobile.
  1. Video Streaming Apps

Video Streaming apps are a prime requirement in today’s techno-advanced world. People love to spend their quality time on these video streaming platforms as it offers a wide range of options to explore in multi-languages. These on-demand content comes with multiple offers, which include some that come with premium features, while some that are free of cost, or some that come with freemium options.

  1. Photo Editing Apps

Photo editing apps help users to edit and make collages and create custom design options. With numerous range of options, these photo editing apps are providing an impeccable experience to their users. The trending features of an app like Instagram include photos, inserts, filters, saturation and other contrasts that can enhance user picture and give them a thousand reasons to spend their quality time for self-love.

  1. Music Streaming Apps

Music Streaming Apps has made a vital industrial growth in the music industry. Most music streaming apps like tiktok have provided some advanced level options with such great customised channels. With an ample range of options in the music streaming apps which includes party songs, old songs, soothing songs, English songs or local language songs all these songs are available on one platform.

  1. Gaming Apps

Gaming apps are a part of our everyday lives, be it for time pass or to enhance their skills, these days gaming apps are covering all the core aspects of lives. Online Gaming development apps come with enthralling features that can easily blow your mind. Playing a game can improve your imagination level and help you to get more focused on achieving goals. 

Advantages of Media and Entertainment Apps

Media and entertainment apps are becoming a hot topic of the town and have become a prominent thing these days. 

Here are advantages that can accelerate your business growth if all your efforts are going in the right direction. Without any ado, let’s know about the importance of media and entertainment apps.  

  • Escalating to Revenue 

These days everything revolves around these entertainment apps, if you believe the numbers revenue generated by entertainment apps are three times the expenditure in the last three years. 

According to Statista, the YouTube app consumes the largest amount of average monthly data in the United States, which is approximately 3464 MB, followed by Netflix, which is located at 2889.5 MB.

  • Tracking Trends

These days entertainment apps are the new hottest trends in the market that keep you updated through notifications. It will keep you engaged with topics of our interest by identifying your search interests. With those trekking trends, it doesn’t make people feel bored.

  • Brand Visibility 

A survey shows that an individual spends almost 3 hours on social media and entertainment apps. The millennial generation is very much involved with these trending apps to enhance user engagement and the goodwill of the platform. It becomes a great opportunity for users to grab the user’s attention. 

  •  Increase in Sales 

With more and more reach in people leads to enhance the growth of the business. The mobile apps let users reach as much as possible which leads to accelerating the overall sales of the business.

  • Future Trends

Many technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and the Internet of Things are upcoming and will change the way people use the media and entertainment industry. These technologies can be integrated into your app, and in this way you can take the benefits of the opportunities, these technologies will bring.

Cost of Developing an App like Media and Entertainment App

If you are looking forward to developing your own media and entertainment app, or you have some creative idea, then you must know about the cost of developing an app like media and entertainment apps.

Below mentioned points are giving a brief of development cost occurred and the factors affecting the development costs.

  1. Application Type: – There are fundamentally three types of apps: Native Apps, Hybrid Apps, Web Apps. Hence the development cost differs depending on the application type you choose. Android app and iOS app Entertainment app development, both the options are available depending on the client business requirement which impacts the development cost.
  1. App Platform: – Deciding the platform is such a daunting task. You can choose the platform depending on the targeted audience or the age group you wish to cover. There are multiple great platforms available all over the world. All you have to do is make your decision to select a single platform or cross-platform for your app.  
  2. App Complexity: – Complexity of a mobile app is determined by its features and functionality. To help you understand it better we have divided it into three categories. 
  • Basic Apps: –  The one that comes with regular features require basic UI components and pre-defined backend with templates and analytic features. 
  • Mid Level App: – Mid-level app includes extra features and like integration with the API, Simple backend structure, real-time messaging option with less complexity. 
  • High-level App: – High-level app is equipped with top functionality features. They help with custom animations, database relationships, media processing, real-time synchronization, and much more elaborate features. 
  1. API Development Cost: – API is the Application Program Interface. It defines an accurate way for a developer to write a program that requests services from an operating system. It is developed as per the customer requirement to fulfil their needs and requirements. APIs are increasingly generalized, validation of API structure is remarkably essential for any app developer.
  2. App Design: – Wireframing, UI design, Animation are the factors that really impact the cost of mobile app development. App design is the most crucial part of app development as it makes the app unique and makes its unique identity. Generally, there are two options to design the app, custom and standard UI. Customized UI as compared to standard UI is more complex and expensive. 
  3. App Maintenance: – Maintenance of the app is the final stage in media and entertainment mobile app development. It is significant to maintain the app for better performance. It’s divided into a few categories. 

Netflix IPTV Call to action

  • Updates: – Apps need the update consistently. To keep your app updated and maintained it is very significant to maintain the app developer.
  • Operating System: –  To keep your apps compatible with the newer version of Android and IOS it’s truly essential to keep it up to date. 
  • Libraries: –  Most of the apps use a third-party library which will get broken unless updated. Hence, timely updates are mandatory. 
  • Security Bugs: – Once the app is distributed it can be affected by bugs at any point. Hence, it’s essential to update the app in order to fix the bugs.  

It’s an on-going process as trends keep on changing. To keep up with the market requirement, one needs to maintain the app. For media and entertainment software development or media and entertainment mobile app development, it’s certainly necessary to understand the market demand and work on the app accordingly. The ultimate motive of these apps is to accomplish all the aspects of people’s lives and provide them with the ultimate solution for their daily needs.  

While Summing Up

The emergence of the media and entertainment industry has transformed the media and entertainment app development working patterns, they are starting focusing on the core trends that can easily enhance the features of the entertainment industry.

There are many media and entertainment apps that give complete composure to leading young aspirants.

If you want to deep dive into this lucrative business and want to start your own business, then hire a media and entertainment software provider for the perfect business solutions that meet all your business requirements. BR Softech offers a numerous range of features that can easily streamline your business process while catering for your requirements.

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